Best 375 Watt Solar Panels In India 2023

Solar panels have become increasingly popular in India today, both in the residential as well as commercial sectors. It has been adopted by environment enthusiasts as well as individuals who have realized how cost-effective it can be in the long run. With the condition of the climate deteriorating, solar panels have become one of the most reliable and sustainable sources of renewable energy.

Solar panels are available in a range of energy variants like 100 watts, 375 watts, and so on. Moreover, there are numerous brands, technologies, and different types of solar panels to choose from. This article will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the best 375-watt solar panels along with some factors that must be taken into consideration before buying one.

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Top 5 Best 375 Watt Solar Panels In India

1. LOOM SOLAR Panel 375 watt 


LOOM SOLAR Panel 375 watt 


  • Ideal for charging a 24 V solar battery
  • Suitable for both on-grid and off-grid applications
  • Comes with a dust and water resistant IP67 junction box
  • 3.2 mm toughened unbreakable glass protects the panel

Loom Solar is one of the most popular names that you will hear when one talks about solar systems and solar panels. It manufactures a range of solar panels starting from 50 watts, 100 watts, and the one we will discuss here- 375 watts. This solar panel is a versatile product that is perfect for charging a 24-volt battery. You can even connect multiple such panels to charge 24/48-volt batteries or other grid-tied applications.

The Loom Solar panel is highly durable as it can withstand extreme weather conditions like heavy wind and snow loads. Moreover, the panels have a resistant-aluminum frame that ensures that the panel lasts for decades. The panel can be used with both on-grid and off-grid inverters so you can choose to keep it connected to the local utility grid or be completely self-sufficient in terms of energy production.

The cell conversion efficiency of the solar panel is 19% and the diodes come pre-installed within the junction box. It also comes with a pre-attached 1 m wire and an MC4 connector. The IP67 junction box is resistant to dust and water and can last for a long time outdoors. The panel is protected by a layer of unbreakable 3.2 mm toughened glass. Customers have often complained that during cloudy weather conditions, the energy generation is low but is still better than most other solar systems.


2. Bluebird Solar Panel 375 Watt

Bluebird Solar Panel 375 Watt


  • Monocrystalline solar panel made of A-grade solar cells
  • Ability to withstand snowfall up to 5400 pa as well as other harsh weather conditions
  • Resistant to PID, ammonia corrosion, salt mist
  • Security and protection provided by the 3 pass diode in the junction box

Bluebird is a relatively lesser-known brand in the industry compared to Loom Solar but it is emerging as a big competitor to such big brands. Their 375-watt, 24-volt solar panel is monocrystalline and is made of A-grade solar cells. It is deemed to be better than any other monocrystalline solar panel available in the market.

Ranked as one of the best 375-watt solar panels available in India, this solar panel is built with heavy-duty silver anodized aluminum frames that make it highly durable. The panel can withstand heavy winds and pressure due to snowfall up to 5400 Pa. Despite such extreme weather conditions, the solar panel lasts for decades and delivers excellent performance.

The solar panel is also resistant to a host of other harmful elements like PID, ammonia corrosion, and salt mist. It comes with an IP 67 rated junction box with 3 pass diode that provides long-term safety to you and your family. This solar panel offers a higher area efficiency and reduces the BOS cost. Along with this, it also ensures better ROI.

Even when there is low light, the panel works quite well and turns out efficient performance. You can use the solar panel for home or commercial purposes, for solar water pumps, solar projects, fillings stations, and EV charging stations. There are pre-drilled holes at the back of the panel for easy installation. The panel is ideally compatible with a 24V inverter.

Bluebird offers a 10-year warranty for any manufacturing defects and 25 years of performance.


3. Luminous 370-watt Solar Panel

Luminous 370-watt Solar Panel


  • Brand is BIS certified and the panel meets IS/IEC standards
  • Supported by premium MC4 connecting plugs
  • High module conversion efficiency of 18.89%
  • 25-year warranty on performance

The third solar panel on this list has been manufactured by Luminous, a BIS-certified brand and product as per IS/IEC standards. The space requirement for a single 370-watt Luminous solar panel is approximately 40 sq. ft and a 1000 mm meter cable is also required for the connection. This is a highly reliable solar panel as it is supported by premium MC4 connecting plugs.

When it comes to durability, this solar panel ranks quite high since it is designed with a silver anodized high-tech aluminum frame. This enables the panel to withstand extreme weather conditions like rain, storm, snowfall, etc. The protective structure also allows the panel to last for many decades without any damage.

It boasts of a high-performance technology with grade A cells and resistance to PID. The cells are accompanied by a reflector that redirects sunlight back from the cell for better energy generation. This technology can generate 5% more energy than usual. The module conversion efficiency of the Luminous solar panel is 18.89%. It can be mounted on the ground easily.

