Best 50 Watt Solar Panels In India 2023: ERC Buyer Guide

Solar panels have become increasingly common in India these days, as people are gradually realizing how environment-friendly and cost-efficient they are in the long run. It is also the most reliable and sustainable source of renewable energy, in a world where the condition of the climate is deteriorating with each passing day. You may choose your solar panels to be off-grid or stay connected to them as per requirements.

Solar panels are available in a range of energy variants like 50 watts, 100 watts, and so on. Moreover, there are numerous brands, technologies, and different types of solar panels to choose from. This article will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the best 50-watt solar panels along with some factors that must be considered before buying one.

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Top 10 Best 50 Watt Solar Panels In India 2023

1. LOOM SOLAR Panel 50 watt

LOOM SOLAR Panel 50 watt



  • 50-watt monocrystalline solar panel composed on mono PERC cells
  • Small-sized, lightweight, and highly portable solar panel
  • Produces excellent results even under low light conditions
  • 25-year warranty offered by the company

Loom Solar is a popular name in the solar panel industry in India as most households that install panels tend to purchase it from this brand. The Loom Solar 50-watt panel is a mono-crystalline panel that is composed of mono PERC  cells. The PERC cell technology was launched in 2020, which allows solar panels to generate maximum power from sunlight and perform with utmost efficiency.

The panel is small in size, highly portable, and lightweight so that you can easily change its position by carrying it from one place to another. Its dimensions are 2.2*1.4 ft, weighing 3 kg. The brand is known for making some of the most efficient solar panels in the market that can generate energy even on low light or cloudy days. The innovative cell technology ensures maximum power generation.

This solar panel has been made using the 12-volt design for remarkably high performance despite the low power range and price. Loom Solar offers certain additional features like 4 busbars and 36 cells. For higher module efficiency, an IP 67-rated junction box with  MC4 compatible cable connector is provided.

You can trust this solar panel to last for a long time as it is made of silicon cells, aluminum, and 3.2 mm toughened unbreakable glass. Moreover, Loom Solar offers a 25-year warranty on the panel which further guarantees its lengthy life span.


2. Microtek Solar Panel MTK 50Watt 12V

Microtek Solar Panel MTK 50Watt 12V


  • Manufactured using state-of-art technology with great quality and performance level
  • Comes with an energy rating of 12 V
  • Provides 2.9 Amps of energy that can power a range of appliances
  • Solar cells l

Microtek is another Indian brand that has aced solar panel production with its state-of-the-art technology, great quality, and performance. Here, we shall review the Microtek 50-watt solar panel that has an energy rating of 12 volts. Ranked as one of the best 50-watt solar panels available in India, Microtek guarantees maximum energy production even with scarce sunlight.

This solar panel can power various appliances starting from street lights, solar garden lights, home lights, a DC pump connected to the shower, a 20 amp-hour battery, and more. A single 50-watt solar panel can provide 2.9 Amps of energy that can be used for all sorts of things, from charging batteries to generating power for lights.

The Microtek solar panel has been designed to utilize maximum sunlight with minimum degradation. UV-resistant polymer and high transmission toughened glass surface are used to laminate the solar cells to keep them protected. For the output connections, a rugged and weather-resistant nylon terminal box is provided along with the solar panel.

It is made of highly efficient monocrystalline as well as polycrystalline silicon cells. Structural support is offered by the anodized aluminum frame that also protects the panel against shock. This panel has been designed and manufactured to withstand adverse weather conditions and customers who have used it are a testament to its strength and perseverance.


3. Bluebird 50-Watt Solar Panel

Bluebird 50-Watt Solar Panel


  • Manufactured using 36 5BB A-Grade solar cells
  • Able to withstand harsh weather conditions like a snow load of 5400 pa
  • High area efficiency, better ROI, and  cost reduction
  • An anodized aluminum frame guards the panel and provides support to its structure

Bluebird is a relatively new and lesser-known brand in the industry compared to either Loom Solar or Microtek. The 50-watt, 12-volt solar panel manufactured by Bluebird keeps in mind the needs of a solar panel user. This panel has been made using 36 5BB, highly efficient A-grade solar cells of exceptional quality. This makes the Bluebird solar panel better than any other monocrystalline solar panel.

The heavy-duty silver anodized aluminum frames make the panel strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions such as high winds and snow loads as high as 5400 Pa. It has been designed to be highly durable and long-lasting against all odds. Additionally, the panel is also PID resistant as well as resistant to ammonia corrosion and salt mist. It comes with an IP 67-rated junction box and a 3-pass diode for long-term protection.

