About Us

ERC India is an online portal dedicated to promoting the importance of solar energy and solar panels. Founded by Samarth Gara, this website provides its readers with several resources for leading a sustainable lifestyle. 

Our Mission:

The environment has suffered a great deal under the garb of technological advancements and a twisted idea of progress. This has led to a startling increase in the rate of global warming, depletion of the ozone layer, pollution, and so on. There are many among us who are gradually releasing the dire consequence of the harm humans are causing to the environment. 

ERC India is a blog dedicated to guiding such environment enthusiasts in adopting a more sustainable lifestyle that is consistent in nature and beneficial for the environment as well as future generations. This can only be possible when we shift from our current lifestyle to one that is conscious about the way energy is used. 

Solar energy is something you should definitely consider in this regard. Other than this, there are electrical energy and various eco-friendly energy forms that are equally beneficial. The shift is aimed at a life with zero emission. We offer our readers with authentic information on such topics as solar energy, its importance, how to install solar panels, solar trackers, and more. 

We hope to help you settle in this new albeit important journey. The ultimate goal is to create awareness among humans so that we all can exist in perfect harmony with nature. 

About the Founder:

ERC India was founded by Samarth Gara in 2020 and all the posts on the website have mostly been written by him as well. Samarth has been an environment enthusiast and activist of sorts for many years. His journey started back in college when he began to read up on current environment matters and as he delved deeper into the topic, he realised how unaware or ignorant humans are about how their actions are impacting the environment. 

He participated in various campaigns and protests against draconian laws that included mass-scale felling of trees, building dams, and so on. In 2020, he decided to create a webpage to help fellow enthusiasts and encourage them to lead a more sustainable lifestyle by installing solar panels, restricting carbon emissions, educating them on environment laws, and more. Samarth dreams of living in a world where humans learn to truly appreciate the environment that they are so heavily dependent on.