Luminous provides a 12-year warranty on manufacturing defects and 25 years on performance. Switch to solar energy today and bring home this exceptional solar panel to generate electricity that is cost-effective and environment-friendly.


4. Sunfuel 375-watt Solar Panel

Sunfuel 375-watt Solar Panel


  • 375-watt monocrystalline panel
  • Compact and lightweight solar panel
  • Guarded by corrosion-resistant aluminum frame
  • Ideal choice for a home with limited appliances

Sunfuel brings to you this pack of 2 best 375-watt solar panels available at a reasonable price. The dimensions of a panel are 1965*990*42 mm which makes the panel quite compact and lightweight. It has been designed using monocrystalline technology due to which the price of the panels might seem slightly higher than 375-watt polycrystalline solar panels.

The panel is guarded by an anodized aluminum frame that is resistant to corrosion. This allows you to place the panel outdoors without any worry. Exposure to rain or wind cannot cause any damage to the solar panel. There is a 25-year warranty on the solar panel which is evidence of how long this solar panel can last and how durable it is.

As a monocrystalline solar panel, the Sunfuel panel is made with a single crystal which can generate more energy but it also costs more than the polycrystalline solar panel. You can use this 375-watt solar panel to power laptops, stereos, LED lights, TVs, and so on. If there are limited appliances in your home, this solar panel will prove to be the ideal choice.


5. SUI 375W Solar Panel

SUI 375W Solar Panel


  • Comes with 5BB and anti-PID cells
  • Suitable for both on-grid and off-grid applications
  • Guarded by high-quality toughened glass and aluminum frame
  • Highly durable with a 25-year warranty

Solar Universe India or SUI is an Indian brand that specializes in making solar panels and other equipment required to set up a solar system. This 375-watt solar panel has been designed using monocrystalline technology. It comes with 5BB and anti-PID cells that ensure the solar panel will last for a long time.

The solar panel is guarded by the highest quality toughened glass. The robust aluminum frame supports the structure, and the overall panel is designed to be compact and lightweight. This solar panel can be used to charge 24V batteries, 24V appliances like LED TVs, etc. It can also be used for on-grid as well as off-grid installations depending on what suits your needs the best and what you benefit from the most.

A 3 m wire is provided with the solar panel along with a universal connector. Since it consists of monocrystalline solar modules, the panel is highly durable and able to perform better. It is also more efficient than the polycrystalline solar panel. All solar modules belonging to SUI comply with the guidelines of the necessary authorities like MNRE, IEC, and TUV.

There is a 25-year warranty on the performance that is offered by SUI. However, the warranty on manufacturing defects is only for 5 years which is quite less than what is offered by other brands on a 375-watt monocrystalline solar panel.


Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best 375-watt Solar Panel

1. Types Of 375-watt Solar Panels

The different types of 375-watt solar panels are based on two factors- the mounting type, and the technology used.

a. Mounting Type– There are two ways in which solar panels are mounted or fixed to someplace. Thus, there are fixed solar panels and flexible solar panels.

1. Fixed Solar Panels- The fixed solar panels are the conventional type of solar panels that have been available in the market for quite some time now. These solar panels are fixed on the rooftop into a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame. An EVA film and a TPT back sheet are used to design the solar panels.

Fixed solar panels are used for multiple purposes on the utility, commercial, and residential scale and hence, they are commonly found in the market. You can install these solar panels in boats, small cabins, and trailers.

2. Flexible Solar Panels- With a growth in the demand for portable appliances, the popularity of flexible solar panels became unparalleled. The best 375-watt solar panels are now mostly flexible so that they can be carried from one place to another easily. These solar panels have been designed to be compact and lightweight for this purpose.

b. Technology

Solar panels across the country are designed based on two technologies- monocrystalline and polycrystalline. 375-watt solar panels are available based on either of these two technologies.

1. Monocrystalline Solar Panels- These are the more superior-quality solar panels that are not only more efficient, and durable but also more expensive. It has an efficiency rate of 18-25% which is higher than that of polycrystalline solar panels. They have round edges and a dark black look which makes it easy to recognize them.

As the name suggests, these solar panels are made using a single crystal seed that is turned into a solid crystal structure after placing the seed in molten silicon. A single solar cell is then formed by integrating the sliced silicon wafers. Brands usually offer a 25-year warranty on the panels and they tend to last even longer than this in most cases.

2. Polycrystalline Solar Panels- If you are looking for a low-cost option while buying solar panels, those made using polycrystalline technology are the ideal ones. The low price does not mean any compromise on quality. Premium-quality materials are used to make polycrystalline solar panels as well.