The range of benefits offered by this solar panel includes higher area efficiency, better ROI, reduction of BOS cost, and more. Even when the lighting is low or not quite amenable, you can expect this solar panel to work efficiently. The panel can generate up to 4 units of electric energy.

Bluebird offers a good deal with a 10-year warranty on any manufacturing defect, and 25 years on the overall product.


4. WESTFIELD 50 watts Solar Panel

WESTFIELD 50 watts Solar Panel


  • Great packaging to ensure no damage is caused to the solar panel
  • Compact and lightweight so that it can be easily carried around
  • A 3.2 mm toughened glass protects the panel
  • Proper maintenance ensures maximum energy generation and durability

Westfield is another brand that is new in the market, nevertheless providing tough competition to the existing companies. The Westfield 50-watt solar panel is delivered to you in safe and secure packaging with two layers of bubble wrap to prevent any damage.

The measurement of the panel is 66*46*4, which makes it compact and lightweight as well. The panel is protected with a 3.2 mm coating of toughened glass that is unbreakable. This 50-watt solar panel provides energy to run certain appliances like charging batteries, powering lights, and so on.

However, you must create the ideal conditions for the solar panel to deliver the best performance and results. The panel should be placed away from the shade of nearby trees or buildings and has to face the right direction to receive optimal sunlight to generate maximum energy. Ideally, a south-facing solar panel can achieve this.

Maintenance of the panel is yet another factor that will ensure its proper functioning and durability. Clean the dirt and debris accumulating on the surface from time to time. If all these requirements are taken care of and the necessary conditions met, you will have one of the best 50-watt solar panels. Lastly, Westfield offers a 10-year warranty on the solar panel and a 25-year performance warranty.


5. CINAGRO® – 50w Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel

CINAGRO® – 50w Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel


  • Low light conditions are taken care of by the bypass diodes
  • Pre-drilled holes make it easy to install the panel
  • Protected by an anti-corrosive aluminum frame
  • 25-year warranty but the product lasts for about 30 years

Cinagro brings you its 50-watt monocrystalline solar panel with a 12V photovoltaic PV solar panel module. This module conversion makes the solar panel extremely efficient in terms of energy production With optimum sunlight, this solar panel is equipped to provide your home or office with the ideal energy output every day.

The bypass diodes take care of the power drop caused by shade or cloudy weather and ensure that the solar panel works well even in low lighting conditions. The panel comes with pre-drilled holes at the back so that it can be mounted or fixed easily. Extreme temperatures, high wind pressure, or heavy snow loads; this solar panel has been designed to withstand it all.

Even if placed outdoors, the panel is protected by the anti-corrosive aluminum frame. This extends the lifespan of the solar panel by making it stronger and more durable providing service for decades. The panel is ideal for charging 12V batteries as well as grid-tied applications. You can even use the energy generated by the panel to power lights, TVs, computers, caravans, and so on.

It comes with a 25-year warranty, but the product usually lasts for at least 30 years. It’s available in black and as a monocrystalline solar panel, the efficiency is 13-17%. The cost is slightly more expensive than polycrystalline panels because the efficiency is much higher and so is the durability. The initial high price you pay will seem like a good investment, once you start saving on the monthly electricity bills.


6. ZunSolar 50-Watt Solar Panel

ZunSolar 50-Watt Solar Panel


  • Low-budget 12 V polycrystalline solar panel
  • Produces 0.2 units of electricity daily
  • Able to power an LED bulb for 6 hours
  • Robust structure to withstand extreme weather conditions

In sixth place is Zun Solar, a brand that designs and manufactures a range of solar panels and other accessories for solar systems. This one is a 12V polycrystalline solar panel available at a fairly low price. It’s a perfect choice for those planning to set up a low-budget solar system.

Ranked as one of the best 50-watt solar panels, it produces up to 0.2 units of electricity daily that can be used to power various things. You can charge your mobile phone thrice or power a fan and an LED bulb for 6 hours every day. The panel has been designed with a robust structure so that it can withstand adverse weather conditions and still work efficiently.

The installation process for this solar panel is easy and hassle-free. It also requires very little maintenance. With the advanced PVM charge mode, the battery life of the solar panel can be extended. It also comes with an inbuilt overload and short circuit protection system that keeps you and your family safe from any electrical mishap.

