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Best Solar Charge Controllers In India 2021: ERC Buyers Guide

March 18, 2021

A solar charge controller controls the variation in power that the solar panel generates after absorbing sunlight and then charging the battery and operating the DC load. This controller prevents the battery from overcharging and causing any damage to the solar system. The current being generated by the solar panels and traveling to the battery is regulated with a solar charge controller. 

The demand and availability for solar charge controllers in India have catapulted over the years as they provide system protection. It can be a confusing task to choose the best solar charge controllers in India, and hence, we have provided you with a list of some of the best products. Along with this, we have also prepared a list of some important factors to consider before buying solar charge controllers. 

Top 14 Best Solar Charge Controllers In India

1. amiciSmart Solar Charger Controller



  • The lowest power output of 10A available on this solar charge controller
  • Easy monitoring of battery status and change in modes on the LCD screen provided
  • Features overload protection, open-circuit protection, short-circuit protection, and reverse protection
  • Excellent performance in extreme weather conditions ensured by high-quality international grade chip
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The first product on this list is the amiciSmart Solar Charge Controller with a power output of 10A (the lowest available). This brand also offers solar charge controllers with higher power outputs up to 60A. Once you connect the solar panel to the battery, this solar charge controller completely supports the battery. An LCD is provided for your convenience, where you can track the battery’s status and change between different modes. 

This device guarantees full protection for your battery since it is equipped with overload protection, open-circuit protection, short-circuit protection, as well as reverse protection. These features also extend the overall life span of the battery to last for many years. The 10A amiciSmart solar charge controller is compatible with 12v and 24v panels. 

Various features or modes are offered by the brand that you can control such as the float voltage which you can set as per your requirements. The float voltage is the maximum charge voltage that the battery can work with. There are other modes like the discharge reconnect, discharge stop, and work mode. 

Ranked as one of the best solar charge controllers available in India, the amiciSmart controller is ideal for lead-acid batteries like OPEN, AGM, or GEL and not so compatible with other batteries like nickel, hybrid, lithium, Li-ions, etc. For the device to be working properly, it needs to be connected to the solar panel and the battery. Keep in mind that the battery is a minimum of 10.7V charged before connecting it to the controller. 

The reason why many people have chosen this particular controller is also because of its superior quality. It is fitted with a high-quality international grade chip that ensures the machine’s functioning in extreme weather conditions. The controller comes with dual USB ports that can be used to charge devices like laptops, smartphones, etc. This solar charge controller can be used in a variety of places like an outdoor touring car, a solar power system, a solar advertising box, a solar billboard, or a yacht and ship. 

2. Luminous Plastic Solar Charge Controller 10Amp


  • Luminous 10Amp plastic solar charge controller available in blue
  • Prevents reverse current flow during the night
  • 96% electronic shock protection and an in-built load controller provided
  • Features can be monitored and controlled through the LCD screen
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Luminous is a popular brand for its range of solar system products starting from solar panels and batteries to solar charge controllers. Here we shall review the Luminous 10Amp plastic solar charge controller, which is available in blue. This controller prevents the battery from getting overcharged while the solar panel is charging it. Along with this, it also prevents reverse current flow at night. 

An in-built USB port is provided in the solar charge controller that can be used to charge mobile phones without an adapter. This controller is made of supreme-quality plastic that can withstand harsh conditions and still last for a very long time without any damage. It can charge batteries of 12V and 24V with utmost efficiency using PWM technology. 

It comes with 96% electronic shock protection and an in-built load controller. This is provided with an lvd feature option for lead-acid or other types of batteries. Up to 400 watts of solar panels are supported by the Luminous solar charge controller. You might wonder what purpose do the 2 jumpers behind the controller serve? 

The two jumpers are required to connect the solar charge controller to an SMF battery. You do not need these two points if you are using a different battery. You can keep a watch on the status of the battery and control all other features of the controller through the LCD screen on it. The product measures 7.2*14.5*13.7 cm and weighs only 300 grams. This compact and lightweight nature of the Luminous solar charge controller makes it highly portable and beneficial to keep in areas with limited space. 

The brand provides a 12-month warranty and you can seek help from the company, free of cost, for any damage caused to the solar charge controller during this period. 

3. ASHAPOWER Solar MPPT Charge Controller


  • Multi-voltage range device that prevents overcharging and damage of battery
  • Energy output of 40 Amps provided
  • PV panel input open circuit voltage of 185 V
  • Can be easily mounted on the wall
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Ashapower solar MPPT charge controller is a one-of-a-kind device that you will find in the Indian market. This is a multi-voltage range device that keeps the battery protected from getting overcharged and eventually damaged. You can use this device to power a single battery of 12V up to 6 batteries of a total of 72V in series. When the battery is connected across its terminal, the charge controller selects the battery voltage at which it will run. 

