Vikram Solar Panel Price in India: 2023

Vikram Solar is the second-largest solar manufacturing company in India in terms of revenue. Based out of Kolkata, they manufacture some of the best solar panels at the most affordable prices. The company has been around in the Indian market since 2006. It is a part of the Vikram Group of Companies. In recent years, the Vikram Group has diversified its business beyond solar energy and has made its entry into EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) management. The Vikram Group has emerged as one of the fastest growing companies in India. Vikram Solar has a turnover of more than 300 crore rupees, whereas the Vikram Group has a turnover of 1000 crore rupees.

Vikram Solar’s manufacturing unit has a capacity of 1.1GW, and currently, the company is expanding it up to 2.5GW. It makes Multi-crystalline, Mono PERC, and Bifacial panels. The production is manufactured using 100 percent automated machinery, ensuring a high degree of precision and quality products. The company deploys world class technology to design, install and commission solar projects across the globe. It boasts of an impressive track record of installing more than 1300 MW of solar projects in India alone.

In this article, we will look into the Vikram solar panel price in India. We will offer a price list of the different kinds of solar panels offered by the company, alongside a few of these products’ specifications. We will also answer some frequently asked questions with regards to these solar panels, such as where to buy them, certification issues, and so on.

Vikram Solar Panel Price in India

Vikram Solar makes a number of different kinds of solar panels. The following is the price list for different kinds of solar panels manufactured by Vikram Solar.

Vikram Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Polycrystalline solar panels are also known as poly solar panels, multi-crystalline solar panels and many silicon panels. These panels are made by melting fragments of silicon together. The price of Vikram polycrystalline solar panel starts from Rs. 26 per watt for 300 watt panels. The following table charts down the selling price and price per watt for different capacities of Vikram polycrystalline panels.

Model/ Watt Selling Price Price per watt
Vikram 330w Poly Solar Panel Rs.8,580 Rs.26
Vikram 325w  Poly Solar Panel Rs.8,450 Rs.26
Vikram 320w  Poly Solar Panel Rs.8,320 Rs.26
Vikram 270w  Poly Solar Panel Rs.7,020 Rs.26
Vikram 200w  Poly Solar Panel Rs.5,600 Rs.28
Vikram 160w  Poly Solar Panel Rs.5,120 Rs.32
Vikram 100w  Poly Solar Panel Rs.3,200 Rs.32
Vikram 75w  Poly Solar Panel Rs.2,700 Rs.36
Vikram 50w  Poly Solar Panel Rs.1,800 Rs.36

Vikram Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Monocrystalline solar panels are also known as single crystal silicon panels. These panels have their edges of cells cut off to reduce the production cost and maintain efficiency to the highest degree. The price of Vikram mono solar panels start from Rs. 29 per watt for 350 watt range. The following table charts down the selling price and price per watt for different capacities of Vikram monocrystalline panels:

Mono Panel Model Rate Selling Price
370w Mono Solar Panel Rs.29 Rs.10,730
360w  Mono Solar Panel Rs.29 Rs.10,440
350w  Mono Solar Panel Rs.29 Rs.10,150
340w  Mono Solar Panel Rs.29 Rs.9,860

Vikram Solar Panels: A Comprehensive Price List

The following table offers a comprehensive list of prices of all the solar panels of Vikram Solar. It charts down Vikram solar panel price per watt. Note that these prices may vary in accordance with location and project size.

Wattages Cost (Rs.) Price/Watt Technical Specs.
335W – Poly Crystalline 8000 23.88 Voltage(Vmp): 37.67, Current (Imp): 8.91
345W – Mono PERC 9000 26.08 Voltage(Vmp): 38.33, Current (Imp): 9.02
375W – Bifacial PERC 11000 29.33 Voltage(Vmp): 39.34, Current (Imp): 9.55
1 KW Solar Panel Price 20,500 20.50
2 KW Solar Panel Price 41,000 20.50
3 KW Solar Panel Price 61,500 20.50
5 KW Solar Panel Price 102,500 20.50
10 KW Solar Panel Price 205,000 20.50
15 KW Solar Panel Price 307,500 20.50
20 KW Solar Panel Price 410,000 20.50
25 KW Solar Panel Price 512,500 20.50
30 KW Solar Panel Price 615,000 20.50
40 KW Solar Panel Price 820,000 20.50
50 KW Solar Panel Price 1,025,000 20.50

Why go for Vikram Solar Panels?

The following are some of the reasons to choose Vikram Solar panels:

1. India’s leading manufacturer of solar energy solutions

Vikram Solar Limited is a leading solar energy solutions provider, and they specialise in the manufacturing of efficient PV panels and offer comprehensive EPC solutions. The company has its presence in 6 continents, and has been a key player in the solar panel market around the world. Its products are designed to meet international quality standards and offer a great degree of reliability, durability and performance. The company has already installed and commissioned more than 1000 MW of EPC capacity, and hence, is an excellent choice for a solar panel brand.

