Best Solar Lights for Home in India 2021: Reviews & Buyer's Guide

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Samarth GaraDecember 29, 2020
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Solar energy has always been a great way of saving excessive power and electricity bills. Solar lights are a smart technique to utilize solar energy and use it in your home or any other institutional place. Not only can you fix some attractive solar lights in your home, but also ensure that they are waterproof - so that they can be fixed outdoors in your garden, or even on the streets.  

Most modern homes are considering getting solar lights fixed - but you must have some adequate knowledge about the different solar lights available before buying one.

This article will provide you with all the help and guidance you require to buy the best solar lights for home. The second section of the article also provides you with a list of a few important factors that need to be taken into consideration before buying a solar light. 

In this section, we give you an overview of the different solar lights that are available in the market currently. There are so many brands selling solar lights for a home, that it can become a challenging task to decide on a single light. We have listed down some of the best solar lights for a home here. 

Top 10 Best Solar Lights For Home 2021

1. Hardoll Solar Lights (Pack of 2)

Hardoll Solar Lights for Home


  • The flame-like LED lights give a soft and warm glow to your environment.
  • Charging takes about 7-9 hours
  • The 1200maH when fully charged gives light up to 10 hours
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Hardoll Enterprises is an Indian company based in Kerala, that is known for its solar lights, motion sensor lights, as well as decorative lights. This particular Hardoll solar light is available as a pack of 2, and they come in a unique solar flame design. These look like real flames and are so much safer than the real ones. They comprise LED bulbs that can illuminate your garden with a soft and warm glow. 

The lighting is not so bright and hence, it is beneficial for decorative purposes and minimalistic lighting. A unique optical controlled technology is used by these lights, that help to create a very romantic ambience in your garden.

One more reason that you should buy this flickering torch solar light, is because of its eco-friendly nature. It does not require electricity. Throughout the day, sunlight is stored and converted to energy, which then turns on the lights automatically after dusk. The 1200 mAH battery lasts for almost 10 hours. 

The lights are waterproof and weatherproof - so no matter how hot or cold it is, none of it will affect the solar lighting system. It is very easy to install the lights without any professional help. Just install it at the place of your preference, and enjoy beautiful lighting in your home. The best part about these lights is the affordable price at which they are available. 

2. Big savings Light-Solar Powered Outdoor Light - Pack of 4

Bigsavings Light-Solar Powered Outdoor Light - Pack of 4


  • 20 LEDs which give up to 160 lumens brightness
  • Set up is simple and can be mounted on a wall, compound or any vertical surface.
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Bigsavings is yet another brand that has become well-known for its solar lights, and other solar products. The brand brings to you a pack of 4 solar lights, that are available at the most inexpensive rate you will find. These can be fixed on walls in a place of your liking and requirement. These are cordless outdoor lights best suited to lighting up your garden pathways, front or back porch - basically, areas that require bright lighting. 

The lights use LED bulbs in the lighting system, and they are also facilitated by motion sensors. Thus, they light up only when they sense some kind of motion nearby. This proves to be a great way of saving energy, and storing it for actual times of need - like during power cuts. Each solar light contains about 20 high-powered LED bulbs, that produce an illumination as bright as 160 lumens. 

Ranked as one of the best solar lights for homes in India, Bigsavings has designed these lights in a manner that they can be easily installed. There is no wiring required. All you have to do is fix the lights on the wall or fence with the screws provided. This is a great package, as you get 4 lights together and you can fix these in different parts of the house. It is resistant to rain and extreme weather conditions - so you can place them outdoors without a worry.  

3. Greenlight Planet Sun King Home 120 - Greenlight Planet

Greenlight Planet Sunking 120 solar lamp system


  • 666 Lumens brightness.
  • The 12000maH battery gives power up to 12 hours a day after a full charge.
  • Can also be used light source for camping and overnight picnics.
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Greenlight Planet Sun King is one of the many companies that have started manufacturing solar lights, and the brand’s growing popularity is proof of the success of solar energy among people. In this particular package, Greenlight offers 3 LED lights that come with 3 different modes - L, M, and T. The three modes are for the varying intensity of light. The entire system is available in a bright yellow, that is quite appealing and eye-catching. 

