Energy Independence with Solar Energy

Do you want to want to be in complete control of the energy that is used in your home? Do you want to use energy that is not only pocket-friendly but also environment-friendly? With this article, we will guide you in your journey to reach energy independence using solar energy. 

Over the last few years, solar energy has become a sought-after solution for sustainable and healthy living in most countries. We think that the first step towards gaining energy independence is by installing solar products like solar panels, solar batteries, etc. at home. This will allow you to generate your power instead of relying on external sources. 

You will hardly have to pull any electricity from the grid if your solar panels meet your energy requirements. The result of a balance between the renewable energy that you produce and that you consume will lead to a net-zero energy bill. Let us learn further how to be energy independent with solar energy!

Go Solar For Energy Independence

Have you been worried about the increasing power consumption at home and the excessive hole it is burning in your pocket? Do you think it’s finally time to go easy on the environment and stop exploiting mother nature by reducing your carbon footprint? It’s never too late to bring about all these positive changes in your style of consumption. Simply switch to solar energy and run all your household appliances on natural light. 

Use Natural Light For Energy

Appliances like lights usually run only at night time while others like your dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, and laptop are devices that run at a time of your choosing. With solar panels, you can generate and save up energy during the daytime and use it throughout the day. Even the excess electricity can be used to run various appliances in your home. 

The advantage of solar energy is that even when the lighting conditions are relatively low such as on a cloudy day, the panels can generate a sufficient amount of electricity. You can install a low-cost power meter that is linked to your smart meter to generate enough excess energy. Some brands might also display the excess electricity generated. 

Become Energy Efficient

Being energy efficient does not mean using all the home appliances at a minimum level but using electricity in such a way that no extra watt goes to waste. It is how you use your energy in smarter ways. According to me and many experts, an energy-efficient home does not require a large solar power or a complex energy storage system. 

There are many ways in which you can reduce your energy consumption and that does not mean returning to the dark ages. 

Home Energy Storage- Lite

With most families having members that work through the day, the maximum energy is required post-work during the nighttime and during weekends. This mismatch can be resolved by installing a smaller solar battery that can be controlled as per your time shifts. A home energy storage system ensures that solar electricity is not exported to the main grid. 

This will also avoid the hassle of purchasing electricity for the appliances in your home during peak consumption hours. You can charge the small battery during the day and use it to power your devices efficiently at night. 

Home Energy Storage- Robust

Undoubtedly, a larger battery system will help in your efforts to maximize energy independence and self-sufficiency. It need not be as large or costly as a true off-grid system. A battery is sufficient if it can be used to generate electricity during the winters or bad weather conditions. While a full grid system is expensive and might be difficult for you to access now, solar energy technology is rapidly evolving and prices will reduce quickly. 

Until that happens, get yourself solar panels that you can afford since that is better than no solar energy at all. 

Benefits of Energy Independence

We all love freedom and it is something we aspire to achieve with age. Is freedom or independence something you have thought about with regards to your energy consumption patterns? While I have mentioned most of the benefits of energy independence in this article already, I feel it will be helpful to put them all together under one heading. So let’s see what are the benefits of energy independence: 

  • The utility rate keeps increasing with time and this is something that must have troubled you at some point or the other while managing household expenses. One of the primary benefits of becoming energy independent is that you will no longer be directed by these frequent increases and will be in charge of the way power in your house is sourced. 
  • The peace of mind that comes from knowing where exactly all your energy is coming from is truly incomparable and something you need to witness yourself. 
  • Another benefit of energy independence is that you will be consuming energy that is 100% renewable and sustainable. This is different from utility energy which provides electricity that is a combination of renewable sources like wind, water, and thermal energy but also non-renewable sources like coal, natural gas, and so on. 
  • You no longer have to worry about blackouts and losing out precious time sitting in the dark with all your work on a halt. Energy independence with solar energy means having power backup in the form of solar energy at all times. 

Do I Need A Solar Battery If I Am Not Off-grid?

As someone who manages the household and takes care of expenses, you must be aware of what can be done in case your existing solar system generates excess energy. There are quite a few options for you to avail yourself of in such a case. You can either exchange the excess photovoltaic energy for net metering credits or store the excess energy in a battery to be used for emergency purposes. The option of doing both also exist. 

If you transfer excess energy back to the utility company, you will be rewarded with credit. I will suggest a wonderful and efficient idea that you can use. It is common knowledge that during the daytime, the price of energy is the cheapest at utility companies and it increases a great deal during peak hours. You can create a grid arbitrage to turn the situation in your favor. 

You can use the utility energy during the low-cost hours during which your panels get charged and then use the stored energy during the peak hours. You can then sell the excess energy to the companies and earn yourself credits. Such freedom in choosing how you manage your energy is a boon and you must make use of it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you be energy independent?

The answer is 100% yes. You can be truly and completely energy independent by simply switching to solar energy and taking charge of the energy consumption of your home. Using solar panels, hot water panels, windmills, and hydroelectric generators are some of the ways you can be energy independent. 

2. How do energy-efficient homes help the environment?

An energy-efficient home smartly consumes less energy or energy by installing solar systems. This reduces the reliance on carbon-intensive power plants which in turn, reduces carbon dioxide emissions. 


This article highlights the importance and benefits of becoming energy independent with solar energy. It sheds light on certain efficient ways in which you can achieve your goals. It has also brought two crucial frequently asked questions that might be something even you had in mind. I hope that the article is useful and it convinces you to become energy independent by adopting solar energy as the way to go forward. 

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