2. Solar Energy offers bigger savings

Conventional energy sources are becoming more expensive as time passes and non-conventional sources like solar energy are the future. A good solar panel is an absolute necessity for efficient power delivery, as a poor quality panels, needing constant repairs, will increase costs in the long run. Vikram solar panels are, however, are made using the state of the art technology, and are an extremely reliable option.

3. Better performance

Vikram solar panels are rigorously tested. They are durable and easy to maintain. In fact, the company offers a 27 year linear performance warranty, which is, in fact, 2 years more than the industry standard.

3. Wider range

Vikram Solar offers a wide range of solar panels, which meets different needs of different segments of consumers, different spaces and different budgets. Vikram Solars’ extensive range includes high efficiency monocrystalline panels, bifacial PERC, polycrystalline panels, and so forth. They are available in different wattages.

4. Innovative and Superior Technology

The manufacturing process of Vikram solar panels is powered by some of the world’s best technology. The company has partnered with leading Swiss, German and Japanese technology giants to build and deliver excellent quality panels that exceed expectations. Its panels are subjected to rigorous testing such as heat test, PID test and dump test, so as to ensure that they meet the highest standards. The company has also earned the reputation of being the top performer in PVEL DNV-GL and modules audited by BLACK & VEATCH.

Where Can I Buy Vikram Solar Panels?

Vikram solar panels are widely available across India. They are not at all difficult to find. You can buy their panels through any solar installer or system integrator. However, if you are looking for solar panels above 50 KW, it has to be done through a government tender or any EPC player. In addition, there are various websites which sell Vikram solar panels, such as Flipkart, Amazon, and a few not so well known websites, as well. Buying a Vikram solar panel through these e-commerce sites can also get you great discounts. However, price is not the only factor that you must consider while buying a solar panel. There are other factors like total energy required by the appliances and gadgets at your home, availability of space on your rooftop, and so forth.

If you want to start up a dealership under Vikram solar panels, then you need to follow an entirely different set of guidelines. We shall discuss them here only in brief, but we advise you to do a thorough research on your own. Firstly, you need to have a commercial space for undertaking a dealership. This would also involve cost for rent, hiring staff, transportation, and so forth. A dealership with Vikram solar panels will also involve a considerable amount of investment of 15 to 20 lakh rupees. You will need to contact the company for dealership and figure out an agreement with them. Only after this, you will receive an ‘Authorized Dealer’ certification, which shall allow you to sell their solar panels in the market.

What Information Do I Need To Provide To Buy Vikram Solar Panel?

A set of information is required to be provided to Vikram solar if you are planning to install their products at your home, or at any commercial establishment. The following are the documents and information which must be published:

  • Address of the location/locations where the solar panels are meant to be installed.
  • A well-drawn diagram/floor plan of the space where you are planning to install the panels, so that the size required can be confirmed at the end of the company.
  • Longitude and latitude of the place where your building is located. You can find this online through numerous applications available on the internet.
  • You must also click clear pictures of the rooftop area/space where the solar panels are meant to be installed and send them to Vikram Solar.
  • Measurement of the rooftop area so that the company gets a better idea of the site of installation
  • You must also send them the approximate measurements of various rooftop items present such as the water tank. These factors affect installation.
  • You must enquire about the distance between the rooftop and the electricity LT panel and send this information to the concerned authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the perfect inverter combination for Vikram Solar panel?

Vikram solar inverters are available in different sizes and come in different specifications. Just like solar panels, the size of the inverter required for them is also rated in watts. There are three factors which need to be taken into consideration when it comes to solar inverter sizing. These are: the size of the solar array, the geography, and size specific conditions. The inverter combination can be ideally determined by the installers themselves by examining all these factors.

2. Should I buy a monocrystalline or polycrystalline Vikram solar panel?

In the overall solar PV system, both the monocrystalline and polycrystalline Vikram solar panels serve the same function, i.e., they capture solar energy and turn it into electricity. Moreover, both these types of panels are made from the same material: silicon. Silicon is an abundant element and is also extremely durable. Therefore, they are used for making solar panels. Both these types of solar panels can be an excellent choice for your home. However, there are certain differences between the types of technology used in each of them.

The solar cells of the monocrystalline solar panels are made from a single crystal of silicon, whereas in polycrystalline solar panels, solar cells are made from many silicon fragments, which are melted together.

3. Can I get a subsidy when I buy a Vikram solar panel?

The government subsidy offered on solar panels differs on the basis of the brand, size, installation site, and a number of other factors. In fact, there is a difference in subsidy offered by different state governments in India. Some states, with a more solar energy friendly policy, offer more subsidies on solar panels than the others. In general, you will get a 40 percent subsidy when you buy a Vikram solar panel.


In this article, we provided you with a comprehensive guide and extensive insights into Vikram solar panels. The main objective of this article was to provide details of pricing, but along with that, we also provided information pertaining to the company profile, the advantages of choosing Vikram Solar, the information required to be furnished, and so forth. We have also answered some of the frequently asked questions with regards to Vikram solar panels for your understanding. We hope this guide helps you in your solar power journey!

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