Best Solar Power Bank In India 2021: Reviews & Buyer's Guide

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Samarth GaraDecember 24, 2020
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Life in the 21st century is, in many ways, dictated by the limitations and possibilities of technology. It is quite impossible for us now to even dream of living in a world where electronic gadgets and electrical appliances are not commonplace.

And with the demand for electronic gadgets increasing, we also have a subsequent growing demand for power and charging equipment. This is where a power bank comes in. This device has over time, become one of the most sought-after gadgets globally. 

In this article today, we will discuss the topic of solar power banks, as we try and encourage people to go green and take the eco-friendly route. Just like electric power banks store power through electric energy, solar power banks do the same with solar energy.

Most solar power banks are rigid, while also being weather resistant to a large extent. For these reasons, we wish to help you find the best solar power bank in India. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you can be in a position to judge what makes a solar power bank worth your money. 

We have consulted with trustworthy professionals, who have a lot of experience in the field of solar energy, to find some of the best solar power banks in the market.

We have also surveyed a lot of online reviews and user ratings, to prepare a list of the 6 best solar power banks that we feel would be worth your money. In another section, we have also tried to explore a few factors that determine whether a particular solar power bank is good enough for purchase. 

Top 6 Best Solar Power Bank In India Available Right Now 2021

1. Probeatz Reliable Solar 20000 mAh Power Bank - Multicolor

Probeatz Reliable Solar 20000 mAh Power Bank - Multicolor


  • Eco-friendly and sustainable power bank
  • 20000 mAh device available in a variety of colors
  • Uses renewable energy 
  • Weighs only 350 gms and is highly portable
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We start off our search for the best solar power bank in India, with the Probeatz Reliable Solar 20000 mAh Power Bank. If you are looking to make the transition into the world of eco-friendly, renewable energy and sustainable living patterns, then this power bank is a very good start. This is a 20000 mAh power solar power bank and is also available in a variety of different color combinations as well. 

The multi protective circuit design is one of the major positives of this power bank, as it manages to act as a protective safeguard, and prevents damage. Not only should this give you the confidence that this product is worth the investment, it will also enable you to have renewable energy at the tip of your fingers - no matter where you go. The AC adaptor that comes with this power bank is provided to enable fast charging - another touted feature. 

This gives you the convenience to charge your devices in a very short span of time. However, if you happen to have time on your hands, you can easily use the sunlight to recharge the power bank and use it according to your convenience. 

The 20000 mAh battery that comes with this device is also really useful, as it manages to store power efficiently and use it in the most effective way possible. Note that you can charge your power bank either through direct sunlight or even with the help of shade or indirect sunlight. However, it will take a little bit more time to fully recharge the battery. 

The important thing about this power bank, which has won over many of its users, is the sheer compactness in design. It makes the device portable enough to carry around on trips and on the road, whenever you are required to travel.

It is so lightweight and easy to carry, that a lot of people tend to carry it with them all the time - as you never know when you might end up needing it in an unexpected situation. 

When we turn to the issue of compatibility, the Probeatz Reliable Solar 20000 mAh Power Bank shows remarkable resilience, as it is virtually compatible with any smartphone belonging to this era, as well as previous generations. The iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia as well as all Android devices can be charged effectively using this device.

Other than that, it is also perfectly compatible with the iPad, digital cameras, PSP, ND, PDA, Mp3/Mp4 player, GPS, E-Lites, electronic cigarettes, Bluetooth, and virtually all other devices which use a USB charging system. 

It has a total body weight of around 350 grams - and this is relatively lightweight as compared to most other power banks in the market. The only thing which people have been slightly dissatisfied with about this power bank is the aesthetic quality. Other than that, everything about this product is top-notch, and we would definitely recommend you to get it as early as possible. 

2. IFITech Solar Power Bank (Black)

IFITech Solar Power Bank (Black)


  • 1500 mAh power bank that is the ideal outdoor remote charging device
  • Stylish and sleek design with 6 LED light options
  • SOS option available that becomes useful during emergencies
  • Robust structure due to the ABS plastic used to make the body
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The IFITech Solar Power Bank is our second product on the list, and we have been highly impressed with its performance. We feel that it has all the makings of a really solid product that will take care of your portable charging requirements with the utmost ease. The IFITech Solar Power Bank is a 1500 mAh solar power bank that is capable of functioning as the perfect outdoor remote charging device, and there is no doubt about its quality and overall performance capacity. 

It has been praised for its stylish and sleek design, and the 6 different LED light options add further visual enhancement to it. The SOS option is also something that has been hailed as a big positive for this power bank. 

