Best Solar Street Lights 2023: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Climate change has become one of the most pressing global issues today. To reduce its impact on the planet, more and more countries are transitioning towards renewable energy sources. And among the most common alternatives, solar energy is leading the way.

In India, apart from owning houses and offices using solar PV modules, solar energy has also become an effective outdoor lighting solution. Solar streetlights are emerging as a promising alternative to traditional streetlights. 

Unlike traditional street lights, solar street lights are equipped with solar panels and batteries. They harvest sunlight to generate clean and renewable energy. They operate independently from conventional sources, thereby reducing carbon emissions to a great extent. 

However, choosing a good solar street light can be complicated. With so many brands and different options available in the market, it’s easy to get confused. 

Further, you need to know about the features, price, product highlights, etc., before making the right choice. To help you choose the best solar street light, we have come up with this article. Today, we will review some of the best solar streetlights available in India, along with their prominent features.

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Top 3 Best Solar Street Lights – Updated 2023

1. Homehop 80W All-in-One Solar LED Street Light 

Homehop 80W All-in-One Solar LED Street Light 


  • 80W all-in-one solar street light with remote control
  • Comes with an efficient 15000mAh rechargeable battery
  • Coverts up to 19% of sunlight into electrical energy 
  • Fully waterproof 
  • Comes with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours

The Homehop 80W All-in-One Solar Led Street Light can be a solid choice for anyone looking for an efficient and long-lasting solar street light. It is an industrial-style product that comes with a soil aluminum build. It is fully waterproof, and the sturdy aluminum body makes it capable of withstanding tough weather conditions and resisting corrosion. 

Its 28 SMD 3030 chipset LEDs make it capable of providing continuous and incredibly bright lighting to you for 1 to 4 days. Not only this, but the product has an excellent lifespan – 25 years, to be exact! This makes it one of the most reliable solar LED streets lights out there today. 

We particularly liked the remote control feature. It enables the user to adjust the brightness and turn the light on and off from a distance. The solar lantern switches come with powerful, automatic sensors that turn on the light at night and turn it off during the morning. The street light can be installed in a variety of outdoor places, including terraces, gardens, balconies, hotels, and resorts. 

One of the best things about the Homehop 80W All-in-One Solar Led Street Light is its easy installation. It can be installed by simply following the steps mentioned in the instruction manual. The product is designed to be mounted on a wall or a pole. 

Further, it comes with a 3-year warranty for manufacturing defects and a 2-year warranty on LifePo4 Battery. This makes it one of the top contenders for the best solar streetlights in India.


2. Aarmee Solar Solar Powered ABS Plastic Street Light

Aarmee Solar Powered Plastic Street Light


  • 60W LED chips
  • 15 Watt brightness 
  • Long-lasting Lithium Po4 3.2v 12000 mAh Battery
  • Over 2,000 hours of recharge cycle 
  • Comes with efficient motion sensors and IP65 waterproof rating 

The Aarmee Solar Solar Powered ABS Plastic Street Light is an excellent product for those looking for cost-efficient and durable solar street lights. It features a robust 90W solar panel that provides energy to the 15 Watt LED light. The light is bright enough to illuminate all kidneys of outdoor spaces, including gardens, balconies, streets, etc. 

One of the best things about the Aarmee Solar Solar Powered ABS Plastic Street Light is that while it offers sufficient brightness to keep any outdoor space well-lit, it is not too bright to cause discomfort to the eyes. 

The product is made with sturdy, lightweight, and highly-durable ABS to ensure the streetlight can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Further, it also comes with IP65 waterproof rating, ensuring it can perform well during the rainy season and there is no damage to the product because of water. 

The streetlight features a black-colored body which makes it look stylish and pleasing to the eyes. It has an in-built Lithium Po4 3.2v 12000 mAh battery with fast charging capacity. It can be fully charged within 5 hours. 

Another plus point of investing in the Aarmee Solar Solar Powered ABS Plastic Street Light is its powerful motion sensor. It is capable of detecting movements from a distance and turning on the light automatically. Further, the smart automatic on/off feature enhances convenience and allows the light to save energy by turning off when not needed. The only downside of this light is the complicated installation process. 

Overall, the Aarmee Solar Solar Powered ABS Plastic Street Light is a solid choice if you are in the search of the best solar streetlights in India. 


3. D’Mak Waterproof 40-Watt LED Solar Street Light 

D'Mak Waterproof 40-Watt LED Solar Street Light 


  • 40-watt LED flood light with automatic on and off feature 
  • IP65 waterproof rating 
  • Integrated solar panel for energy-efficient charging
  • Made from durable aluminum material with rust-proof powder coating 

People searching for the best solar street light that is both efficient and budget-friendly will find the D’Mak Waterproof 40-Watt LED Solar Street Light quite impressive. With a cost of less than 

₹3,000 (after Amazon’s discount), the product is one of the most cost-efficient options on our list. 

