Microtek Solar Panel Price in India: 2023

Microtek Solar Panel Price in India

Microtek Solar is a master when it comes to the solar field. The brand poses as a fierce competitor to the rest of the companies attempting to take over the market. Founded in 1989, this is one of the leading brands for solar products that manufactures solar panels, solar inverters, solar batteries, solar UPS, and hybrid UPS.

Microtek Solar has established solar plants across the country using state-of-the-art machinery. It is reputed for the range of utility-scale projects taken up over the years. They also boast of a long list of clients starting from factories, corporate offices, schools, and other institutions. Along with these, they also offer on-grid and off-grid solar panels to residential areas too.

The company comprises an R&D of highly experienced and qualified professionals who are continuously working to achieve innovations in the field. This team is equipped at all times to deal with any software or hardware problems in solar products and other equipment.

This article focuses mainly on the Microtek Solar panel price in India. A brief knowledge of the topic is essential for buying the best solar panels that meet all your requirements.

Microtek Solar Panel Price List And Price Per Watt

Microtek Solar provides customers with both monocrystalline solar panels as well as polycrystalline solar panels. The prices of the panels differ on the basis of their types. Both have been approved and certified by MNRE and they come with a 25-year warranty. In this section, we have provided you with a list of the Microtek solar panel price per watt, so that you have a fair understanding of the prices.

Model Price (Rs.) Price per watt (Rs.)
Microtek Solar Panel 50 watt 2000 40
75 watt 3000 40
100 watt 3500 35
150 watt 5250 35
260 watt 7800 30
315 watt 7245 23
320 watt 7360 23
325 watt 7475 23

One thing you must keep in mind before buying solar panels is that monocrystalline solar panels are always slightly more expensive than polycrystalline ones. However, since they are 21% more efficient as well and occupy very little space for installation, people prefer buying the former to the latter.

Why Go for Microtek Solar Panels?

Microtek Solar panels offer you some of the finest quality solar panels in the Indian market today. The brand is engaged in a range of procurement and construction activities. It has definitely risen the bar for other solar panel companies with its efficient performance and high-quality build of solar panels. The effect has been the same across regions of the country. All of this coupled with the Microtek solar panel price makes it a hard deal to refuse.

The Microtek solar panels can be easily installed in your home or office. Solar panels are a gift for this earth that is dying a slow death because of the manner in which humans are abusing its  natural resources. Solar energy  reduce carbon footprints thereby making it an extremely valuable source of renewable energy. Switch to solar energy and build a healthier lifestyle for yourself, as well as for future generations.

Features of Microtek Solar Panels

Here is a list of some of the main features of the Microtek Solar Panels:

  • Microtek solar panels work to produce high energy and lesser degradation, which is ensured by the highly classified A-grade solar cells
  • These panels can be trusted to last and perform well for a long time, due to its PID free modules
  • They can sustain bad weather conditions like the heavy wind of 2400 Pa and snow load of 5400 Pa
  • For enhanced module protection, the Microtek solar panels are enabled by EVA encapsulation and Anti-reflection coating
  • The panels are sold in the market only after undergoing 20 in-house tests and rigorous quality control. A few of the tests that they go through are- Damp Heat test, Thermal Cycling test, Humidity Freeze test, and so on
  • To ensure quick installation, these panels come with heavy-duty anodized aluminum frames featuring holes drilled beforehand
  • Panels have been approved/certified by organizations like IEC and MNRE, which ensuresincreased reliability and quality of the products

Advantages of Microtek Solar Panels

  • For 90% efficiency, Microtek offers a 10-year warranty on solar panels
  • For 80% efficiency, Microtek offers a 25-year warranty on solar panels
  • As per MNRE, Microtek solar panels are eligible for up to 30%-70% subsidy. The exact percentage depends on the state in which you are purchasing
  • Upto 97% optimum and higher efficiency is provided as compared to other brands
  • The panels have a really high capacity for absorbing sunlight, which results in more energy for your home
  • These panels are highly resistant to snow and wind pressure
  • The Microtek solar panels are suitable for off-grid, on-grid, and hybrid solar power plants
  • For better efficiency, the panels are 100% EL tested before and after lamination

Where Can I Buy Microtek Solar Panels?

Microtek Solar panels can be easily found in various places across the country which includes websites as well as shops in your city. You need not worry about access to these magnificent solar systems. You can buy these panels using both the system integrators as well as any solar installer. Order of solar panels above 50KW is usually taken over by government tenders or any EPC player.

