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300 Watt Solar Panel Price In India

July 27, 2021

Solar panels have gained popularity in India in recent years as people are gradually realizing how cost-effective and environment-friendly they can be in the long run. Most households and even businesses use 300-watt solar panels or more in India. Choosing the right solar panel for your solar system can be an exhausting process, especially when you have a fixed budget in mind. 

This article will help you figure out the best 300-watt solar panel price in India so that you can select the panel that fits your budget. Along with the prices, we also provide you with other important information you need to buy a 300-watt solar panel. 

How Much Can A 300-watt Solar Panel Run?

A 300-watt solar panel has the capability of a battery with300-watt power. It is recommended by experts that you use 12-volt batteries so that that energy can be stored efficiently and can be used at a later time. Even the appliances that you use should be of the same voltage as the battery, that is, 12 volts. Only this way can the efficiency and benefits of the solar system be maximized. 

Once the solar panel is charged for a few hours, you can use it to run a wide range of electrical appliances like fans, TV, LED lights, and so on. If you plan on using the solar panels just to power a single appliance like a fan, it will run for a longer period as the pressure on the solar system will not be as much. However, if you plan on using all the electrical appliances that have been mentioned here, you cannot expect the system to run for a very long time as soon you will have to recharge the battery. 

Fans tend to consume more power than LED lights. Hence, it is best to avoid using other electrical appliances when you use a couple of ceiling fans coupled with a few LED couple lights. This will permit the fans and lights to run for a few more hours than usual. Be mindful of the fact that a single 300-watt panel can only run a maximum of 300-watt appliance(s). To run a load more than that, you require multiple solar panels. 

A single solar panel will provide energy only for a couple of hours and if you need it to run for the whole day, then install more than one panel. For example, if you install more than 6 solar panels on the rooftop, it will be able to run almost every appliance in your home smoothly. LED, TV, ceiling fans, refrigerators, etc. can all be run simultaneously with this many solar panels. Installing multiple panels will also result in a sharp drop in your electricity bill. 

For a business or office installation, you will need to use more than 50 panels for complete support to all the appliances in the building. If the office has multiple floors, the number of panels will increase as per the increase in requirement. 

Factors To Be Considered Before Buying The Best 300-watt Solar Panel

  1. Types of 300-watt solar panel:

The different types of 375-watt solar panels are based on two factors- the mounting type, and the technology used. 

  1. Mounting Type- There are two ways in which solar panels are mounted; it is either mounted or fixed on to someplace. The fixed solar panels are the conventional panels that are fixed on the rooftop and supported by a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame. These panels are still commonly used for many purposes like utility, and in both commercial and residential settings. 

On the other hand, we have flexible solar panels that are portable appliances. These have taken over the market today because of the ease with which you can move them around. 

  1. Technology- The price of a 300-watt solar panel is also based on the technology it uses; whether it is a monocrystalline panel or a polycrystalline panel. The former have an efficiency rate of 18-25% while the latter rate only 17-20% on the efficiency scale. While the former are more durable than the latter, they are also more expensive because of the superior quality material used. 

2. Weight:

The weight of the solar panel is yet another crucial factor you need to consider before buying one. This is so important because it directly impacts other factors like how portable or heavy the solar panel is. If you plan on moving around the solar panel frequently, it is best to opt for something lightweight and ultra-thin. The flexible or movable solar panels weigh around 2 kgs and hence, can be easily moved around the place. 

Even the chance of any major damage is reduced in the case of lightweight solar panels when there is a storm. The pressure on the rooftop is also reduced during these times. 

3. Dimensions:

The dimensions of most 300-watt solar panels are the same with a few moderations here and there with regard to the measurement. The power generated by the solar panel determines to a large extent the dimensions of a solar panel. A 300-watt solar panel is medium-sized which is suitable for both residential and commercial purposes. However, as mentioned earlier, if you want to run multiple appliances on the solar panels then you will have to install multiple solar panels. 