The light emitted by these lights is 60 times brighter than that of natural fire lit with the help of kerosene. The process of charging the battery to power these lights is quite easy. All you have to do is place the panel under the sun, at an angle of about 35 to 45 degrees, according to the sunlight. Plug in the wire from the battery to the lights and charge it with all the solar energy. Remember to dust and clean the solar panel from time to time, to maintain a steady performance for many years. 

The LEDs used in the lights are very powerful, producing 666 lumens and minimum power efficiency of 160 lumens per watt. The 1200 mAH battery can store enough energy to power the lights for as long as 24 hours. The solar panel that comes with this entire set-up is a 12-watt polycrystalline solar panel with an aluminum frame. The battery has a digital LED meter that displays how much battery is remaining. 

These solar lights come with smart features - like the battery management technology that switches off the lamps automatically when the battery is running low. This enables the battery to run for many hours, before it ultimately dies down. An additional beneficial feature of this solar light is the USB charging point - where you can charge your phone or tablet. 

4. Hardoll Solar Decorative Lights

Hardoll Solar Decorative Lights for Home Garden


  • Suitable for decorating your garden pathways.
  • IP65 water resistance
  • The 1200mAH battery gives about 4-5 hours of light.
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Here, we have yet another solar light from Hardoll - and these are specifically solar decorative lights for home gardens. You can always trust this brand to come up with the most unique and aesthetically pleasing designs for lights. This particular light looks like a festival lamp, and it has a round disc that contains the LED bulbs from where light is emitted. 

These are automatic solar ground lights that are brought to you by the best solar light company in India. It is powered by solar energy and a solar battery that uses sunlight to produce energy to illuminate your garden. There is a light sensor in the device that switches on the lights automatically once it gets dark. Installing this solar light is a piece of cake - as it is completely wireless and hence, hassle-free. 

5 different colors are available -  and you can choose your favorite one at a time. You can keep changing the color as well to fit the occasion. Remember to charge it for at least 8 hours before you switch it on. These lights are meant for decorative purposes and not utility as such. Thus, they are ideal for decorating the sides of a pathway and the like. 

It comes with a highly efficient rechargeable battery of 1200 mAH, which ensures bright levels of illumination for long durations. The light is completely waterproof and resistant to harsh weather conditions. All of these features only prove what a great decorative solar light this model is. 

5. Hardoll 90 LED Solar Powered Security Lights

Hardoll 90 LED Solar Powered Security Lights


  • Suitable for lighting up large areas like driveways
  • 90 LEDs with 450 Lumens of brightness.
  • IP44 water resistance protects the internal components from water.
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The popularity and reach of Hardoll Enterprises are evident from the number of times we have already reviewed their products in this section. People trust the brand for the excellent performance provided by the solar lights, and their quality as well. Here, we have the Hardoll Solar Powered Security Lights, and they are available at a reasonable price. The lights are meant for your patio or garden, to serve as a safety device. 

Ranked as one of the best solar lights in India, this security light model is powered by a 4400 extremely long-lasting mAH battery - and you will not even be required to recharge it that often. There are dual operating modes available in this security light. The ‘On’ switch indicates continuous lighting, and the ‘Auto’ switch activates the motion sensor, that turns on the lights only when it senses some movement nearby (up to 40 feet and 120 degrees). 

The lamp contains 90 solar LED bulbs that emit almost 800 lumens of energy. Security lights are meant to be bright to illuminate the surrounding area to a larger extent than any decorative light, and hence, such a high-powered light proves to be quite beneficial. It is waterproof, and even when the sky is overcast with clouds, the solar system can convert sunlight to electricity. You can use this light for your driveway, poolside, garage, garden, lawns, and other places. 

