Best Solar System for Home in India 2023: Reviews and Buyers Guide

Luminous Solar Home Solution NXG1100

Hardoll Flame Solar Lights

Luminous NXG1100 + LPTT12150H Solar Panel

Luminous NXG1100 + LPTT12150H 150Ah 1No + 165Watts Solar Panel

Loom Solar Off Grid Solar System

Loom Solar 1 kVA off grid solar system

The solar power market in India is gradually becoming bigger and bigger. More and more people are learning of the cost and sustainability-related benefits that solar energy provides. Since the turn of the century, we are seeing more and more widespread usage of home-based solar systems. The ever-growing popularity of residential solar systems has meant that there has been a steady increase in the number of companies that are engaged in the manufacturing of solar equipment. By solar equipment, we mean everything that is required to set up a solar-powered residence including solar panels, and a lot more.

In this article today, we compiled a list of the best solar system for home in India.  We also have a section where we will discuss some of the intricate aspects of how to judge the value of a solar power system. Last but not the least, we will discuss a few frequently asked questions relating to the setting up of a solar power system. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will know a lot more about solar panels and you will be in a better position to set up a solar power system for your home.

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Top 6 Best Solar System Solutions 2023

1. Luminous Solar Home Solution NXG1100

 Luminous Solar Home Solution NXG1100


  • Product of Luminous Home Solutions is rated as the most popular solar system brand
  • Comes with a 150 Ah battery and a 200-watt solar panel
  • 5-year replacement warranty on damaged parts
  • 82-kg heavy set up so do not expect to move it around

We will start off this list with the Luminous Solar Home Solution which is currently rated as one of the most popular and widely used solar home solutions in India. Luminous is one of the most trustworthy manufacturers of solar equipment in India, especially for domestic solar system setups. It has also emerged as the standard in this field of industry and many others have attempted to emulate its superb achievements in the field of solar equipment manufacturing.

The NXG1100 is undoubtedly one of the best solar home solutions that Luminous has to offer. It comes with a 150 Ah battery and a 200 watts solar panel that function perfectly in unison. The overall package includes one luminous solar hybrid inverter, one 150 Ah c10 solar-powered battery, and one 150 w Sukam solar panel. The battery has a 5-year replacement warranty against any kind of manufacturing damage and this safeguards your investment a great deal. Also, keep in mind that the inverter is a hybrid inverter which means that it is able to draw power from solar as well as electrical grid sources

A lot of people who have had the pleasure of using this setup have given us hard evidence regarding how this setup has managed to reduce their electricity bills over time. Its total weight stands at 82 kg with all equipment taken into account and thus it is relatively heavy. However, from all other standpoints, we are impressed with the performance of this solar power setup and we urge you to consider it for your shortlist.


2. Luminous NXG1100 + LPTT12150H 150Ah 1No + 165Watts Solar Panel

Luminous NXG1100 + LPTT12150H 150Ah 1No + 165Watts Solar Panel


  • Comes with a sine wave solar hybrid UPS and a 150 Ah tall tubular solar battery
  • 60-month warranty on the solar battery
  • Two 165-watt polycrystalline panels are provided with a 25-year warranty on each
  • This high-rated setup promises to save you 1.5 to 3 units of power daily

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Continuing with some of the best solar home solutions from Luminous, we have the Luminous NXG1100 as the second entry of this list of the best solar systems available in India. We have already spoken about Luminous and why it has such a privileged position in the market, but this one truly exemplifies the elements of quality and performance that the brand strives for. The sine wave solar hybrid UPS is one of the main highlights of this solar power setup and it comes with an impressive 24-month warranty.

The package also includes a 150 Ah tall tubular solar battery. This battery itself comes with a separate 60-month warranty which is impressive by current market standards. Lastly, we should also talk about the polycrystalline 165 watts solar panels that you get as a part of this setup. You will get two of these panels and they have an extended warranty of around 25 years which is quite incredible.