You can check all the modes and other features on the LCD screen and there is also a USB port provided for connecting your phone. If there is a low-level voltage, the solar charge controller immediately identifies the problem and disconnects the system from the battery. The Zun Solar solar panel also comes with overcurrent protection and automatic temperature compensation technology.


7. TrustBasket Polycrystalline 50-Watt Solar Panel

TrustBasket Polycrystalline 50-Watt Solar Panel


  • 50-watt polycrystalline solar panel made of A-grade black silicon cells
  • Made using a 12 V design with a high-efficiency rate
  • Durability is ensured with the multi-layered sheet laminations
  • The panel is protected by an aluminum frame

Trust Basket has recently launched its 50-watt polycrystalline solar panel made of A-grade black silicon cells. It has been made using a 12 V design that captures sunlight and generates electricity from it. The high cell conversion efficiency is ensured by the silicon cells. This is what enables the solar panel to deliver quality performance.

It also allows the panel to function properly despite low-lighting conditions due to shade from a tree, building, or cloudy weather. The solar panel is quite compact and lightweight so you can carry it to different places and use it to generate power. It even occupies very little space.

Long service life is further ensured as the panel is protected by multi-layered sheet laminations done using advanced material. You may use a single 50-watt panel or a chain of such panels to power your home, a commercial building, a van, a boat, a small shop, a cabin, etc. Its applications are multiple and versatile.

Solar panel used outdoors is protected by the corrosion-resistant aluminum frame that helps panels to last for decades without any significant damage. This panel captures the maximum amount of sunlight which results in the generation of more energy to power the appliances in your house or office.

The panel has a waterproof design. It also comes with pre-drilled holes at the back for easy mounting. It is compatible with a range of mounting systems starting from tilt mounts to pole mounts. Like most polycrystalline solar panels, this one should ideally last for 25 years with proper maintenance.


8. ANEKARTH 50 watts Solar Panel

ANEKARTH 50 watts Solar Panel


  • Efficient results even during harsh weather conditions and low light
  • Innovative cell technology ensures optimum energy production
  • Small, compact, and lightweight for easy carrying around
  • Long warranty period with an even better durability

Anekarth is an Indian brand that specializes in manufacturing solar panels for both residential and commercial use. It is a mono-crystalline 50-watt solar panel with a 12 V energy output. This solar panel functions efficiently even in low-light and cloudy weather conditions. It is small, compact, and lightweight and so it occupies the least amount of space on the rooftop.

The innovative cell technology of the solar panel ensures that optimum sunlight is absorbed during the daytime. The silicon cells used to make the solar panel, enable this to happen. It is guarded by a strong aluminum structure that makes the panel durable and long-lasting thereby extending its life span.

Moreover, the panel is protected from any external damage with a  3.2 mm toughened glass that covers it. There is a 10-year warranty on any manufacturing defect found in the solar panel. 25 years of warranty is offered by the company on the performance of the panel. You can well imagine if the warranty period is this long, how long-lasting the panel is.


9. RST Solar Panel 50 watt 

RST Solar Panel 50 watt 


  • Black solar panel with a compact design
  • Generates 0.2 units of electricity every day
  • Comes with a dust and water-resistant IP65 junction box

The 9th product on our list of the best 50-watt solar panels in India is the RST solar panel that can be locally purchased or bought online. The panel is available in black and its measurements are 55.5*66.5*3.1 cm which makes it a compact and small solar panel. You will not have to worry about space while buying the RST solar panel.

The solar panel boasts an A-grade solar cell that utilizes maximum sunlight to generate electricity worth 0.2 units. This can be used to charge batteries, and power lights in your home, small shops, a boat, or even a cabin. This advanced cell technology also ensures that the solar panel puts up a great performance despite low lighting.

It has an aluminum profile that guards the panel against external damage. This protection is also guaranteed by a  3.2 mm unbreakable toughened glass. The panel is free of PID or any other harmful components. It comes with an IP65 junction box that is resistant to dust and water. If you are planning to install solar panels at a reasonable price, bring home the RST solar panel today.


10. BlueSolar 50-Watt Solar Panel

BlueSolar 50-Watt Solar Panel


  • 50-watt polycrystalline panel with innovative cell technology
  • Premium-quality A+ German cells used
  • Durable solar panel with toughened glass protection
  • Damage by water is prevented by the IP67 junction box

Blue Solar, is yet another new solar system brand in India, in the 50-watt solar panel category. . It is a 12-volt polycrystalline panel that comes with innovative cell technology. Optimum generation of solar power is ensured by the silicon cells that make up the panel thereby getting a high value for your money.