The device provides the battery with an energy output as high as 40 Amps that is nothing compared to what the other controllers have to offer. The panels can be grouped easily without any hassles with the PV panel input open circuit voltage that goes up to 185V. What adds to the appeal of this best solar charge controller in India is its physical appearance. 

Its sleek and stylish design gives it an aesthetic look that fits in well with your home or office decor. You can mount the device on any wall inside to control the charging activities of the battery. The Ashapower solar charge controller comes with an ultra-fast and powerful point tracking algorithm that helps it understand the ideal voltage for the battery and protect it from the dangers of overcharging.  

4. Ashapower Solar MPPT Charge Controller


  • Available in blue with a stylish and simple design 
  • Protects batteries against hardware failures and comes with an overload protector
  • Maximum tracking efficiency of controller is 98.9%
  • LED lights and LCD indicator for easy monitoring of features
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Here we have yet another product from Ashapower that boasts of great quality and performance. This Ashapower solar MPPT charge controller has an energy output of 40 amps that can power up to 140 V. The device protects the battery against excess voltage generation by the solar panels. It is available in a bright blue shade and has a stylish yet simple design, ideal for your home/office. 

The solar charge controller offers protection for the battery against hardware failures and also comes with an overload protection feature. This device can be used for both a 12 V battery as well as a battery bank series of 2 batteries of 24 V. The maximum tracking efficiency of the controller is 98.9%. This compact device weighs approximately 300 grams which makes it lightweight enough to be carried around easily. 

The LED indicators have different colors like red, blue, and green to inform you about the status of the battery or the other features. The blue light indicator will alert you about the solar/grid power status, the green light about the solar presence, and the red light about the solar charging status. 

Other than the LED indicators and the LCD screen, there are a few other features or switches on this charge controller as well. There’s the settings button, the MPPT on/off switch, the grid bypass switch, the terminal cover, and the I/O power terminals. The PV panels are automatically discharged from the device at night. Bring home this solar charge controller today to experience intelligent charging for prolonged battery life. 

5. UTL Solar Charge Controller


  • Supports: 12V battery, 12-volt solar panels, a 24-volt inverter battery, and 24-volt panels
  • Microcontroller is highly efficient in terms of speed and performance
  • Prolongs the battery life by preventing overcharging and overload
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UTL, a brand known for manufacturing some of the best solar charge controllers in India, brings to you the solar charge controller hybrid SMU. This device supports a single 12 V battery, 12-volt solar panels, a 24-volt inverter battery, and 24-volt panels. The controller is designed to automatically select the voltage for 12 volts or 24-volt panels. 

This microcontroller works with high speed and boasts high-performance levels. To get the controller to function, you need to first connect it to the battery and then to the solar panels. After this connect the existing inverter to the SMU and give the grid supply. 

This is a highly reliable solar charge controller that offers a prolonged life for the battery by protecting it from damage caused by overload and overcharging. An inbuilt mechanism does the work of protecting the solar charge controller from undercharging and overcharge, both of which can prove detrimental to the overall functioning of the controller. 

UTL solar charge controller is eco-friendly and aids the solar system to generate electricity from a natural source. It has a compact design and can be easily mounted on the wall of your office or home. The conventional look of this charge controller easily fits into the design of any type of decor, just like any other machine in the room. 

6. Smarten Prime+ MPPT Solar PCU/Charge Controller


  • Regulates voltage of solar batteries to prevent damage due to overload or overcharging
  • 4 step charging: bulk, absorption, float, equalize
  • Comes with a power-saving mode, easily accessed through the LCD
  • 1-year warranty provided
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This 30 amps solar charge controller is brought to you by Smarten, an Indian brand that was founded in 2014. It has expanded across India and even outside in countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Dubai, Nigeria, South Africa, and a few other places. The diverse product range of Smarten includes solar charge controllers, solar inverters, solar panels, batteries, solar power conditioning units, home UPS, etc. 

For all those who wish to convert from their existing UPS system to a solar system, the Smarten Prime solar charge controller is a much-needed device. This controller regulates the voltage of the solar battery to prevent undercharging or overcharging. Depending on the battery technology, this device controls the discharges. 

This controller works with a 4-stage charging which includes steps like bulk, absorption, float, and equalize. It supports various battery types like SMF, LA, tubular, and solar. However, the controller does not support batteries like the GEL and the AGM. It has been designed to provide complete protection to the battery from reverse PV, low battery, battery deep discharge, and high temperature. 