One of the highest-rated ultra-efficient solar power setups available in India, this one ticks a lot of important boxes and we have tested it to its maximum limits to check how well it copes.  It’s also important to mention that the battery of this solar setup is a hybrid battery and is capable of drawing power from solar waves as well as from the electricity grid. It ends up saving you up to 1.5 to 3 units of power per day and this adds up cumulatively to some good savings over time in the long run. For all of the reasons that we have mentioned above, we can say with some degree of confidence that this is the best solar system for homes in India.


3. Loom Solar 1 kVA off grid solar system

Loom Solar 1 kVA off grid solar system


  • Best suited to 2-3 bhk homes to protect against frequent power outages
  • Can handle a peak load of 500 watts without any difficulty
  • The package includes a 1235 VA solar inverter and a lithium battery with a 100-watt-hour capacity
  • Two 180-watt solar panels produce a total of 360 watts of energy

The biggest highlight of this deal is that the solar setup includes an intelligent inverter which comes with a host of special features not found in too many competitors in the market. First of all, it has a digital display which is helpful. It is also equipped with a lithium battery which we know represents the best of solar inverter batteries. Additionally, the Mono Merc solar angels manage to do a decent job in capturing solar energy on a regular basis that is to be used to run your appliances.

If you are living in a 2-3 bhk home with moderate levels of power consumption and you are looking to protect yourself against frequent power outages, this could definitely be a great option. It is ideal for areas where the electricity supply is somewhat unreliable and there is an average of up to 4-5 hours of power outages on a daily basis.

It essentially manages to function as a small compact power plant in itself. It has the capacity to run itself at a peak load of around 500 watts continuously without failure. If you are looking for a guarantee of constant uninterrupted power supply for your home and with frequent power cuts and voltage issues, the Loom Solar 1 kVA off-grid solar system could very well turn out to be your knight in shining armour.

Now moving on to the specifics of the package, you will get a 1235 VA solar inverter along with a lithium battery with 100-watt hour capacity. Last but by no means least, you will get two 180-watt solar panels which add up to a total solar panel capacity of around 360 watts.

This is more than enough to provide high-quality uninterrupted power to your home appliances during those annoying power cuts and power outages. We have tested this setup ourselves and we have also heard a lot of good things about it from many of its users. Based on these findings, we are confident that this setup is capable of taking good care of your power requirement with relative ease.


4. Luminous NXG1800 + LPTT12120H 120Ah 2Nos + 325Watts Solar Panel

Luminous NXG1800 + LPTT12120H Solar Panel


  • Reliable setup for a home that experiences frequent power cuts
  • The 1800 sine wave solar hybrid UPS charges itself with solar energy and electrical energy
  • Boasts of an impressive 85% efficiency
  • Ideal for small or medium-sized homes

Our next solar power setup is also from luminous – the NXG1800 provides a very reliable power solution for your home during temporary power cuts or voltage fluctuation issues. The 1800 sine wave solar hybrid UPS is capable of chagrin itself with both solar energy as well electrical energy from your local grid. The inverter has around 85 percent efficiency which is very impressive and it should end up saving you quite some money by reducing your average electricity bills by anything around 25 to 30 percent.

This enhanced efficiency is also a result of the Intelligent Logic Control Power which can easily end up saving you around 1.5 to 3 units of current per day. It comes with an impressive warranty of 24 months.

Along with this, you have the 120 Ah c10 tall tubular battery which is built to be very efficient in storing energy. Keep in mind that you will get two of these batteries. They also come with a 60-month warranty and that sweetens the deal even further.

Apart from this, we should also mention the polycrystalline panels which will give you a total rating of around 325 watts with the two separate panels combined. The panels are  2.5 x3.5 feet in dimension and they are perfect for setting up an outdoor solar panel system in small to medium-sized homes.  It also comes with a performance warranty of 25 years. We are very impressed with the performance that we have seen from the Luminous NXG1800. We have enough reasons to believe that it is capable of fulfilling your power requirements and we urge you to go for it without wasting any time whatsoever.


