500 Watt Solar Panel Prices in India: 2023

The massive overtaking of global warming has led people to choose rather conservative means of electricity. Solar panels is one of the tools that contribute to making the environment more sustainable. A solar panel is a flat surface that converts sun rays into electrical energy so that they can be used as renewable source of electricity. 

Today, we are going to talk about 500W solar panels and their prices in India. Before we start talking about prices, let’s have a look at some high-grade 500W solar panels available in India.

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500 Watt Solar Panel Price List (Updated – 2023)

Product Wattage Price
Luminous Mono Perc Solar Panel 445 W 19,934/-
Loom Solar Shark Bi-Facial Solar Panel 440-530 W 46000/-
Mono PERC Waaree Solar Rooftop Panel 500 W 9000/- per piece


500W Solar Panel price with subsidy

With the decline of non-renewable energy resources, the need for utilizing solar energy has been increasing. But there’s a major issue with setting up solar energy apparatus, the cost. The government has been helping this route of renewable energy by subsidizing the cost of solar panels.


The government provides the following schemes for the installation of solar panels:

Development of Solar Parks and Ultra Mega solar power plants (Central and State)

The scheme focuses on bringing the scattered small solar power projects into one mega project. Overcomes the time complexity of completing multiple small projects and the cost dynamic required to accomplish these projects.

Central Public Sector Undertaking (CPSU) Scheme Phase-II (Government Producer Scheme) 

This CPSU scheme focuses on setting up Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power Projects through Government Producers to provide natural energy security and stability. This scheme largely helps the users of the public sector.


Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Program

This scheme focuses on residential consumers who are willing to participate in the cumulative build of a 4000 MW rooftop-connected solar system. It also provides incentives to DISCOMS for the successful installation of a solar panel system with the upper bar set for the achievement of 18000 MW.


 For individuals, the government promises to cover 40% of the benchmark cost of the solar panels of capacity to 3kW capacity. And 20% for the capacity between 3kW – 10kW. 


A 500W solar panel which produces up to 3KW and costs somewhere between Rs. 14000 – Rs. 17000 will be reduced by 40% which brings it to Rs. 8400 – Rs. 12000.

Applications of 500 Watt Solar Panels in India

500W solar panels can be used to charge generators for different properties. For example, in a 2BHK house, they can be used to power fans, ACs, and lights. Further, they can be used to run laptops and LEDs, and even heavy appliances like fridges, microwaves, and heaters.


Furthermore, 500 watt solar panels can be paired up with solar inverters, solar batteries, charge controller, other energy sources, etc. You can install powerful solar panel modules in addition to a battery to charge it quicker than most sources.


Number of 500W Solar Panels Required

Although it’s a moot point to answer how many 500W Solar Panels an individual needs. To make it as simple as possible, it depends on their needs. A 500W solar panel generates 500Wh power in an hour. Assuming a day of sunlight lasts for 8 hours we get approximately 4kWh power per day.


Take account of 31.7% loss in the system as observed in a performance analysis from 2013 in Indian climate (gives us a power of 2.732 kWh). If you divide the number by the required power for one’s personal use, we have the number of 500W panels required.


Therefore, for a power requirement of 2000kWh per day, we require approximately 732 units of 500W panels.


How much does a 500-watt solar panel cost in India?

It depends upon the type of solar panel an individual decides to choose. For example, a monocrystalline solar panel will cost around Rs 13,500 to Rs 16,500. But a polycrystalline solar panel will cost around Rs 11,475 to Rs 14,025.

How much does a 500-watt solar system cost?

A solar system contains the following components, Solar Panel Mono (≈Rs. 15,000), Solar Battery (≈Rs 14,500), Solar Hybrid Inverter 1100/12V (≈Rs. 6,000), Solar panel stand (≈Rs 5,000), Solar DC Wire (≈Rs 1,700), MC4 Connector (≈Rs 400), which brings the total cost to around Rs 43,000.

How large is a 500W solar panel?

Solar panels come in different sizes, the three most common ones are:

Residential Module:

  • 60-cell variant: 39” W x 66” L

Commercial Modules:

  • 72-cell variant: 39” W x 77” L
  • 96-cell variant: 41.5” W x 62.6” L


In a nutshell, solar panels are healthy for the environment. 500 watt solar panels are perfect for a house. Therefore, if you’re concerned about sustainable development of your surrounding and want to contribute, you can do your part by installing a 500W solar panel at your home. 


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