The dual USB feature has impressed us a lot as well. This makes it possible for you to charge two separate devices at the same time, without any issues whatsoever. Also, the micro USB cable used to charge the power bank makes smart charging simple and quick, if solar power is unavailable or not enough.

As for the solar panel that comes with this power bank, it is a standard 2-watt panel that is capable of charging most smartphones. It's the perfect example of a simple, but high-efficiency solar panel that can be very useful in case of outages. 

This device also comes with 4 different LED indicators that give you feedback on the charging processes. Another element of this device that has really impressed us is the security system that comes with this power bank - which is often overlooked. The IFITech Solar Power Bank comes with multiple in-built intelligence security protections, which are designed to avoid damage to the producer by guarding it against overcurrent, overload, and short circuit issues. 

As far as the question of compatibility is concerned, this power bank works with a whole range of different devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Android phones, other smartphones, tablets, IP cameras, Bluetooth devices, etc. Now coming to the issue of the build quality of this device, we can say for sure that it is a very sturdy and durable power bank. The ABS material used to make this device is strong and resilient, and it is ideally suited to the rough and tumble of regular usage. It has an anti-shock mechanism as well, which enables it to resist surface and internal damage upon impact. 

Additionally, it is also water-resistant, resistant to cold temperatures as well as heat resistant. Lastly, the design also enables a higher degree of portability and comes with a hook - which is very handy during outdoor travels. You can hang this power bank to your backpack, and carry it around with the utmost ease. Overall, we have enough reasons to believe that this product is very much deserving of a spot on this list, and is in contention to be the best power bank under 10000. 

3. Maxim 15000 mAh Power Bank  (Gold, Lithium-ion)

Maxim 15000 mAh Power Bank  (Gold, Lithium-ion) 


  • 1500 mAh power bank that comes with a lithium ion battery
  • Package includes a charging cable
  • Power ranges from 100 to 240 volts
  • Portable and the perfect choice for travelers and backpackers
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The Maxim 15000 mAh Power Bank is the next device on this list, and it is another useful power bank that can come to your rescue in your time of need. This 15000 mAh power bank comes with a lithium-ion battery that is perfectly suited to meet your charging requirements. The package comes with a charging cable along with a power bank so that you are able to use it based on your requirements and convenience. It has two different ports, and thus enables you to enjoy the benefits of dual charging. 

The gold-colored plating makes this product a win in terms of aesthetics, which has resulted in many users preferring it over other variants in this price range. The total expected power supply of the Maxim 15000 mAh Power Bank ranges between 100 to 240 volts. As per our user reviews and the feedback we have received about this product, this is a perfect choice for travelers and backpackers. The solar charging system is quite simple and straightforward and does not require any special installation setups.  

We have seen enough of this power bank to state with certainty that it does the job very well, and although it's nothing extravagant, it's certainly a value for money product, based on the price for which it is available. The product also comes with a one month warranty period - and this makes it more suitable for purchase as you are well covered against any type of manufacturing defects. 

4. HBNS 20000 mAh Power Bank (Fast Charging)  (Gold, Lithium-ion)

HBNS 20000 mAh Power Bank in Gold Color


  • Fast charging and portable appliance for people always on the go
  • Comes with a micro connector and AC adaptor
  • Ideal for charging devices like MP3 players, cameras, tablets, Bluetooth appliances etc.
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For the fourth position on our list, we have another well regarded, high performance 20000 mAh power bank from HBNS, and we are pleased to bring this product to your attention. The HBNS 20000 mAh Power Bank is an ideal choice for people who are looking for a fast charging, portable appliance to provide power to their mobile devices. This one also has a lithium-ion battery - just like our previous model, and it certainly manages to outperform many other generic power banks in this price range. 

The HBNS 20000 mAh Power Bank comes with a micro connector and an AC adaptor as a power source, with which you can charge this device if the solar charging system is inaccessible for some reason. We would ideally recommend this power bank for the purpose of charging smartphones, however; it can charge other devices too.

It is totally compatible with all devices which use a dedicated USB 2.0 port for power and can be used to charge devices such as Mp3 players, tablets, cameras, electronic lights, Bluetooth headphones, and much more. 

This 20000 mAh power bank is an ultra high capacity power bank that can charge a 4000 mAh phone multiple times within a short time and can prove to be somewhat invaluable during your travels as well as outdoor activities, such as camping or even business and work trips.