5. Loom Solar 1 kw off grid solar system

Loom Solar 1 kw off grid solar system


  • Provides 8-10 hours of power backup daily
  • Compact system that does not take up too much space in the home
  • Setup includes- 2 units of 150 Ah c 10 solar batteries and 3 units of solar panel
  • Able to run- 5 c

The Luminous 1 kW off-grid solar system is our fifth entry on the list and it is another example of Luminous’ high standards of manufacturing and pricing. This one in particular is ideally well suited for medium-sized homes with 3 or 4 BHK residences. In ideal circumstances, it will end up giving you somewhere around 8 to 10 hours of power backup on average if required due to extended periods of power failure. This enhanced backup time period is the main reason why this solar power setup could work very well for people who live in areas with unreliable power supplies.

As for its solar capacity capabilities, it can give you up to 500 watts worth of power during the day when it is powered using solar energy. Another major reason why this setup is preferred by a lot of people is that it is very compact and does not take up a lot of space in your home.

This is especially important if there is some space crunch in the area where you want to set up the inverter batteries etc. All in all, it ends up taking a megare 100 square feet worth of space. This package offers you 2 units of 150 Ah c10 solar batteries. As for the solar panels, you will get 3 units of solar panels with a rating of 325 watts each. This increases the cumulative power capacity to 1125 watts. That is quite a lot of power and enough to run several appliances at once.

To cite an example, using this setup you can easily run 5 Ceiling Fans, 20 Led lights, 2 televisions, 1 refrigerator, and 1 mixer, and charge laptops and mobiles. It also offers decent backup time that ranges from 36 hours for 100 watts to somewhere around 4 hours for a load of 500 watts. The inverter efficiency comes in at 97 percent which is quite impressive in its own regard. For all of these reasons, it is clear why this solar power setup gets a definite thumbs up from our side.


6. Rooftop Urja 1KW Solar Net-Metering System

Rooftop Urja 1KW Solar Net-Metering System


  • Setup aims to cut down your electricity bills by 90%
  • Fulfills power backup requirements with the net metering system
  • The overall kit consists of 4 units of 250 wp solar PV modules each with a junction box and control panel

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The Rooftop Urja 1KW solar setup has been specifically designed to operate as a Grid tie system and is recommended for locations that have a state-monitored net-metering system. Net metering is a system where the excess solar power produced by your system gets transferred into the grid and therefore gives you reductions on your electricity bills as a result. These reductions can cut down your electricity bill by up to 90%. The net metering system is one of the major reasons why a lot of people have found good incentives to invest in a solar power system for backup power requirements.

Note that this system works only when the system is connected to a functioning electrical grid and you do not have the option of storing the energy produced by your panels in a battery to be used at a later time. So this works better as a backup power supply setup.

In case you require backup, you will need to invest in a separate inverter backup system.  Also, make sure to check if your local system fluctuations can be handled by the specifications of this system. The overall kit comprises four units of  250Wp Solar PV Module each along with a junction box and control panel.

Another important factor to keep in mind about this solar power setup is that this requires you to have shadow-free floor roof space. The daily average energy generated using this system stands at anywhere around 4-5 units if we assume that there is a 100 percent grid tie availability which is not always the case.. This could definitely be one of the best if not the best residential solar systems that you can invest in.


Factors to consider while buying the best solar system for home 

1. Usage 

The capacity of solar panels to generate power and run your appliances smoothly is largely dependent on your overall expected power consumption. Whether you are running traditional appliances or involved in any kind of commercial project, the right kind of solar panel setup really helps you rescue your dependency on traditional power sources. You can use the right solar setup to do a number of things such as heat water or charge your batteries.