The sleek and durable metal design gives the light a stylish appeal, and the integrated solar panel makes charging a breeze. The 40-watt LED flood light provided excellent lighting for most outdoor settings, including gardens, parking areas, residential colonies, petrol pumps, malls, and more. 

One of the most impressive things about the D’Mak Waterproof 40-Watt LED Solar Street Light is its well-performing light sensor and automation on and off button. The sensor can recognize the lighting condition outside and can automatically turn on the light when it is dark and vice versa. 

The product is completely wiring-free, requires zero electric charges, and comes with an IP65 waterproof rating. It makes it fully capable of illuminating your space during the rainy season. 

The only downside of this product is that it comes with no warranty. However, considering all its excellent features and the price, it is still an excellent choice.


Factors To Look For While Buying A Solar Street Light

1. Type Of Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights can be classified into two types – In One solar street lights and Integrated solar street lights.

The All in One solar street lights have a compact design and come in a modern form factor. It houses solar panels, charge controllers, batteries, and LED within a single unit. These solar street lights are usually fitted with motion control sensors and they automatically switch on in the evening.

The motion control sensors make use of infrared waves to detect any movement that happens below the street light. Whenever there is movement, the lamp lights up to offer its maximum brightness, and in times, when there is no motion, the lamp lights up only to 10-20 percent of its brightness. In this way, the motion sensor ensures a higher degree of efficiency and increases the functioning hours of the street light. It also increases the longevity of the lamp.

Integrated solar street lights, also known as split solar street lights, come with a separate solar panel unit, while the battery and the lamp are integrated into a single unit. These solar street lights do not come with motion detection sensors. However, there are two different kinds to choose from.

The first kind offers 100 percent brightness from dusk to dawn, whereas the second kind offers 100 percent brightness during the first four hours, and then lowers the level until sunrise. In this article, we have included both all-in-one and integrated solar street lights in our list of the best solar street lights in the market.

2. Area To Be Illuminated

The area to be illuminated is one of the most important considerations to make while buying a solar street light. This will depend on your requirements, such as whether you want a street light for a narrow street or a wide street. Solar street lights are not only meant to be used for illuminating the streets, but also for public street lighting, park lighting, sidewalk lighting, farm and ranch lighting, perimeter security lighting, dock lighting, fence lighting, and residential property lighting.

For the best results, it is advised that you should maintain a pole distance of 10 to 15 metres, so that there is a sufficient distribution of lights. In addition, make sure that the area where you are installing the light receives sufficient sunlight, and is not covered with tall buildings and branches of trees.

3. Battery Life

This is one of the most important factors affecting the performance of a solar street light. While purchasing a solar street light, make sure that the product uses a lithium-ion battery with a good capacity. Further, pay attention to the kind of batteries used. SMF batteries are not really good and they must be avoided. The best option is to go for a solar street light that features a LiFePO4 battery. Otherwise, simply stick to the Lithium-ion batteries.

4. Water Proof 

Since solar street lights are always placed outdoors, it is normal for them to face harsh weather conditions. One of the things that affect any electrical equipment is rain. Thus, make sure that the solar street light you are buying is waterproof.

Usually, there are three kinds of waterproof certification standards available for solar street lights. They are indicated by their IP rating. An IP55-rated product offers protection against dust and water jets projected by a nozzle of 6.3 mm. IP65-rated products, on the other hand, are able to protect themselves against all kinds of water jets. An IP66-rated product can protect itself against powerful water jets and IP67-rated products are able to protect against underwater immersion up to 1 m depth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Long Do Solar Lights Last?

The life of a solar street light depends on the battery quality, LED lamp quality, and the quality of other parts used. Normal lithium-ion batteries require replacements every 2 years. However, the new and superior LiFePO4 batteries can last up to 8 years. Some of the best solar street lights we have reviewed in this article come with LiFePO4 batteries.

Q2. Do Solar Lights Work In Winter?

Yes, solar lights do work in winter. In fact, they can work in every season. The only prerequisite is that there should be sufficient sunlight for the battery to charge. Thus, the backup is usually lower in winters, as compared to summers.


Solar street lights are an innovative product, as they help in reducing carbon emissions and society’s dependence on non-renewable energy sources. However, buying a solar street light can be a bit tricky, given the wide range of options in the market, and the innumerable technical specifications to consider.

Therefore, in this article, we provided you with a detailed buyers’ guide for solar street lights, so that you can choose the best solar street light, according to your preferences and needs.

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