We should also mention that this device comes with internationally accepted safety standards for aviation, and is thus perfectly feasible to be used on long flights, where your devices need multiple charging sessions to keep going.

 It also comes with an impressive in-built smart protection system that guards actively against a host of different evils such as over-current, over-heating, over-charging, over-voltage, and short circuits. These measures make sure that you, as well as your device, remain in complete safety, and you can continue to reap the benefits of this device for a long time without worries.

After all of these detailed and lengthy discussions, it is easy for us to see why this product is so highly rated, and why we feel that it is in contention to be christened as the best power bank under 10000.

5. Maxim 20000 mAh Power Bank (Fast Charging)  (Black, Lithium-ion)

Maxim 20000 mAh Power Bank in Black Color


  • Portable power bank best-suited for travelling 
  • Compact sized 20000 mAh device that easily fits into small bags
  • Well-protected against overcurrent, over-heating, over-charging, and so on
  • 6-month warranty period provided
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For the penultimate product on the list, we have another power bank from Maxim - which has emerged as a big player in the solar power bank industry in recent years and is considered to be a very trustworthy and dependable brand.

The Maxim 20000 mAh Power Bank is the perfect fast charging companion for enthusiastic backpackers and travelers, who wish to experience the joy of using a power bank that is driven by solar power for the first time in their lives. 

An ultra-efficient 20000 mAh solar power bank that can comfortably take care of your charging needs, it is no surprise to us as to why this power bank has been selling well all over India in online as well as offline markets.

It is a standard lithium-ion battery-driven power bank that also comes with an AC adapter for standard charging. It is capable of recharging all modern smartphone variants, as well as other devices such as fitness bands, wireless earphones, and tablets, alongside many more. 

 Thanks to the portable nature of this device, you will never have to worry about being separated from your favorite devices. It is so compact, that it can fit easily into small backpacks or pockets - and that makes it the ideal charging partner for anyone under a variety of different circumstances. 

Just like other power banks from this brand, this one also has numerous well-crafted safeguards against the usual suspects that can cause damage to the device. This includes protection against overcurrent, over-heating, over-charging, over-voltage, and short circuit issues. 

Furthermore, it comes with two output ports and has an average output power of around 5 volts or 2.1 amperes. You will have access to a 6-month window for replacement warranty with this power bank - but make sure to note that the domestic warranty is only for a period of 1 month. 

We have spoken to many users of this product, and most of the responses that we have gotten are overwhelmingly positive. Thus, we have no qualms about introducing this product to the general public through this list, and we definitely feel that it would be worth your while to grab this product as soon as possible. 

6. FosPower Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio

FosPower Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio


  • 2000 mAh power bank suitable for charging tablets or smartphones
  • LED flashlight attached to the radio for emergency power outage situations
  • SOS alarm provided
  • News broadcasts given by the AM/FM stations
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FosPower brings to you this superior quality power bank that will provide you with emergency power when required. This emergency radio comes with a 2000 mAh power bank that can charge any smartphone or small tablet. Available within an affordable price range, this solar power bank is your true companion in times of need when there is no power in the house and you need to charge your electronic gadgets. 

Be it an emergency or non-emergency environment, this weather radio gives you enough tools to deal with any situation related to the power supply. There is an LED flashlight on the radio that operates on 1-watt energy, quite sufficient during power cuts.

An SOS alarm is provided, and it is always ready to go off whenever there is any kind of emergency. The strong AAA batteries ensure a steady output of power when you and your loved ones need it the most. 

A sufficient amount of power is generated by the radio’s crank lever and the solar panel so that all the features in the radio can function properly. There is a 4 LED reading light that can be easily utilized by children to study and adults to do their office work, etc., even during power cuts in the house.

The AM/FM stations work effectively to inform you about emergency news broadcasts as well as emergency weather forecasts. This can be very helpful in times of natural disasters. 

Such innovative emergency machines are becoming quite a popular day by day, as it does not bring life to a standstill during power cuts for long periods; rather they assist you in continuing your work despite no electricity.

Get home this lightweight, compact, stylish, and highly efficient device to deal with all kinds of power supply related emergency situations.   

Factors to Consider while buying a solar power bank 

Solar power banks can be incredibly useful if you plan to go on long trips where you do not expect to have access to electricity. It will be enough for you to charge your phone or other USB devices up to 3 to 4 times per day. In this section of our solar power bank review, we will discuss some of these factors in detail. Make sure to go through this section carefully, before deciding on which particular solar power bank model to buy. 

