Misconceptions about Solar Energy

Solar panels on empty land

Solar energy is a relatively new source of energy, and it is yet to be harnessed to perfection. However, in the last few years, the number of individuals as well as collectives who have installed solar panels for their homes and industries, have multiplied. Despite more knowledge about solar energy and better information all around, there still continue to be numerous myths associated with solar energy and the use of solar panels. In this section we will try to dispel some of those rumours and set you on the right track.


Doesn’t Work in Cloudy Weather

The first major misnomer often perpetuated about solar panels, is that it does not work in cloudy weather. Makes sense right? Solar panels need sunlight to convert energy into power, and if there are too many clouds blocking the sunrays, there is no energy to convert. Wrong. Solar panels work with not only strong sun rays, but also common visible light i.e the natural light of day which helps us to see things. Of course, it is important to state that a bright sunny day will be a lot more beneficial for you to charge your solar panels effectively, but this does not mean that a cloudy day is totally worthless for your panels.


Require Warm Climate to Function

The next rumour that we wish to dispel is that solar panels need warm climate conditions to work effectively. This is based on the misplaced idea held by some that solar panels use not only light as a source of energy to charge themselves, but also heat. This leads them to believe that solar panels are ineffective in cold temperatures – which is completely untrue. Infact, the opposite of this is actually somewhat true. Solar panels require cooler climates to work best and not the other way around. Cold weather conditions actually manage to increase the conductivity of solar panels, and this allows them to produce more energy. So be sure to know that climate conditions are not really that critical in the functioning of your solar panels. If the panels receive adequate sunlight throughout the year, then you have nothing to worry about.


Causes Damage to Rooftops

Another common misconception that people have about solar energy usage is that solar panels could end up causing long term damage to the roof of your house. This is another illogical piece of fake news that should be nipped in the bud right away. Solar energy and solar panel technology is now considerably developed, and is at a stage where it has been refined for many years. Modern solar panels come with highly functional and sophisticated designs, which bear no threat to the roof of your house whatsoever.


Questionable Return on Investment

Next we come to a more genuine and understandable concern that is shared by a lot of people in India, and in the wider developing world in general about the use of solar panels. It is common knowledge that transitioning to renewable solar energy requires a pretty big investment, and this raises obvious doubts in the minds of many. One of the biggest doubts is regarding the question of how quickly you will get a return on your investment, and whether it will be worth it or not. Of course, it is difficult to answer exactly how and when the ROI will come about for you, as these are based on factors of subjective judgment.


However, we can say for sure that once you invest in solar panels, you will not be required to spend any major money on them for a long time, and it will serve you well for years to come. Good quality solar panels will not require a lot of spending on serving and maintenance. You might want to get the yearly check up done to make sure everything is running well, but other than that, there is really not too much scope for things to go wrong.

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