6. Havells Solazen 3.2-Watt Rechargeable Solar LED Light

Havells Solazen 3.2-Watt Rechargeable Solar Light


  • This motion sensor light is suitable for lighting up patios and driveways.
  • IP45 water resistance.
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Havells is an Indian electrical company that is known for manufacturing some of the best kitchen appliances, lighting for domestic purposes, water heaters, and other electronic devices necessary in and around the house. The Havells Solazen solar light is one such device that has been well-received by people who have used it. This model is a 3.2 watt LED solar light, that is ideal for lighting up areas like the garden and terrace. 

It has a PIR motion sensor that has a detection range of up to 2-6 meters, and a detection angle of 120 degrees. Hence, whenever there is any movement within this range and temperature, the motion sensor will immediately detect it and turn the lights on. The working time of this solar light works differently for different modes. For mode A, it’s 6 hours, mode B is 8 hours, and mode C is 10 hours. 

As per IP54, the lights are suitable for outdoor use and are weatherproof with sufficient protection from dust, humidity, rain, and other things. The Li-ion battery has great durability, and it is rechargeable. There is no additional wiring required, as the solar panel simply absorbs sunlight and converts it to electricity. This solar panel comes integrated into the solar light system. While there is a motion sensor, there is also an option for continuous lighting that you can use when required. 

Havells offers a 6-month warranty on the product, and you can trust the brand on the after-sales service. 

7. Quace Solar LED Light 

Quace Solar LED Light for Garden


  • An affordable product for lighting up your garden
  • Gives a lovely warm glow.
  • May not last through the night when the battery is not fully charged.
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Quace Store brings to you a pack of 10 solar LED lights, that are meant to provide your garden pathway with ambient lighting. These are also known as garden rods, as they are meant to be stuck in the ground. The best part about this product is undoubtedly the price at which it is available - that is affordable, given the number of lights in the pack and also their quality and overall design (it has a silver body). 

This solar home lighting system has a working time of 6-9 hours before the battery runs out of charge. The lights have been designed to be resistant to all kinds of weather - no matter how extreme it might be. The design is elegant, stylish, and minimalistic. Place it on either side of the pathway, and you will see how they change the entire look of your home. Other than walkways/driveways, you can also place the lights by the pool, on the deck, patios, and a few other places. 

Installing lights is also very easy and convenient. All you have to do, is invert the spike and then push it into the ground. Since it is powered by the natural energy provided by the sun, it saves a lot of electricity. These lights automatically turn on once the sun sets and switches off at dawn. Their energy lasts for up to 8 hours, ideal to last the night and illuminate your garden.  

9. IFITech Outdoor Solar Lights

IFITech Outdoor Solar Lights


  • 4000K color temperature gives a warm and natural light.
  • Good brightness level
  • The motion sensor is very responsive.
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IFITech has manufactured this premium quality, outdoor solar light that comes with 20 LED lights. The light is ideal for your front door, garden, patio, garage, and yard. It is available at an affordable price, and comes with an easy assembly and installation process. The light is compact, but its brightness is quite high and serves to lighten up a large area. 

There are 3 modes available - a dim mode, a bright mode, and a continuous dim mode. You can switch from one mode to another, based on your requirements and the occasion. It serves you with 4000K natural LED lighting that is ensured with high-quality German LEDs, and the brightness is as strong as that provided by a street light. 

It has a high battery life with an advanced design and great durability. The ALS2.1 is used as the core technology that helps to adjust to the environment and charge the light accordingly. The power is used very carefully at night, as the company believes in saving energy to the greatest extent possible. 

Factors To Be Considered Before Buying The Best Solar Lights For Home

Before you make a decision about which lights to buy, you must take into consideration a few important factors before buying the best solar lights for homes in India. These are incredibly efficient and beneficial devices - so you must have adequate knowledge about them before buying one. 