The power-saving mode can be accessed through the LCD, and it is features like this that make this Smarten solar charge controller highly efficient. It can be mounted on the wall of whichever room you wish to place it in. Smarten offers a 1-year warranty on the solar charge controller. 

7. LAGNUVO MPPT Solar PCU Charger


  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly device
  • Flow of current from panels to battery effectively enhanced by the maximum PowerPoint Tracking algorithm
  • Well-suited to off-grid power systems
  • Produces less fan noise
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With the growing popularity of solar systems, people gradually realize how cost-effective, beneficial, and environment-friendly it is. Many Indians are converting from their existing UPS system to a solar system for this purpose. Lagnuvo brings to you a solar charge controller that has been specially designed for such a shift for the first time. It makes this process easy and hassle-free. 

The Lagnuvo MPPT solar PCU chargers are undoubtedly one of the best solar charge controllers available in India. It is facilitated by the maximum PowerPoint Tracking algorithm. This enhances or increases the flow of current from the solar panels to the battery. The controller is well suited to off-grid solar systems such as standalone solar power systems, solar power water pumps, and solar home systems. 

This voltage and current regulator prevents the batteries from being overcharged or undercharged as both can cause significant damage. It supports battery-types like LA, SMF, Tubular, solar batteries, and 4-stage charging that includes bulk, absorption, float, and equalize. The discharge of energy to the battery is controlled and this contributes to protecting as well as prolonging the battery life. 

The MPPT charge controller has 95% more efficiency and better performance as compared to a PWM. The Lagnuvo controller also yields higher voltage output and can extract 96% power. It produces less fan noise when compared to other products in the same range. Despite all the benefits it offers, this solar controller also has a few drawbacks. It does not come with a warranty period, a bill or even a manual to guide you through the process of installation. 

8. Amberroot Systems REhub MPPT


  • Controls charging of batteries in safe and effective manner
  • Innovative design and technology for durable and long-lasting performance
  • 95% efficiency
  • 12 V battery system has an output of 600 Wp and 24 V system has an output of 2400 Wp
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Amberroot Systems solar charge controller controls the charging of the solar batteries through two sources- the grid and the installed solar panels. It controls the charging of the batteries in such a way that they are kept protected and safe. This contributes to elongating the life-span of the solar battery as well as the solar panel, both of which are connected to the solar charge controller.  

This highly efficient MPPT charge controller is designed to extract the maximum energy from the solar panels. A very high input to output voltage ratio is enabled by the innovative design and technology of the Amerroot solar charge controller. This can decrease the system CST as compared to other solar charge controllers available at cheaper rates. 

The power conversion of this MPPT has been designed to be better than 95% efficiency. It has a continuous rated output of 40 amps. You can connect up to 600 Wp with a 12 V battery system and 1200 Wp with a 24 V battery system. Get home this controller that will regulate the net current that is delivered to the batteries. 

Few drawbacks of this controller are that it is priced slightly high, the lugs are not provided that are required for connecting the solar wires to the MPPT, there are no details provided about the cable and software, and lastly, many customers have complained of the poor quality of the user manual. 

9. Microtek SMU 3012 Solar Charge Controller 


  • Microtek SMU 3012 solar charge controller with 30 amps energy output
  • Durable with a robust structure and protective build
  • Automatically cuts off supply from the grid during power cuts or voltage fluctuations
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Microtek is a well-known brand in the solar system industry mainly because of how reasonably priced the products are. Here we shall review the Microtek SMU 3012 solar charge controller that has a 30 amps energy output. It is made of robust-quality plastic and is available in silver. The design of the charge controller is simple, sophisticated, and ergonomic. 

An advanced seven-segment digital display on the machine indicates various information for you, such as the input and output voltage. The Microtek solar charge controller ensures high performance with the help of the save power technology. When there is a power cut or voltage fluctuations, the controller automatically cuts off the grid supply to protect the solar panel and the battery. 

The Microtek controller is highly durable and long-lasting. This device can be easily used in both the home and the office to regulate the flow of energy from the solar panels to the battery. Even though the exact period of warranty is not mentioned anywhere on the product, it has been clearly said that if you want the warranty, you have to register for it with the company. 

The best part about this solar charge controller is the inbuilt smart technology that extracts maximum solar energy from the panels and less energy from the AC mains. 

