E.g., Wednesday, December 19, 2018
E.g., Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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Nanotoxicology: An Emerging Discipline Evolving from Studies of Ultrafine Particles
Present Status of Asbestos Mining and Related Health Problems in India - A Survey by A L. Ramanathan and V. Subramanian
Protection of an endangered fish Tor tor and Tor putitora population impacted by transportation network in the area of Tehri Dam Project, Garhwal Himalaya,India by Ramesh C. Sharma
Report on "Tawang River Basin Study - Cumulative impact assessment of proposed hydel project"
Cumulative impact & carrying capacity study of Lohit River Basin
The Pench-Satpuda Corridor-Report, September, 2012
Comprehensive industry document on iron Ore Mining 2007-08 - Central Pollution Control Board
Generation of acid drainage in an uranium are deposit by S.N. Groudev,T. Mitrov, M. Nicolova, I. Spasova,K.Komnitsas, I. Paspaliaris
Marine Seismic Surveys - A Study Of Environmental Implications by R.D. McCauley, J. Fewtrell, A.J. Duncan,C. Jenner, M-N. Jenner, J.D. Penrose, R.I.T. Prince, A. Adhitya, J. Murdoch and K. McCabe
Cumulative Impact and Carrying Capacity Study of Subansiri Sub Basin including Downstream Impacts I- August 2015
Report of the High Level T.S.R. Subramanian Committee
A Road Map for conservation in Uttaranchal- A.J.T. John Singh
Potential Impact of large river dams in Eastern Himalaya o World Heritage Sites of Assam : Expression of concern
Thermal Power plants on the Anvil - implications and need for rationalisation. Discussion paper by Prayas energy group
Report of the independent fact finding team on Tata Mundra UMPP Released on 04.07.2012
Ranching mahseer (Tor tor and Tor putitora) in the running waters of Nepal by T.K. Shrestha
Cumulative Impact and Carrying Capacity Study of Subansiri Sub Basin including Downstream Impacts II- August 2015
Central Empowered Committee (CEC) Report on Iron and Manganese Leases in Odisha
Environmental Governance in Asia:Independence Assessments of National Implementation of Rio Declaration’s Principle 10
Post-Clearance Environmental Impacts and Cost-benefit Analysis of Power Generation in India Conducted by National Environmental Engineering Research Institute
Radioactive contamination around Jadugoda uranium mine in India by Hiroaki Koide
Western Ghats Report of High Level Working Group- Vol. 1
Cumulative impact & carrying capacity study of dibang sub basin in Brahmaputra River Valley
Report of Interministerial Group on River Ganga, March, 2013