1. Wattage or Charge capacity 

Not all solar power banks are the same, and some are more powerful than others. This means that the wattage of any particular solar power bank determines the type of devices that you will be able to charge. A simple old school smartphone can be charged using the most basic solar power bank, which has a wattage rating as low as 4-5 watts. However, some of the more recent higher-end smartphone models might require higher wattage. 

A lot of iPhone models are known to be a lot more power-hungry and would require a power bank of a minimum 7-watt rating at the very least. In the case of iPads, we would recommend a 15-watt power bank, and laptops would require you to have a battery and DC-to-AC inverter. Also, make sure to note that some of the lower wattage power banks require a lot of time to charge devices, and this could prove to be an issue. 

2. Output Power and Geographical/Climate Conditions 

Make sure to note that in places where the weather is predominantly rainy or cloudy, it might prove to be slightly more difficult for you to charge your device. In these scenarios, you have to make sure to make the most optimum usage of the time when the sun is out and shining bright. Also while checking the output power on your device, make sure to check whether it's for one port, or for all the ports taken together. 

3. Connection or Port Type 

Most of the solar power banks nowadays come with a standard USB 2.0 port, that can be used to charge a plethora of different electronic devices. However, there are quite a few devices that might require a separate adapter to charge them. This is the case for laptops, as well as some other devices, such as photo cameras. Make sure to note the fact that most devices that use a 12-volt cigarette type charging port, generally do not work with solar power banks. 

4. Convenience 

Whenever you buy any type of electronic equipment, the convenience of usage should be right up there as one of the most crucial factors that you use to determine the overall value and feasibility of the product you are looking to purchase. Under this section, you should look at factors such as size, compactness, weight, etc., and determine whether it conforms to your own usage expectations. 

Also, it's important to go for a model that is easy to install and use on a regular basis, if you are buying your first solar power bank. Furthermore, you should consider a few other elements such as special grommets, which may help you to attach panels to your backpack if you wish to have a more sophisticated overall experience. 

Another thing that a lot of people ignore or do not pay enough attention to, is the weight of the power bank that you are looking to buy. If you are one of those backpackers who like to go on long trips and enjoy the solitude of the wilderness, weight is a very important factor to keep in mind. On the other hand, if you do not expect to carry your device for too long outdoors, then the weight factor is not that critical. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What are the best ways of using solar power banks? 

Solar power banks are just like normal power banks in many ways. The only point of difference is that they are equipped with solar panels, which can use sunlight to charge themselves. So you can use solar power banks just like normal power banks if you wish.

However, the best use of solar power banks is possible when you go for outdoor trips, and you do not have access to electricity for long periods. How you use your solar power bank is largely up to you, but it can be a real lifesaver in outdoor situations - so it's something that everyone should aspire to carry. 

Q2. How can I fully charge my solar power bank? 

Just like any other solar powered device, solar power banks are equipped with solar panels of particular wattages, which are able to use the sunlight to power itself. You need to simply expose your solar power bank to direct sunlight for a specific amount of time to charge it fully.

It's difficult to put an exact number on how long it takes for sunlight to charge your power bank -  as it depends on various factors, such as wattage of panels, intensity of sunlight, temperature, etc. Some solar power banks also come with separate chargers and adapters, which can be plugged into wall sockets and charged comparatively quickly. Make sure to check the brand and specs to get an accurate idea of these aspects. 


In this article today, we have tried to find the best solar power bank brand for your charging requirements on the go. Although buying a power bank may sound relatively straightforward, there are a few things which you should keep in mind as a buyer, to ensure that you can get the most out of your power bank in terms of value. 

We started this article with a brief introduction on what solar power banks are, and outlined a few reasons as to why you might want to get one for yourself. Following this, we proceeded to our list of compiled products, which has been formulated using the wisdom of many of our industry experts, as well as different online reviews and ratings from users all over the country.

Hopefully, this list will guide you to the right path and enable you to find the right solar power bank that fits in with your own personal needs and user expectations. 

In the next section, we have attempted to give you a comprehensive review of some of the crucial factors that should form a part of your thinking while choosing the ideal solar power bank for those extended trips and travel assignments.

We have covered all of the important factors in this section, and we urge you to go through it carefully to get the best results. Then we moved on to a short section, where we discussed a few frequently asked questions regarding solar power banks and we tried to answer them as succinctly as possible. 

Hopefully, our endeavors will come to good use for you, and we urge you to do further research on these topics if you wish to know more about them. Till then we bid you farewell and also wish you the best of luck in your quest to find the best solar power bank for backpacking that you can find for your travels. 

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