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Why Is A Solar Battery Better Than A Generator?

August 3, 2021

If you have spent a significant part of your life living in a part of India that is prone to power cuts, you know the importance of power backups. For the longest time, Indians relied on propane, diesel, and natural gas-powered generators but the wind is blowing in a different direction now. People are realizing how efficient solar batteries can be for this purpose and they are slowly shifting to solar batteries for their homes or offices. 

The awareness about solar power is increasing among Indians which is why they are opting for eco-friendly and pocket-friendly backup options like a solar battery. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to install a solar system in your home to use the battery. The solar battery can be set up as a standalone device that generates electricity whenever there is a power cut. In this article, we argue why a solar battery is better than a generator. 

Here are a few reasons

1. A Solar Battery Is Quiet:

If you have generators at home or you have used them at some point, you will be familiar with the horrific loud sound that they make. This incessant noise lasts for the entire duration of the power cut which might last anywhere between a few hours to a few days. While one can tolerate the noise for a few hours, it can disrupt your work and disturb others in the family as well. 

On the other hand, a solar battery is completely quiet. Even if you’re standing next to the device, you will not be able to hear any sound coming from the battery. This is the best device to go with if you are looking for a low noise solution to power outages. 

3. A Solar Battery Is Clean:

When taking into consideration the health of yourself and your family, a solar battery is the right option to go with. Generators emit dangerous chemicals and gases that can cause immense harm and lead to various physical ailments in the long run. For example, diesel generators emit carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, particulate matter, etc. Even generators that run on propane and natural gas emit harmful gases which if inhaled repeatedly can cause an intense level of damage. 

Solar batteries run on naturally absorbed sunlight which is then converted to energy that fuels the battery during power cuts. There is hardly any harmful gas present in it and the little that is there is sealed so that there are no emissions that could potentially cause ill-effects. 

4. A Solar Battery Is Small:

 The most commonly installed generators in homes tend to take up a large area of space. They occupy a large footprint that can be bothersome if you do not have a space crunch at home already due to other devices and things. You might require a large concrete pad to house such a generator. Smaller, portable generators are available in the market now but they are not ideal for the needs of a home. 

Solar batteries can be mounted on the wall and hence, require no extra construction for the setup. They take up only a few inches on the wall and can be placed just beside the solar equipment or any other garage devices. 

4. A Solar Battery Is Instant-On:

When there is a power cut in your area, the generator will always take a few minutes to cycle up and get your electricity going again. This delay can result in an inconvenient and possibly dangerous temporary blackout. Your children might be scared, people may trip and fall, clocks and devices might reset; overall, there can be unnecessary duress and stress. In the case of a portable generator, the delay can last for a longer time as the generator has to be started manually. 

Solar batteries are instant-on which means that as soon as the current goes, your battery will power up all the electrical appliances in your home instantly without any delay. All of this will happen in the blink of an eye which just goes to show how much more efficient solar batteries are when compared to generators. 

5. A Solar Battery Is Reliable:

A generator requires maintenance every month to ensure that all the components are lubricated and operate properly. Most homeowners get it serviced every year by a professional to ensure it works properly and lasts for a long time. All this requires a lot of investment financially in addition to the hassle of cleaning the battery. 

Solar batteries require no maintenance whatsoever. It will provide you with top-class service all your life without you having to worry about lubrication or servicing. However, it is advised that you clean the surface of the battery from time to time to ensure that it runs well. Trust a solar battery to come to your aid in a moment. 

6. A Solar Battery Is Natural Disaster-Proof:

Many parts of India are prone to natural disasters like earthquakes. In the wake of one, the local utility company is required to shut off the natural gas service to avoid fires and accidents that can easily take place from the gas. If the fuel supply is shut off during an earthquake and the electrical lines ruptured, you will not have access to light for a long time.

Solar batteries do not run on such fuels and hence, they are safe to use even when there are natural disasters in the area. 

7. A Solar Battery Can Run Indefinitely:

Generators are dependent on the amount of fuel available for their proper functioning. It will stop operating and you will be out of a power backup once the device runs out of propane, diesel, or natural gas. It is important to mention here that natural gas generators are fed by an underground line that does not get exhausted and hence, these generators do not run out of fuel except for when there is a natural disaster. 

Solar batteries, on the other hand, can run indefinitely without any hassle. The battery only requires recharging itself and once that’s done, your battery can function without grid power for an indefinite amount of time. 

8. A Solar Battery Saves You Money:

A generator is useful to you only on certain occasions when there is a power outage. Even if that is for a total of 3 days in a year, it amounts to less than 1% of the time. Because you are investing tonnes of money in buying and installing a generator, it makes no sense to use it for such a short period. 

Solar panels and solar batteries run every single day of the year. It helps you save a lot of money on your monthly electricity bills. They assist you when you have power and want to save on the bill and also assist you when you do not have power. 

9. A Solar Battery Enables Energy Independence:

It is becoming an increasingly appealing idea to produce your energy and become completely energy independent. You no longer have to rely on the electric grid to generate power which is the case with generators. Solar batteries enable you to produce, store and use your electricity. This completely reduces the dependence on the local utility. 

10. A Solar Battery Can Be Free:

Generators are not very intelligent devices as they have no interoperability with the electric grid. It makes no difference if you have a generator or not as far as the electric utility is concerned.

Solar batteries are smart devices that can generate and activate power the moment it is required. This is an intriguing quality that appeals to both homeowners as well commercial establishments.. Solar batteries have become increasingly affordable than generators due to these features. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make a solar battery last longer?

There are multiple methods that you can use to make your solar battery last longer. You can rotate the batteries periodically, use large battery interconnect cables, charge the battery properly, allow gassing and boiling, and enhance battery equalization. These methods have a shot at increasing the lifespan of the battery by a few years. 

2. How can I tell my solar battery is bad?

There are a few quick signs to look out for to know whether your solar battery needs replacement. Take a close look at the battery. If you notice a broken terminal, a crack or rupture in the case, a bulge or bump in the case, excessive leaking, or discoloration, you should know that the battery is damaged. Short circuits can result from broken or loose terminals. 


Solar batteries have become a viable option to install in your home as a power backup. This brief article has provided you with some of the most important reasons for which this is the case. We hope that this convinces you to go for a solar battery that will ensure instant power supply whenever there is a power outage. 



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