The cell technology comprises premium-quality A+ German cells. High-quality performance is ensured with glass protection and solar cells, which also makes the solar panel durable and facilitates it to last for a long time. The IP 67-rated junction box protects the panel from damage by water.

The robotic manufacturing of the panel guarantees accuracy and the aluminum frame keeps rust at bay. Blue Solar provides a 25-year performance warranty along with 24*7 customer support. The panel can be easily installed and used to generate electricity for various applications.


Factors To Be Considered Before Buying the Best 50-watt Solar Panels In India

1. Types of 50-watt Solar Panels

  • Fixed Solar Panels- These are the traditional style solar panels that are fixed on the rooftop into a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame. They are designed using an EVA film and a TPT back sheet. Generally, you will come across this type of solar panel in the market, as they are used for multiple purposes on the utility, commercial, and residential scale. Fixed solar panels are installed in boats, RVs, and trailers.
  • Flexible Solar Panels-  These solar panels became popular with a growth in demand for portable appliances. Since they are portable, they have been designed to be lightweight and ultra-thin. Flexible solar panels are only available for 50 W or 100 W, but they are still considered to be expensive in India.

2. Technology

Solar panels are designed on the basis of two different technologies- monocrystalline and polycrystalline. 50-watt solar panels are available based on either of the two. This is an important factor to be considered before you buy the best 50-watt solar panel.

  • Monocrystalline Solar Panels- These are highly efficient solar panels with an 18-25 % performance rate. You can easily recognize a monocrystalline solar panel by its rounded edges and dark black look. A single crystal seed is used to create a solid crystal structure by placing it in molten silicon. After this, the sliced silicon wafers are put together to form a single solar cell. These solar panels last for 25-30 years and are costlier than polycrystalline panels.
  • Polycrystalline Solar Panels- This is a low-cost option, but you need not worry about quality. Most polycrystalline solar panels are also made of premium-quality materials. However, these solar panels boast of a 17-20% efficiency only and last for a shorter period. As the name suggests, these panels are made of multiple crystals and can be recognized by their blue color.

3. Weight

Weight is another crucial factor to be taken into consideration, as it directly dictates how portable or heavy the solar panel is. If you wish to purchase a solar panel that can be moved from one place to another, it is best to buy one that weighs less and is preferably ultra-thin.

Flexible solar panels weigh only 2 kg and hence, are the best for carrying around. Less weight is also an additional advantage during storms or snowfall, as it reduces the pressure on the rooftop.

4. Dimensions

All 50-watt solar panels boast the same dimensions with slight changes here and there. The dimension of the panel is proportional to the power it produces. Thus, 50-watt solar panels tend to be the smallest in size, and hence, it is ideal for rooftops with less space. High-budget solar panels also tend to be smaller in size and more efficient as well.

5. Price

A crucial point to be noted while buying yourself the best 50-watt solar panel in India is the price or budget. Though a cheaper panel looks attractive, do ensure a 25-year  warranty and the brand’s service provided. Try to stick to reliable brands like Loom Solar, Luminous, Microtek, and so on, as they provide great service and can be easily held accountable in case of any mishap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How fast will a 50-watt solar panel charge?

A 50-watt solar panel can take approximately 10 hours to be fully charged. d Depending on external conditions like exposure to sunlight and low lighting condition,  9-10 hours is the average time required.

Q2. What can a 50-watt solar panel power?

A single 50-watt solar panel cannot power too many things on its own unless connected with a few other panels. However, it can still be used to charge 12-volt batteries, and power lights in small shops, cabins, or even boats.

Q3. How many amps does a 50-watt solar panel produce?

A  50-watt solar panel produces a maximum of 2.25 amps with 36 cells. This number might slightly vary from one brand to another.

Q4. What is the best battery to use with a 50-watt solar panel?

The best battery to use with a  50-watt solar panel would be a 42Ah battery. You must avoid running any devices while the panel is still charging. Use the panel only once the battery is fully charged, as this increases the lifespan of the battery and gives it a healthier life.


Solar panels are our beacon of hope in trying to save the environment from various man-made hazards. It is also the only way one can save money on electricity and learn to use power more carefully. While the initial investment might be expensive and it might make you hesitate, you will have no regrets once the monthly bills start coming in.

Choose solar energy over your regular electrical systems. This article is meant to be a guide to choosing the best 50-watt solar panels in India. We hope the information provided helps you find the perfect solar panel for your home or office.

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