Luminous Solar Panel Price in India: 2023

Luminous solar panel price in india

Luminous Power Technologies  has emerged as one of the leading names in the solar energy revolution in India and the wide customer goodwill that it enjoys has enabled it to bring the joy of solar power technologies to Indian consumers. t. Prior to its hugely successful foray into the solar energy industry, Luminous Power Technologies had firmly established itself as the go-to brand of choice for a host of different consumers looking for electrical appliances of different varieties. Its massive portfolio includes almost everything starting from  home-based electrical appliances such as UPS to Inverter Batteries, Fans, switches and everything in between.

Ever since its inception in 1988, Luminous Power Technologies has gone on to establish itself as one of the giants of the industry at the turn of the century. In this article we will discuss some of the major talking points surrounding Luminous solar panels in India and hopefully give you valuable information that could come in handy.

One of the major reasons as to why this brand has achieved so much popularity is that it has successfully created a global following where many international clients have been hugely impressed with their products and services. The high quality and performance capacity of traditional Luminous electrical appliances is what ultimately propelled it to a great deal of success in global markets across the world. Especially, over the last 5 years or so, it has managed to achieve exponential rates of growth in India and in various other locations abroad and this has further contributed to its glowing popularity and capacity for success.

With the popularity of solar products, Luminous turned its attention to developing solar technologies and has some of the best solar panels, solar inverters and solar batteries that are currently found in India. It also has 1000+ service centres and over 2900+ distributors in various locations all over India. For all of these luminous sets the bar really high when it comes to solar equipment definitely deserves your hard earned money if you are looking to set up a brand new solar panel system as a beginner in India.

Luminous Solar Panel Price List and Price per Watt

In this section, we will give you a detailed account of the Luminous solar panel price list in a systematic manner. Once you get a good idea of the different prices at which Luminous solar panels are available in the market, you will get a much better comprehensive idea of the total cost that you might be dealing with. We will also give you a value for each Luminous solar panel price per watt that will further enable you to make the most detailed cost calculations.

Model/Wattages Price(Rs) Price Per Watt
Luminous 40W Solar Panel Rs. 1800 Rs. 45
Luminous 60W Solar Panel Rs. 2700 Rs. 45
Luminous 75W Solar Panel Rs. 3000 Rs. 40
Luminous 100W Solar Panel Rs. 3800 Rs. 38
Luminous 160W Solar Panel Rs. 5600 Rs. 35
Luminous 200W Solar Panel Rs. 7000 Rs. 35
Luminous 200W Solar Panel Rs. 6200 Rs. 31
Luminous 270W Solar Panel Rs. 8370 Rs. 31
Luminous 325W Solar Panel Rs. 10,075 Rs. 31
Luminous 335W Solar Panel Rs. 10,385 Rs. 31

Why go for Luminous Solar Panels?

There are quite a few good reasons to go for Luminous solar panels and we will discuss some of these in this section. This will inform you of the main advantages that Luminous brings as compared to other solar panel brands. First, we will discuss some key factors regarding Luminous solar panel features that makes it a very viable option for new entrants to the solar energy market. We will also discuss a few key advantages that Luminous panels have and hopefully by the end of this section, you will be as convinced about Luminous solar panels as much as we are at this point in time.


1. Efficiency

One of the major features of Luminous panels that experts always talk about is its incredible efficiency and high class conversion capacity. This might not seem like much at first but trust us when we tell you, it makes a huge difference to your overall energy costs in the long run.

2. Durability and Build Quality

The enhanced durability is a result of the heavy duty aluminum frame that Luminous solar panels use. The strength of the frame manages to set a higher resistance level which ensures that the panel is secure and does not suffer from any kind of physical damage too easily. This strength and durability is also good for people who are looking to set up solar panels in windy locations where there are high chances of strong winds, storms and snow.

Thus we can easily say that Luminous solar panels are highly durable and feature excellent standards of build quality and long term sustainability.

Other Features

Luminous solar panels also feature an anti-reflective coating with BSF that manages to keep the surface of your panels in good healthy condition and ready for energy absorption wherever there is the lightest glimmer of sunlight.

Benefits and Advantages

Wherever we talk about solar panels, one of our most important standards by  which we gauge its capacity and effectiveness is by looking at its testing results. And you will be happy to hear that Luminous panels are passed through elaborate testing systems that include optic, electric as well as mechanical tests.

The next important feature to talk about is the advanced EVA encapsulation mechanism and also the fact that Luminous panels are certified by both ICE and MNRE which are the two foremost authorities in this field in India.

Next we turn our attention to some of the major benefits that are associated with Luminous solar panels. First and foremost, the major benefit that is spoken about regarding investments in Luminous solar panels in India is that you can get a really good subsidy from MNRE which could range from anywhere between 30-70 percent. Luminous panels are also well known for offering much higher levels of efficiency and higher sunlight absorption capacity.

All of these features and benefits make it worth your while and give value to every rupee spent on the panels. They give you the perfect balance of quality, performance and affordability and that is exactly why luminous solar equipment is the best.

Where can I buy Luminous Solar Panels?

Luminous solar panels are one of the most easily available solar panels in India and you can get them from a wide variety of both online and offline retail centres. First of all, you can order the panels directly from Luminous’ own website which is known as On the website you will be able to browse your way easily through various different choices regarding solar panels and pick the ones that you like the most. Apart from that, luminous solar panels are also available on online retail shopping stores such as Flipkart and Amazon.

A few other options include Indimart, Solar by Luminous and Kenbrook Solar which all allowi you to place online orders for your luminous solar panels. Be vigilant however, as there are fraudulent sites out there selling counterfeit products. Always make sure to do your due diligence before buying solar panels online.

What information do I need to provide?

Buying solar panels does not really require any special kind of information from your part. You just need to provide basic personal details such as identity proof and address proof. Other than that, specific state governments may require you to give special kinds of information which you need to comply with. Since there is some degree of confusion regarding what you need to get permission for your solar panel system, it is best advised to contact local authorities and seek guidance from there. However, in the case only buying solar panels, you do not have to worry about any kind of excessive paperwork or form fill ups for the time being.


In this article today. Our main focus was to try and compile as much useful information as possible on the topic of Luminous solar panels. Our main focus was to prepare a luminous solar panel price list for our readers with the help of which you can perfectly calculate the costs involved in setting up a solar panel system. We started off the article with a brief intro on what luminous solar panels are and why this brand should be your go to choice for solar equipment as well as any kind of electrical appliances. In the intro we spoke about the merits of going for Luminous and the exceptional following that it has developed overtime both in India as well as across international markets.

Following this, we prepared our list of the different luminous solar panels that you have the option for going for and their prices as well. Here we laid out the model and wattages of solar panels along with their price per watt value in a tabulated  format so that our readers could get the best of its benefits.

Then in the next section we followed things up by answering questions regarding the availability of luminous solar panels and all the places where you can order it online. After this we moved on to the last section where we spoke about the information you are required to submit while getting your solar panels. That was the final section of our article and we now conclude by wishing you all the best for all of your future endeavours and we also hope that you get your favored luminous solar panel as soon as possible.

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