4. Price:

This is the most important aspect of the solar panel with respect to this particular article- the price of a 300-watt solar panel. You must have a budget in mind before you set out to buy a 300-watt solar panel. The price of a 300-watt solar panel depends on the type of panel you are purchasing as well as the brand from which you plan on buying it. Most of these solar panels are available at an approximate price of Rs. 8000 in India. 

5. Efficiency:

The last factor we want you to look into is the efficiency of a 300-watt solar panel. With installation in residential areas, space becomes a major issue. You must make use of every inch of the space available to you because the efficiency of a panel depends on its size as well as the number of panels you can install. Try to choose panels with higher efficiency as they tend to be more pocket-friendly and effective in the long run. Do not compromise on the quality and efficiency of the panel while trying to find something that fits into your budget. 

300-watt Solar Price In India

  1. Luminous 325 Watt/24 V Poly Crystalline Solar Panel

Luminous is a popular name when it comes to solar panels as it has been manufacturing superior quality solar panels and other solar system accessories for a long time. The Luminous 325-watt solar panel is available within a price range of Rs. 10,000 in India. The panel comes with a high-strength aluminum frame design which accords protection to the functioning of the panel. 

This is a 24-volt poly-crystalline solar panel that has been manufactured in complete compliance to the IEC standards. The advanced EVA encapsulation is an added feature that attracts customers to purchase this 300-watt solar panel. Substantial power loss is kept under control with the PID resistance technology. This also ensures the safety of the solar system and your home electrical appliances. 

Even when there is low light due to rain or cloudy weather, this solar panel works effectively to result in maximum energy production. The anti-reflective coating ensures that there is a minimum reflection of the sunlight and maximum absorption because the ultimate motive is to produce enough energy for the house or a commercial building. This solar panel also has a high torsion resistance against winds and snow loads. 

A 25-year warranty is provided by Luminous on the performance of this solar panel. This goes on to show how durable and long-lasting a Luminous 300-watt solar panel is. 

  1. Bluebird 300 Watt - 24 Volt Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Bluebird is an upcoming brand in the solar system industry and it is doing quite well with the Indian customers who are satisfied with the service provided. Here we have the Bluebird 300-watt 24-volt polycrystalline solar panel that is also available within a price range of Rs. 10,000 like the Luminous panel. It comes with 72-5BB high-efficiency solar panels. 

There are multiple benefits of this polycrystalline solar panel other than the 300-watt solar panel price in India. It has only a positive power tolerance and comes with an innovative cell technology that is able to generate a lot of energy throughout the day. Along with these benefits it also has high area efficiency by virtue of which the panels are able to make good use of all the space that is provided. 

It has a reduced balance of system cost and a better ROI. Durability is ensured by the 3.2 mm AR coated tempered PV grade glass. The panels are made to last longer using heavy-duty silver anodized aluminum frames. It is PID resistant and also resistant to salt mist, and ammonia corrosion resistant. To top it all, the solar panel has an excellent low light performance.  

There are pre-drilled holes at the back of the panel which can be easily mounted and provide security. These solar panels can be used for home, industries, commercial buildings, large-scale solar projects, EV charging stations, and carports. 

  1. Luminous Mono Perc Solar Panel (370 watt)

We have yet another solar panel from Luminous and it boasts of a 370-watt energy capacity that can run a lot of electrical appliances. The approximate cost of the solar panel is Rs. 11,000-12,000. The space requirement for a single 370-watt is 40 sq. ft. A 1000 mm long meter cable is provided for connection and what makes this solar panel a reliable appliance is the premium MC4 connecting plugs that ensure a steady connection throughout the day. 

The Luminous Mono Perc solar panel is durable and long-lasting as it is designed using a silver anodized high-tech aluminum frame. This is designed to withstand higher wind and snow loads up to 4000/5400 Pa (IEC). This allows the panel to last for a very long time. It is equipped with high-performance Grade A solar cells with PID-resistant technology. 

