Best Solar Inverters in India 2023 – Top 12 picks

Inverters are a blessing in a country like India, where power cuts are frequent, especially in certain rural pockets. The most effective, cost-effective, and eco-friendly way of conserving energy is by using solar energy. During the times that you do not have access to electricity, solar inverters that get current from solar panels can be of great help.

The main work of solar inverters is to store the solar energy in the batteries and use it when there are power cuts. People are gradually realizing how cost-effective solar inverters are and opting for them. Due to this reason, a plethora of companies have emerged that are competing against one another to manufacture the best solar inverter in India.

In this article, we help you navigate your way through certain important factors to be considered before buying a solar inverter, and some of the top solar inverters in India.

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Top 7 Best Solar Inverters in India

1. Luminous Solar Inverter NXG1400 12V Solar Home UPS

Luminous Solar Inverter NXG1400

Another one from the house of Luminous Technologies, the NXG 1400/12V solar UPS comes with various smart features that not only operate intelligently but also save a lot of power. Saving power automatically means lesser monthly electricity bills.

This Luminous solar inverter is accompanied by the ISOT, or Intelligent Solar Optimization Technique. This technology facilitates fast charging, and also comes with dual modes. A faster output of charge is ensured with the I-Charge Technology. This automatically translates to the fact that you can charge the batteries really fast, and keep them reserved for long power cuts.

The dual modes also play a crucial role in helping the solar inverter provide you with good performance. The two modes are – ECO and UPS mode. You can run all your normal and low-energy appliances like lights, fans, etc., using the ECO modes. The energy consumption while using this mode is quite less. With the UPS mode, you can operate heavy appliances like computers, washing machines, refrigerators, and so on.

Two 150 mAH batteries are sufficient for running the inverter. The NXG solar inverter comes with both AC and DC outputs. However, like many high-end models, you will not find the Grid Charge Disable option in this inverter. This means that the inverter is smart enough to switch from grid to solar when required – but it does not permit you to voluntarily make this change.

Luminous provides a 2-year warranty on this particular model – just like it does on most of its other products. A single drawback that people have often complained about is that the build quality could be much better than it is. Other than this, the Luminous NXG solar UPS is a great solar inverter for you.


2. V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 S Solar Inverter with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connectivity

V-Guard Smart Pro 1200

V-Guard Smart Inverter series is truly intelligent and boasts several smart features that make it operate efficiently. The V-Guard Smart Pro solar inverter is an app-enabled smart inverter that can be easily synced with the V-Guard application on your smartphone. Once the inverter is registered, you can control all the functions using your smartphone.

You can check the backup time, review all the power cuts, switch between different modes, and even charge the inverter faster using the V-Guard app. It also reminds you of important things, like when it’s time to clean the solar panels. This particular model is solar compatible and makes it ideal to be used in areas that have frequent power cuts.

V-guard smart pro supports LED TVs, computers, LED bulbs, inverter refrigerators, speakers, mixers and grinders, kitchen chimneys, and all other kinds of appliances. With the Application mode, the solar inverter can support a high load of 100 W – which is required for appliances like coffee makers, toasters, and irons.

The application on your smartphone also reminds you when it is time to top up the distilled water in the battery, based on the consumption pattern of the inverter. This ensures a longer life span for the battery, and also a consistent supply of energy at all times without failure. You can even track the battery health through the smart app, and plan the load usage accordingly.

One of the best features of this V-Guard solar inverter is that it has an emergency charging port, where you can charge your phones, power banks, or tablets – even when the inverter is completely out of charge and shut down.


3. Luminous Solar hybrid 1100/12V Home UPS

Luminous Solar hybrid 1100

The Luminous Solar Hybrid 1100/12V Home UPS has been specially designed to be used for residential purposes.

The rated AC power of the inverter is 700 VA and 12 V, whereas the operating voltage ranges from 100-290 V. There is no battery included in the device, and you can use any tubular battery with 150 ah capacity each. You can also take two 200 ah batteries and connect that simultaneously to the inverter. This is a hybrid model and hence, it can use any kind of battery.