10. DELTA ENERGY Solar MPPT Charge Controller


  • Delta energy controller has a power output of 60 Amps 
  • Open circuit voltage: 210V, Maximum charging current: 60A
  • Facilitated by features like PV panel reverse polarity protection and over-voltage protection
  • Maximum tracking efficiency- 98.9%
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Delta Energy is yet another budding solar system brand that manufactures some of the best solar charge controllers in India. This one has a 60 amps energy output compatible with the 12/24/36/48 volts battery bank. It is available in black and has an elegant, compact design that can be placed anywhere in the house or office. 

The PV panel can facilitate an open-circuit voltage up to 210V and the maximum charging current up to 60A. It comes with an ultra-fast and highly efficient power point tracking algorithm that aims to extract maximum energy from the panels. This device also comes with a range of protective features like the PV panel reverse polarity protection and over-voltage protection. 

There is an auto-grid input control to the inverter and intelligent charging for prolonged battery life. At night, there is an automatic disconnection of the solar/PV panels, which saves energy. This solar charge controller also protects the battery against any hardware failure. The maximum tracking efficiency on the machine is 98.9%. 

Lastly, the display panel comes with various options and modes to choose from and operate as per your energy requirements. Colors like blue, red, and green indicate things like the status of the battery, solar/grid power status, and the solar presence. These indicators make it convenient to understand the condition of the device. 

11. ELEPHANTBOAT® Solar Charge Controller


  • Voltage output: 12V and 24V, Current output: 10Amps
  • Suitable for lead-acid batteries like OPEN, AGM, and GEL
  • 3-easy steps for system connection
  • No warranty offered
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Elephant Boat brings to you another great solar charge controller that can be effectively used to regulate the flow of energy from the PV panels to the battery. The rated voltage output of this controller is 12V and 24V, and the current output is 10 amps. The battery cable used for the transmission must be as short as possible to cut down on energy loss. 

This solar charge regulator is only suitable for lead-acid batteries like OPEN, AGM, and GEL. It does not function properly with other types of batteries available in the market and is often used in solar systems. Before installation of the controller, it must be able to recognize the battery type. This is only possible when the battery has enough voltage. 

The charge regulator can work only with solar modules and not with any other charge source. You must follow the method of installation mentioned in the manual to get it right. There are three important steps to be followed for the system connection. Firstly, the positive and negative terminals of the battery must be connected to the controller, after which the controller will be able to automatically detect the voltage level. 

Secondly, while connecting the positive and negative poles of the load, be mindful so that there is no reverse connection. Thirdly, connect the solar panel to the controller once the first two steps have been followed. If these steps are not followed in a particular sequence, your controller might be at the risk of complete damage. This regulator comes without any warranty, which is its only drawback and a major one at that. 

12. HASTHIP® LCD Display 10A amp Solar USB Charge Controller


  • Solar charge controller with 10 Amps energy output
  • Damage caused by humidity reduced with the moisture-tight coating
  • Ease of use ensured by the LCD screen where you can view all the information and features
  • Lightweight and portable device
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The next product that we will be reviewing in this article is the Hasthip 10 amps, solar charge controller. The body of this charge controller has a moisture-tight coating that minimizes the damage caused by humidity and from insects building their nests inside such devices. This solar charge controller is very easy and convenient to use as it comes with a variety of features and modes. 

There is a backlight display provided that acts as an indication of the status and data at the particular time when you are viewing it. Using this display, you can easily switch between different features without any hassle. The parameter configuration also becomes easy with the information that is provided by the display screen. The input and output voltage is displayed on the LCD screen for ease of use.  

Ranked as one of the best solar charge controllers in India, the Hasthip controller comes with an updated chip that has a low failure rate. No user selections or adjustments are required as this fully automatic feature takes care of all of that. The solar charge controller has good heat dissipation. 

The device produces low heat so that direct sunlight exposure is avoided as well as any damp place. The failure rate is also low and this allows the controller to last a long time. The product weighs only 160 grams which makes it a lightweight device that can be carried around easily from one place to another. When it comes to design and style, the solar charge controller ranks number 1 with its simple and elegant look.

The only drawback of this controller is that there is no warranty period offered. Without this, your device is at a risk of damage with no warranty covering it in such a situation. 

13. SPARKEL Solar Charge Controller


  • 10 Amps solar controller with ABS body and energy output of 12V/24V
  • Comes with a dual USB 5V output used for charging and supplying power to mobile phones
  • Compatible with only lead-acid batteries
  • Readings can be checked on the LED display provided
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Sparkel Solar System is an Indian brand that manufactures a range of solar system products starting from solar panels, solar batteries, solar charge controllers, and so on. The 10 amps Sparkle solar charge controller has an ABS body, and it generates a power output of 12V/24V. This controller comes with a dual USB 5V output that can be used to charge and supply power to your mobile phones. 