1. Solar Lights For Garden

Solar lights meant for gardens are usually designed to look aesthetic and stylish, so that they light up your garden in the most beautiful way possible. The lumen level in these garden lights is quite low. Solar lights for gardens are the most popular type of solar lights for outdoor spaces. No matter how dark or late it gets, these solar lights will always light up your garden, to make it look warm and inviting. Different areas of the garden might require different kinds of lighting. 

  • Solar path lights- These are meant to light up the pathways in your garden, (if any) and they tend to be small in size. They are used to provide soft illumination to the path so that there is enough light for people to watch their step. These provide an enchanting glow to the pathways, that are not only necessary but also give an aesthetic look to your garden. 
  • Ambient and decorative solar lights- Decorative solar lights are present mainly for style and show and hence, they are less bright than path lights. These are available in the form of decorative lanterns, colorful blown glass, or string lights. You can fix them alongside path lights, for an ambient glow in your garden. 
  • Task lights/ spotlights- These are the brightest solar lights available, and they provide as much light as a 40-watt incandescent bulb. While it is quite bright, it is still not as much as a regular spotlight and hence, you will have to fix more than one spotlight for the desired lighting. These are useful for lighting up gateways or driveways.  

2. Solar Lights For Security

While solar lights are a great way of providing aesthetic effects to the garden and your home, they are also useful when it comes to security purposes. They can be used to provide light to dark spots in and around your house. You can get these fixed on your front or back porch - and they are usually facilitated by motion sensors, that can sense when anybody is nearby and illuminate the place. 

There is no need for energy charging these security lights - which makes them convenient and easy to maintain. Now any home can upgrade its security system in this pocket-friendly manner. 

3. LED Solar Lights

Another important factor to consider before buying the best solar lights in India, is the fact that you must ensure these are all LED lights. Solar lights, in most cases, are dependent on LED lights for providing bright illumination to a particular place in the home. LED bulbs tend to be more efficient, as compared to the other types of lights because of more diodes and hence, they are mostly coupled with solar power. 

Most manufacturers of solar lights tend to use LED bulbs, since they make the entire system more efficient, eco-friendly as well as pocket-friendly. If there are dark spots in the garden, it is ideal to use LED bulbs for bright illumination. 

4. Hue Or Color Of The Light

As mentioned earlier, LED bulbs are quite commonly used for solar lighting due to various reasons. LED bulbs tend to emit a bright, white light, that is great for illuminating dark spots. However, you might be interested in different hues as well, to make it look more aesthetic. For this purpose, incandescent bulbs are available in the market. These also come with tinted covers, like amber or soft white. Having a variety of color lights in the house, makes it easy to change the lighting as per the occasion. 

5. Budget

The last, but equally crucial factor that needs to be considered before getting a solar home lighting system, is your budget. There are a variety of solar lights available in the market today, as more and more companies are manufacturing these.

They fall under varying price ranges, depending on quality, performance, and other factors. The larger the bulbs are, and the more photovoltaic cells are present in them, signify more highly-priced solar lights. 

This simply translates to the fact that the brighter the lights are, the more expensive they are. You must fix a budget for yourself before venturing out into the market. This will help to narrow down the options and buy the product that meets your requirements. 

6. Disadvantages Of Solar Lights

While solar lights are very useful and efficient elements, they come with a few cons that are important to mention. They might be slightly more expensive than the standard lighting systems, especially the high-quality ones. However, there are hardly any maintenance costs, and these lights tend to be more durable - so the long-term expenditure is not so much. 

Solar lights tend to be less bright as compared to standard lights. Yet another drawback is that the lights are completely dependent on solar energy, and the batteries can store energy only on sunny days. This constant dependence on the weather makes these lights vulnerable. Keeping in mind these limitations, we give a big thumbs-up to solar lighting systems. 


We hope that this article will provide you with the support and guidance that you are looking for in buying the best solar lights in India. With the plethora of solar lights available in the market today, choosing anyone can be quite a challenging task, and hence, you must do adequate research before finalizing an option. 

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