However, it is best to go for tubular batteries rather than regular ones – even if you do not use solar panels to charge them regularly. The maximum power output of the inverter for both AC and DC systems is 850 VA – which is quite high. Even then, there have been complaints from customers earlier about the absence of the 12 volts DC output in the inverter.

The reason we suggest this Luminous solar inverter is for its durability and long-lasting nature. An indicator at the bottom will inform you when the battery is low and needs to be charged. It’s difficult to get features like an integrated solar charging option, with a solar inverter as reasonably priced as this one. The best part about Luminous is that it provides you with a 2-year warranty on the solar inverter.

The solar inverter is best suited to low-powered applications at home. Two drawbacks that we noticed in the product are that it easily heats up when used excessively, and customers have complained of missing DC sockets in many pieces. Other than these, the Luminous hybrid solar inverter can be said to be one of the best solar inverters for a home in India.


4. MICROTEK Digital Solar UPS M-SUN-1135 VA 12V

MICROTEK Digital Solar UPS M-SUN-1135

Next up, we bring to you the Microtek Digital Solar UPS M-SUN-1135 VA 12V – which is a hybrid solar inverter, that facilitates both solar and grid-based technology. It can be termed as one of the best hybrid solar inverters because of the plethora of features it comes with, and how it combines the best of two technologies resulting in premium performance. It also comes at a very reasonable and affordable price, which makes the solar inverter ideal for home use.

It provides both AC and DC power output, with a power capacity of 1135 VA accompanied by a DC output of 12 V. Both tubular, as well as lead-acid batteries can be used in this inverter, and the power consumption can be as low as 35 ah. Experts suggest that you go for 150 ah batteries to stay on the safe side, as it gives you a standard rate of backup, unlike the very low or very high powered batteries. Place the batteries parallelly to enable fast charge and discharge them independently when needed.

Once you turn on the system, there is a 7-segment indication on the machine that will inform you of the status of the solar inverter. The usual signs of power on, overload, power usage, and low power indicators are available on the dashboard for you to keep an eye on. Save Power technology accompanies the solar inverter, which facilitates this sine wave inverter to provide you with high-performance levels.

Customers have, however, complained that the machine becomes noisy when the battery is being charged. There are issues with the build quality, as well as the overload capacity of the battery. Reliability is yet another sphere that Microtek needs to work on, in order to make its products appealing and more efficient. You must monitor the UPS from time to time as it tends to overload sometimes.

The silver lining is that the brand provides a 2-year warranty on the solar inverter and in the case of any damage, you can always contact the company.


5. Luminous NXG1100 + LPTT12150H 150Ah 1No + 165Watts Solar Panel 2No (Poly)

Luminous NXG1100 + LPTT12150H 150Ah 1No + 165Watts Solar Panel 2No (Poly)

Luminous solar inverters have proved repeatedly that it is a brand par excellence, and also one that provides the best solar inverter price in India. The Luminous NXG1100 solar inverter comes along with a tall tubular battery (LPTT12150H) and two 165 watts solar panels as well. The price mentioned on the product page is inclusive of all these products.

The sine wave hybrid inverter has a power output of 850 V, and a DC output of 12 V. The battery is a tall tubular one, with a capacity of 150 aH and it is a C10 battery. It is an advantage that you are getting such a package because otherwise, you would have had to search for and buy a battery separately – which might have been a hassle. There is a huge 5-year warranty on this particular battery.

The two solar panels have a power outage of 165 watts each, and both are poly-crystalline panels that have a warranty of 25 years on them. Since this is a hybrid solar inverter, it consumes power both from the solar panels and the grid mains. This way, a lot of excess power is saved (approximately 1.5-3 units).

While this is a great deal, you might have to pay an additional cost for installation. If you wish to get a professional from Luminous itself to install the system, you will be required to pay an amount of Rs. 5000. This might differ in the case of other independent professionals, but the search is again a hassle. Another drawback is the noise that the inverter makes while charging.


6. Exide Technologies 12V 40Amps Solar Charge Controller with LCD (Multicolour)

Exide Technologies 12V

This particular solar charge controller comes with a DC output of 12 V and an overall power output of 850 VA.