The other way to purchase some of the best price is online. There are various e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, India Mart, and others that offer high-quality Microtek solar panels delivered to your doorstep. The advantage of purchasing online is that you often get great discounts on the Microtek solar panel price in India.

You must, however, be careful about the site you purchase from instead of getting swayed away by the appealing discounts they offer. Buying anything online stands the chance of fraud. Other than the price, there are various other factors that you must pay heed to before buying Microtek solar panels. This includes the rooftop space, cost of installation, total energy in watts, and so on.

Even entrepreneurs can easily get access to the Microtek solar panels today but, there is a separate list of guidelines that one must abide by. If you wish to purchase a dealership of Microtek solar panels, you do thorough research before making the investment. Commercial space is the most basic requirement for an entrepreneur planning to  buy solar panels. You must ensure you have such a space before making an  investment. An initial investment of 15-20 lac is also needed for the business. You can  start selling solar panels only after receiving an ‘Authorized Dealer’ certificate.

What Information Do I Need To Provide To Buy Microtek Solar Panel?

You might be a home or business owner looking to purchase solar panels but in order to do so, you are required to submit a set of information. We have provided you with a list of the documents:

  • The full address of the location/locations where the panels will be installed
  • A photocopy of your electricity bill
  • A well-drawn sketch of the area in your home or office where you wish to install the panels; can be either the rooftop or the ground area. This sketch is essential to round up an estimate of the space available and decide on the suitable size of solar panels
  • Use available applications from the internet to mark out the latitude and longitude of the location, which must be provided to buy a Microtek solar panel
  • Click few clear photographs of the rooftop or ground area and send them to the company
  • You must provide the company with a rough estimate of the area where the panel is to be installed. This will guide them to provide you with better services
  • There is a possibility of various other items to be present on the rooftop such as the water tank. Details of such elements must also be provided so that the company has a fair understanding of the area without seeing it for real
  • Lastly, find out the distance between the area of installation and the Electricity LT Panel and send it to the company


Though  we have provided you with the Microtek solar panel price list, it will be of no use, without the proper authorization or certification from the organizations in charge. You must check for valid certificates whether you are a dealer, distributor, or merely owner of solar panels. Off-grid solar systems do not require any sort of certification but on-grid solar systems do.

  • BIS- BIS or the Bureau of Indian Standards must clear any electronic appliance before it is sold in the Indian market. This certificate is crucial for proving the authenticity of a brand. The BIS is responsible for checking the quality, efficiency, performance, and overall safety of the product
  • CE- CE or a Certificate of Registration is required if any company wishes to sell its electronic products in the market
  • DCR Cell- The Domestic Content Requirement or DCR Cell issues certificates to government tenders such as that of a water pump, street light tender, or a rooftop solar subsidy

Microtek Solar has certifications from these crucial organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are Microtek solar panels considered to be the best?

Microtek uses only premium-quality materials to manufacture solar panels. These solar panels are well-suited for  both on-grid and off-grid solar systems, making the panels highly versatile and efficient in their performance. Overall, the technical specifications of Microtek solar panel are quite efficient and useful for users of solar power.

2. What are the dimensions of Microtek solar panels?

The dimensions of these solar panels depend on the model as well as the capacity. Here is a list of the dimensions of a few of these panels:

  • 100-watt solar panel- 1010*665*35 mm
  • 150-watt solar panel- 1495*665*35 mm
  • 250-watt solar panel- 1639*991*35 mm
  • 315-watt solar panel- 1955*991*35 mm

3. Can Microtek PV modules be used with other PV modules?

Microtek solar panels can be easily used with solar panels belonging to other brands.

4. What time of the day is best for solar panels?

Solar panels are efficient instruments that operate by absorbing the sun’s light and turning it into energy to harbor electricity to the various appliances in your home. Daytime is the best time for the solar panels since they are exposed to the sun. If you have installed the panels on the northern roof, then the best time to capture the sun’s rays is from mid-morning to the afternoon.

5. Can I run my AC on solar power?

You can run almost any home appliance on solar power. On-grid solar systems best support air conditioners and their capacity must be between 3kW to 10kW. Large commercial office spaces, as well as small homes with ACs, can be easily supported by solar power.

6. Can solar panels work in the absence of direct sunlight?

As a matter of fact, yes. Solar panels can function even in the absence of direct sunlight as these panels get energy from photons. These photons are present in natural daylight even when the sunlight is absent or not strong.


We have worked hard to research and find out authentic information about the scenario of Microtek solar panels in India. Our research has revealed how trustworthy and efficient the company and all its products are. This brief article aims to guide you in making comparisons between different brands while buying solar panels. We hope the information provided here helps you buy solar panels at the best price.

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