A powerful reflector comes integrated with the silicon cells and this redirects the light back from the cells. This technology is able to generate more than 5% energy than other 370-watt panels. The panel is perfect for a 24-volt battery and the panels can be wired in series for 24-volt batteries. The panel is quite heavy at 22.5 kg which makes it difficult to carry the panel around. 

This monocrystalline panel is the best in class conversion efficiency with an IP rating of IP 67. It has better module protection with the advanced EVA encapsulation. There is a 25-year warranty on the panel which speaks volumes on how durable the device is. 

  1. Luminous Solar Panel (330 watt) 

Luminous has taken over the solar system industry with its top-class products like solar panels and other solar accessories. The price of this 300-watt solar panel is close to Rs. 10,000 which is the average cost of solar panels within this range in most companies. The Luminous 330-watt solar panel requires a 40 sq.ft space in order to be installed and function efficiently. 

Reliability is ensured with the premium MC4 connecting plugs that provide you with a stable and secure connection. It is made durable with the silver anodized high-tech aluminum frame which is able to withstand bad weather and heavy snow loads. This durability ensures that your panel lasts for many years without failure. The grade A silicon cell technology comes with PID resistant technology. 

These cells are accompanied by a reflector that redirects sunlight back from the cell and results in the generation of 5% more energy for all your appliances. The battery requirement for this panel is 24-volt. The product dimension is 1976*991*35 mm and it weighs 22.5 kg which makes it a heavyweight solar panel.

  1. AWCRE- 330W, 24V Polycrystalline Solar Panel 

The last product on the list that we will review is the AWCRE polycrystalline solar panel that boasts of an energy capacity of 330 W and is best adapted to a 24 V battery. These panels have been designed to suit Indian climatic conditions as the solar cells have been designed to work efficiently even in low-light conditions. The open-circuit voltage can run up to 45 V and the current Isc upto 9.5 A. The panel is able to generate upto 3 units of power daily. 

Accidental reverse connections are prevented with the inbuilt diode protection. Physical loads can be withstood and the sunlight is concentrated in the solar cells thanks to the sturdy and structured tempered glass on top of the panel. A 1-meter cable is offered along with each solar panel and the MC4 connectors help in providing stable connections. 

The panel is made to go through 25 strict quality tests to ensure that each panel is of superior quality. A 25-year warranty is offered on the panels which means that this panel is truly durable and long-lasting. You can enjoy 25 years of free electricity at home. This panel requires a space of 23 sq.ft which is suitable for 2 panels and assists you in leading a sustainable life. You no longer have to deal with power cut problems and be dependent on the electricity board. 

Switch to solar panels like this one to lead an eco-friendly life which not only benefits the environment but also helps you save on electricity bills. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What can a 300-watt solar panel do?

A 300-watt solar panel can provide you with 900 kilowatt-hours every year. There is a long list of appliances that can be run on a 300-watt solar panel like laptops, LED lights, stereos, TVs, refrigerators, and more. 

  1. Can I connect my solar panel directly to the battery?

The solar panel can be directly connected to the battery by connecting the positive wire from a solar panel to the positive battery terminal and the negative wire to the negative battery terminal. Once this is done, your battery will be ready to charge. 

  1. How many solar panels do I need to run a TV?

TVs run on a power of 60-80 watts and for one such TV, you will require only one 100-watt solar panel. Multiple 100-watt panels or a 300-watt solar panel can run more than a single LED TV. 

  1. How many volts does a 300-watt solar panel produce?

A 300-watt solar panel produces 240 volts which equals 1.25 Amps. 


A 300-watt solar panel can be installed on a residential or commercial building rooftop and serve to generate electricity for all your appliances. There are some great brands that manufacture these panels and the price is almost the same for all. Read articles like this one and do your own research to compare 300-watt solar panel prices in India to get an idea of what is best for you. 

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