It uses direct solar power during the day with the help of the PCU technology and saves up on the charged power for the night. The power consumption levels of this solar inverter are very less, making it an ideal machine for saving money and the environment. With more than 95% efficiency, the Exide solar inverter ranks very high in performance.

You can use panels higher than 1000 watts to charge the solar inverter, and it will run smoothly. Inside the solar inverter, you will find an internal charge regulator that is fully controlled. You can explore the various features and modes in the inverter with the 7-segment LCD on the dashboard.

Now, we come to the drawbacks of this particular model. While it is a truly efficient solar inverter, it makes quite a lot of noise when it is on. This can cause disturbance to people in the house doing important work or even resting. While Exide provides a great warranty for the solar panels they sell, there is no warranty provided with the inverters – and that makes it a huge disadvantage to buying an Exide solar inverter.

Lastly, the customer service provided by Exide Technologies needs to improve to a great extent.


7. Flin Energy Flinfuzion 3kva / 3kw, 24v Solar Hybrid Inverter

Flin Energy Flinfuzion 24v Solar Hybrid Inverter

The Flin Energy Flinfuzion solar hybrid inverter is the first commercial inverter on this list of best solar inverters in India. It can provide electrical supply to commercial buildings such as municipal facilities, oil and gas industries, large corporate offices, telecommunications, traffic controls, and so on. Since this inverter is meant for supporting such a large space, its price is quite high compared to residential solar inverters.

The device will give you a massive power output of 3000 watts, with a 3kVA rating along with 24 V of DC output. This one is a pure sine wave hybrid inverter that comes with a 90-93% efficiency. It can be connected up to 4 kW of solar panels. Even though the power output is 3000 watts, the actual power used is lesser – which makes the solar inverter a more energy-efficient one.

It comes with the MPPT or Maximum Power Point Tracking that allows the machine to store the maximum amount of solar energy. The high efficiency (90-93%) of the inverter makes it a reliable device for heavy-load appliances like computers and other machines used in commercial buildings. In addition to all these features, this solar inverter is extremely lightweight and slim – which makes it easily portable.

You can mount the inverter on the wall if required. Flin Energy provides you with a 2-year warranty on the solar inverter. We would like to also point out two drawbacks of the solar inverter. One is that it is too pricey – but you have to keep in mind that the price is high only because it is a commercial solar inverter that powers a large number of appliances.

Another drawback that we have found out is that the company does not provide any installation service and hence, you have to either do it on your own or hire a professional. The warranty can only be claimed after you have completed the registration process – which can be quite a hassle for many people.


Best Solar inverters: Things you must know before buying!

There are a couple of crucial factors that you must take into consideration before buying the best solar inverter in India. These factors will provide you with some basic knowledge that you need to have before buying this appliance. After all, it is a long-term investment and you would want to get it right.

1) Types of solar inverters

  • String solar inverters- The string solar inverter uses a string of solar panels that are placed one after the other and connected to produce energy. This type of inverter is commonly used in Asia, Europe, and Australia, and is slowly gaining popularity in the US as well.
  • Hybrid inverters- As the name suggests, this type of inverter combines two mechanisms to formulate one inverter. It builds one simple unit of energy by combining a battery inverter and a solar inverter. Hybrid inverters have turned out to be more advanced, affordable, and overall appealing and hence, these are surpassing the popularity of regular solar inverters.
  • Off-grid solar inverters- Off-grid solar inverters are also known as stand-alone inverters that can set up AC or DC coupled systems, with the help of powerful battery inverters that come with in-built chargers. This off-grid technology can be used to produce hybrid grid-connected inverter systems.
  • Micro solar inverters- These are small-sized solar inverters that are attached to individual solar panels directly. These inverters work independently and hence, they are a great option for roofs that have slightly complex structures, or shade issues. However, the reason that these inverters are not as popular in India, is because of the high price at which they are sold.

2) Output type

The solar inverters are further divided, depending on the kind of output they have. This section talks about the 3 kinds of outputs in solar inverters.