In order to build your setup effectively and narrow down your list of options, it is important for you to have a good understanding of how to use the solar setup. You also have the option of essentially selling energy by exporting the excess power to your local grid and thereby rescuing your electricity bills. If this is something that you are considering, make sure to get a setup that can support this kind of usage.

2. Versatility

The versatility of solar panels is arguably one of the most important elements to think about while shifting to renewable solar power. Not only do they run all of your daily household appliances, but they can also perform functions that you were probably not even aware of. They can easily perform tasks that require low to medium power such as cooking, creating indoor lighting, etc.

The versatility requirement of solar panels also depends on the location where you are planning to install them. Whether you choose to mount it on your roof or at the top of an RV or wood cabin, you have the option of setting it up in a number of different places according to your convenience. Solar panels can provide energy where required without having to be explicitly close to the populated palace or grid connectors. If you are looking to mount your solar panels on an uneven surface, we would recommend flexible and lightweight panels for the best results.

3. Technology

There are three main technologies used by solar panels and we will discuss each of them in brief in this secretion. First, you have the photovoltaic panels which are also called PV panels. These panels directly transform sunlight into energy that can be used by household appliances. Next, we have CSP which concentrates solar power by using the energy from the sun to trigger the functioning of electric turbines. Your solar panel may also include SHC or solar heating and cooling systems.

The panels themselves are often made out of silicon solar cells which are generally used as a part of a solar roof construction setup or while setting up a large-scale ground utility system. Next, we have thin-film solar panels which are useful in their own regard. They are highly flexible and lightweight which makes them ideal to use as a portable appliances.

The next type is known as III-V solar cells which are the most expensive option. These panels are able to transform sunlight into usable energy in a more efficient manner. Finally, at last, we have the next-generation solar cells (NREL) which are constructed using hybrid organic-inorganic materials that are easy to manufacture.  These are also very affordable for the same reasons.

4. Efficiency 

The efficiency of a solar panel setup refers to the amount of energy from the sun that is generated into usable electricity by each panel. There are different factors that can influence the overall efficiency of your solar power setup. Various factors such as reflectance efficiency and thermodynamic efficiency, shade from nearby objects, and dust or dirt can also affect your overall efficiency rating. Make sure to study these points in detail and also ensure that they do not render your overall system unviable at any time down the line.

However, make sure to note that efficiency is not everything in a solar setup.. Even if your panels are not the most efficient, you can fulfill your requirement if you have for instance a large roof covered with an adequate number of panels that receive a lot of sunlight. The average efficiency of a solar panel ranges from anywhere between 15 to 18 percent and could go up to around 23 percent.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What are the financial benefits of using solar energy? 

Solar energy gives you the opportunity to cut down your electricity bills in varying degrees depending upon your levels of electricity usage. Given the utility rates and solar policies in your state, you can enjoy significant savings from setting up a solar energy system in the long run. This also means that you can reduce costs in the future even if the costs of electricity rise.

Q2. What are the different financing options available to purchase a solar power setup?

When we talk about financing your solar setup, you have three different options at your disposal which are viable. The first is to sign a solar power purchase agreement or a solar lease. The second is to take a bank loan to purchase the system and pay it off over time. However, ensure you calculate the interest beforehand. The last option is, of course, to pay for the system upfront.


In this article, we tried to find the best solar system for home in India for our readers so that they can enjoy the benefits of shifting to solar renewable energy to power their household appliances, especially as a backup. We started things off with a brief intro regarding solar power systems and also discussed reasons for their growing popularity in India. Then, in the next section, we presented a list of top-rated solar systems for homes in India. Hopefully, you will find one that you like from our list of selected solar power systems.

Following this, we discussed the four most important factors that one should consider before buying a solar power system. Make sure to go through this section as well if you wish to gain a holistic understanding of some of the basic factors that you should have a good idea about regarding solar power setups. After this, we devoted another separate section to discussing some frequently asked questions and we tried to answer them as satisfactorily as possible. This is where our article comes to an end and We wish you the best in your journey.

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