This highly efficient charge controller comes with PWM charging. It also increases the battery life by many years and makes it more durable. This contributes to improving the overall performance of the solar panels, the battery, and the entire solar system. The charge controller offers various protection functions starting from protection from overheating, short-circuit, and overcharging. 

The Sparkel solar charge controller is compatible with batteries like lead-acid (OPEN, AGM, GEL), and Lithium (LFP). Float charging voltage is available for each battery type mentioned above which sets the recovery and cut-off voltage for all. The available load options are 24 hours ON (default), dusk to dawn, and the number of hours ON from 0 to 13 hours. 

There is an overnight ON and OFF button for the load to be switched on or off manually. An LED display is present on the solar charge controller for you to check all the readings and switch between different modes. There are many applications of the Sparkel solar charge controller as it can be used to power a WiFi router, a billboard, a solar boat, a water plant, a solar hut, and streetlights. 

14. Microsol Solar Charge Controller


  • Microsol 60 Amps controller available in black
  • Uses PWM charging technology to ensure long-lasting charge
  • Supports solar panels up to 720-watts
  • 2-year generous warranty offered on the device
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This exceptional quality solar charge controller belongs to the house of Microsol, yet another Indian brand that has started manufacturing products related to solar systems. The Microsol 60 amps controller is available in black and comes at a reasonable price. Controllers of this kind are mostly used in small off-grid solar PV systems. 

The controller uses PWM charging technology which ensures that when the battery is fully charged, the PWM pulses slow down as the charging current is gradually tapered off. This solar charge controller supports solar panels up to 720 watts. It is ideal for charging a 12V 100AH-200AH battery. The controller comes with a cooling fan that makes very little noise. 

A 2-year warranty is offered by the brand on the controller. Bring home this low-cost but high-quality solar charger to improve the connection between the solar panels and the battery. 

Factors To Be Considered Before Buying The Best Solar Charge Controllers In India

1. Types Of Solar Charge Controllers:

The first most important factor that you must have some knowledge about before buying the best solar charge controller in India is the types of controllers available. 

  • PWM Solar Charge Controller- This type of solar charge controller aims at matching the solar panel voltage to the voltage of the battery. In doing so, it reduces the panel’s output voltage. 
  • MPPT Solar Charge Controller- This is an electronic DC to DC converter that optimizes the matching voltage between the solar panels and the battery. The higher voltage DC is converted to low voltage to power the battery bank. The excess voltage from the panel is converted to electricity for the house or office. 

2. Maximum Current:

You must check the maximum current rating of the solar charge controller before making a purchase. It tells a lot about the performance of the controller as well as its capability of handling high-load appliances. It indicates the maximum current that the device can deal with. Basic budget models can usually handle 10 or 20 amps of current, whereas the more high-end ones can handle 30 to 40 amps. 

3. Voltage Rating:

This is another crucial factor that you need to consider. The voltage rating does not affect the performance of the controller in any way but it ensures versatility and compatibility levels of the device. Almost all the solar charge controllers mentioned in this article are compatible with both 12-volt and 24-volt solar panel systems. 

4. Warranty:

Once installed, solar panels tend to last for decades. However, this is beneficial only when the other parts of the solar panel are just as reliable. To ensure that the solar system functions for a long time, check for the warranty offered by the solar charge controller company. Most of these devices come with a 1-year warranty but a few better ones have a 2-year warranty on them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is better MPPT or PWM?

MPPT solar charge controllers have a higher power output compared to the PWM solar charge controllers. It can harvest an additional 11.1% of energy. Thus, MPPT is better than PWM. 

2. What capacity solar charge controller do I need?

This depends on the amount of energy that your solar panels produce. You require a solar charge controller that can handle this load efficiently. Thus, if the panels produce 480 watts of energy then you require a 20 amps solar charge controller. Typically, the amperage rating of controllers ranges from 1 to 60 amps. 

3. How many watts can a 20 amp solar charge controller handle?

A 20 amps solar charge controller can handle approximately 480 watts. 

4. What is the function of a solar charge controller?

A solar charge controller is essentially a protective guard that limits electrical energy flow from the solar panels to the battery. It prevents overcharging as well as undercharging. It also protects against excessive voltage flow. 


Solar charge controllers are a boon for all solar panel users because of the crucial protection to the solar battery. A lot of damage is possible without the controller regulating the flow of energy from the solar panels. Through this article, we have tried to provide you with adequate knowledge about the workings of a solar charge controller along with a list of the best solar charge controllers in India. We hope it benefits you in making the right decision. 

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