  • Sine wave– Your local utility company or any generator usually has this kind of output that is called the sine wave. This output makes the inverter compatible with almost all electrical appliances, in the house or office. The sine wave is required by most light, as well as heavy appliances to work to their fullest potential.
  • Modified sine wave- As the name suggests, the modified sine wave is another version of the sine wave; the only difference being that it has a square pattern. While inverters with this output are compatible with a lot of appliances, they do consume more power and hence, limit the efficiency of the appliances.
  • Square wave– The cheapest solar inverter that you will find in the market is sure to have the square wave output. While this might be pocket-friendly for many people, it does not support many heavy appliances and hence, might not be a good purchase for the long term.

3) Efficiency

Efficiency is another important factor that you must take into consideration before buying the best solar inverter in India. The ratio of the output power to the input power is what will tell you the efficiency of the solar inverter. The load on the inverter determines its efficiency to a large extent. Since some power is always lost because of the generation of heat, 100% efficiency can never be achieved.

4) Size

There are two power requirements that the solar inverter should meet – one is the peak power and the other is the typical power. The maximum amount of power that the inverter can supply within a fixed period of time, is known as the peak/surge power. Heavy appliances like pumps or refrigerators require this surging power to start the motor.

On the other hand, the power that is supplied at a standard and steady rate is called the typical power. This tends to be far lesser than the peak power. If you are looking for the best solar inverter for a home in India, then you can buy one with 50 watts power supply – as that is enough.

5) Power rating

Solar inverters are used for various purposes, both at home and other larger, institutional spaces. To suit every purpose, they are available with a power rating ranging from anything between 50-50000 watts. If you are planning to buy a solar inverter for your home, then you can easily work with less than 11000 watts. Most standard solar inverters come with a power rating of 50-5000 watts.

6) Internal protection features

Every electric appliance is constantly under the threat of some damage or other, especially heavy appliances. You must purchase a solar inverter that protects the various components from getting damaged due to lightning surges, overload, and so on.

7) Battery life

The battery life of the solar inverter is yet another factor that must be taken into consideration before buying any model. The battery life determines how long the inverter can function using the power supply. The number of cycles or charges that the inverter requires illustrates the battery life of the solar inverter. The unit used to express these cycles is usually milli-ampere per hour, or mah.

Any expert or previous user of solar inverters will advise you to buy a solar inverter with long battery life. Since these batteries use elements like nickel-hydride, lithium-ion, and so on, they tend to consume less power. Thus, these batteries are preferred.

8) Manufacturer’s warranty

Before buying a solar inverter, you must check for the manufacturer’s warranty. The best solar inverter company in India will provide you with a good warranty that lasts for many years. If you find such brands and products, then you should choose them without any delay. However, do not make these decisions in a hurry, and try to compare the warranty period offered by different brands. Settle for reputed brands that provide years of warranty.

9) Budget

Your budget for buying a solar inverter will largely determine the kind of inverter you get and its features. With a big budget, you can always go for the high-end models that provide a longer battery life, along with various advanced features or options. With a lower budget, you can still find inverters that meet your requirements.

8) Solar System Monitoring

There is some form of remote monitoring that every solar inverter provides, which helps to track the performance of the device. You need to track its operations and performance with the help of a monitoring system that is accurate and reliable. Check for the solar system monitoring before buying any particular model.

Frequently Asked Questions on Solar Inverters

1. Where should a solar inverter be installed?

You should install the solar inverter in a place that is away from direct sunlight and that has a proper system of air circulation. The place should also be easily accessible to you for the purpose of maintenance. It should be resistant to moisture.


We hope that this comprehensive and highly descriptive article was sufficient enough to help you choose the best solar inverter in India. Along with reading articles like this one, you should also engage in a bit of research of your own before finally buying a particular solar inverter.

In this section, we provide you with a list of some of the top solar inverters in India based on the quality, features, performance, warranty, and service of the products. These have been chosen very carefully and after sufficient research. However, to get a more holistic picture, you must do some research of your own to understand the kind of products currently available in the market, and if they meet your requirements.

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