However, these solar panels boast a 17-20% efficiency and last for a shorter period as well. Multiple crystals are used to make them and you can easily recognize a polycrystalline solar panel by its blue color. They usually have a lifespan of 25-28 years which is slightly less than that of the monocrystalline solar panels.

2. Weight

Another crucial factor that must be taken into consideration before buying the best 375-watt solar panel is the weight of the panel. This is important because it directly dictates how portable or heavy the solar panel is. Look for a lightweight and ultra-thin solar panel if you wish to move around the panel frequently and also if the rooftop space is limited.

Flexible solar panels weigh less than 2 kgs and hence, it’s therefore well suited for being moved around. The less weight of these panels is also advantageous as when there are storms or heavy snowfall as it reduces the chance of any major damage. It also reduces the pressure on the rooftop.

3. Dimensions

All 375-watt solar panels are designed using the same measurements with slight changes here and there. These dimensions are decided based on the power that the solar panel generates. 375-watt solar panels are medium-sized and the size is ideal for both residential rooftops as well as commercial buildings. However, if you wish to power many appliances at the same time, you will have to connect many such 375-watt solar panels to generate sufficient power.

4. Price

Before buying the best 375-watt solar panel, you must make sure that you are aware of the price and that it is at par with your budget. Begin by deciding on a set budget for your purchase and try to stay within it. However, do not compromise on the quality of the solar panel just to meet your budget. A cheaper model might look appealing but make sure that it has a 25-year warranty and the service is provided by the brand.

5. Efficiency

Efficiency is a factor in which you cannot compromise no matter what. Space is usually an issue, especially when you are trying to install it in a residential area. All this considered, every inch of the space available counts and must aid in the generation of power. Moreover, the power generated by a particular module decreases over time, and hence, choosing a low-efficiency solar panel might not be a great idea.

Look for a solar panel with a high-efficiency that also fits into your budget. This way you can ensure that there is enough electricity for all the appliances in your home or office.

How To Install a 375-watt Solar Panel?

1. Organize

The most important and the first step in installing a 375-watt solar panel is to organize the space where the modules will be installed. You must first take a close look at the space where the panels will be set up; be it the rooftop of your home or any commercial building. This will help you envision how you might place the solar panels.

Organize the space before installation or during installation by making sketches and plans so that the solar panels are well-distributed.

2. Install The Mounting Brackets

The next step in installing the best 375-watt solar panel is the installation of the mounting brackets. It is better to install the mounting brackets while you are still on the ground and before you go to the rooftop. This way you can save on any additional labor expenses.

3. Install Other Components

This is an important step in the installation process. The other components of a solar system are the charge controller and the battery. These need to be set up in the RV first. Once that has been accomplished, select the shortest path to connect the wires. A longer path will increase the chances of voltage drops as well as increase the power losses.

4. Drilling and Mounting

Once all the steps have been taken care of, it’s time to start with the real work of connecting all the wires and placing the solar panels that were planned. The AWG wires (12-10 AWG) need to be passed through holes that you need to drill. DC breakers must be installed before this and fuses must be installed between the charge controller and the batteries.

A waterproof cable entry plate needs to be installed on the rooftop and this will be connected to the series or the parallel connection between the solar panels. Next, drill four holes that will hold the modules to the roof and then install each of the panels according to the plan. Bolts and screws will help get this done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can a 375-watt solar panel run a refrigerator?

Yes, a 375-watt solar panel can easily run a refrigerator. It has been designed to be able to generate power that is enough for not just a refrigerator but also a TV, fan, air-cooler, and air conditioner.

Q2. How many 375 watt solar panels does it take to run a house?

12 units of electricity every day is usually sufficient to run an average Indian household with appliances like an air conditioner, microwave, laptop, refrigerator, fans, lights, and so on. Ideally, 4 375-watt solar panels can produce 12 units of electricity. Thus, 4 solar panels can be connected to run a house.

Q3. How much does a 375-watt solar panel cost in India?

The cost of a 375-watt solar panel depends on the brand from which you are making the purchase. However, the average price range is Rs.11,000-12,000 INR. It might differ slightly from one brand to another and also depending on the technology of the solar panel- whether it is a monocrystalline or a polycrystalline panel.


We have examined some of the best 375-watt solar panels in India that can be used for different purposes, starting from residential to commercial use. Some of the top-most brands that we have highlighted are Luminous, Loom Solar, Bluebird, and Sunfuel. Whatever choice you make, remember to take into consideration the important factors of types, dimensions, weight, price, brand, and efficiency. This article aims to guide you in your journey to adopt an environment-friendly way of generating electricity for your home.

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