E.g., Tuesday, June 25, 2019
E.g., Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Title Date Download
National Green Tribunal imposed a fine on the Indian Oil Corporation Limited's (IOCL) refinery in Panipat, for violation of environmental norms by polluting water and air. 21st May 2019
University within the Eco-Sensitive Zone of the Girnar Wildlife Sanctuary in Gujarat 7th May 2019
Environmental cost to be paid for damage by illegal mining in Gir-Somnath, Junagadh 7th May 2019
6th Meeting Agenda (Industry 1) 30th April 2019
6th Meeting Agenda EAC (Industry 1) 29th April 2019
27th Meeting Agenda EAC (Thermal) 26th April 2019
44th Meeting Agenda EAC (Coal) 24th April 2019
Policy brief- Hazards of Coke 23rd April 2019
Policy brief - Flaring in the age of renewables 23rd April 2019
Policy brief - Taj Air 23rd April 2019
Meeting Agenda 23rd April 2019
NGT protects floodplain and river bed of Mahananda from illegal construction of AMU 19th April 2019
Meeting Agenda and Minutes 28th March 2019
53rd Meeting Minutes NBWL 27th March 2019
26th Meeting Agenda EAC (Thermal) 27th March 2019
Environmental Control and Emission Reduction for Coking Plants 25th March 2019
Technical EIA Guidance Manual for Coke Oven Plants 25th March 2019
National Green Tribunal passes order with respect to the National Clean Air Program in 102 non-attainment cities 18th March 2019
Aravallis in Faridabad held to be deemed forest 9th March 2019
Supreme Court stays demolition of Tribal Houses in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh 7th March 2019
25th Meeting Agenda EAC (Thermal) 22nd February 2019
SC order leads to eviction of Nearly 10 lakh forest dwellers 22nd February 2019
43rd Meeting Agenda & Minutes EAC (Coal) 21st February 2019
Meeting Agenda & Minutes 21st February 2019
Re-constitution of the Regional Empowered Committee at Regional Office, West Central Zone, Nagpur 18th February 2019
Re-constitution of the Regional Empowered Committee at Regional Office, Eastern Zone, Bhubaneswar 18th February 2019
Ram Avtar vs Union of India 8th February 2019
Parapati Teja Rao & Ors vs Union of India 8th February 2019
NGT disposes Adani Godda Appeal 8th February 2019
NGT directs UP to furnish a performance guarantee of 25 crores 4th February 2019
National Green Tribunal shows disappointment over Delhi Government's inaction 2nd February 2019
National Green Tribunal's Order on Graphite India Limited 2nd February 2019
EC exemption for Thermal Power Plant using Waste Heat Recovery Boilers 1st February 2019
Notification for considering all distillery projects as B2 29th January 2019
52nd Meeting Minutes 28th January 2019
21st Meeting Agenda EAC (RVP) 28th January 2019
42nd Meeting Agenda EAC (Coal) 24th January 2019
24th Meeting Agenda EAC (Thermal) 23rd January 2019
Cabinet approves Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Notification 2018 22nd January 2019
NGT orders Performance Audit of SPCBs 18th January 2019
Meeting Agenda 15th January 2019
Standardization of Environmental Clearance conditions for Infrastructure, Buildings and construction sector 12th January 2019
NGT Orders MoEF to issue new Notification regarding Grant of Environmental Clearance for Mining of Minor Minerals 11th January 2019
3rd Meeting Agenda EAC (Industry 1) Day 3 11th January 2019
NGT stays Lakhwar hydro electric project in Uttarakhand 10th January 2019
3rd Meeting Agenda EAC ( Industry1) Day 2 10th January 2019
3rd Meeting Agenda EAC ( Industry1) Day 1 9th January 2019
SC upholds NGT judgment of setting aside EC granted to super thermal project in Korba 7th January 2019
BHS -Policy Paper 3rd January 2019
Amendment in EIA Notification 29th December 2018
Cabinet approves Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Notification 2018 29th December 2018
High Court uphelds Biodiversity Boards Power to impose fees on Ramdev's Divya Pharmacy for extraction of Biological Resources 24th December 2018
Thermal Power plants fined for not fully disposing fly ash 24th December 2018
NGT Constitutes an Expert Committee to Look into Wastage of Water by Reverse Osmosis (R.O) Water Purifiers 22nd December 2018
All mining activities of any mineral will be stopped within 10 kms of the boundary of Sariska Tiger Reserve/Wildlife Sanctuary 22nd December 2018
Penalty of additional 4 crores on Central Electricity Supply Utility of Odisha for deaths of elephants due to electrocution. 21st December 2018
To avoid human elephant conflict, the tiger corridors should remain undisturbed.- NGT 21st December 2018
Biological-Water-Quality-Assessment-2018 21st December 2018
Health-impact-assessment-of-fire-crackers-2017 21st December 2018
Study on Ambient Air Quality, Respiratory Symptoms and Lung Function of Children in Delhi 20th December 2018
Epidemiological Study on effect of Air Pollution on Human Health (Adults) in Delhi 20th December 2018
Health Effects of chronic exposure to smoke from biomass fuel burning in rural households- A study in Northern & Eastern India 20th December 2018
Meeting Agenda & Minutes 19th December 2018
Reopen the Vedanta Sterlite Plant orders NGT 17th December 2018
Central Pollution Control Board and State Pollution Control Board to prepare action plans to CPAs and SPAs 17th December 2018
Introduction of High Security Registration Plates 13th December 2018
41st Meeting Agenda EAC (Coal) 13th December 2018
Thermal Power Plant Emission Standards Order 11th December 2018
Govt to decide if Basai could be notified as wetland 11th December 2018
SC gives direction to CPCB, SPCB and PCC on Thermal Power Plant Emission Standard 10th December 2018
CPCB issues directions to SPCBs and PCCs on utilization of flyash 6th December 2018
Delhi Govt to pay fine for Rs 25 crores to CPCB 5th December 2018
Central Legislation on Air Pollution 5th December 2018
State Legislation on Air Pollution 5th December 2018
Building Construction Exemption- NGT order 5th December 2018
23rd Meeting Agenda EAC (Thermal) 30th November 2018
39th Meeting Agenda EAC (Non -Coal) 29th November 2018
1st Meeting Agenda Reconstituted EAC (Industry 1) 28th November 2018
15th Meeting Ageda EAC (Violations) 27th November 2018
Standardisation of Conditions for Environmental Clearance of TPPs 21st November 2018
50 crores penalty on Punjab government for pollution of Sutlej & Beas rivers 20th November 2018
Rs 1cr penalty on SIDCUL for pollution in Sitarganj industrial area 20th November 2018
NGT directs on Crop burning issue 16th November 2018
Meeting Agenda & Minutes 15th November 2018
Buildings and Constructions – Notification on Environmental Conditions 15th November 2018
NGT takes up Crop Burning issue 13th November 2018
Air Law Policy Reporter- November Issue 12th November 2018
S. Ali Hussain vs Union of India 11th November 2018
202th Meeting Agenda EAC (CRZ) 1st November 2018
201st Meeting Agenda EAC (Infra & Misc) 1st November 2018
Air Pollution and Child Health- WHO Report 31st October 2018
Rs 1cr jumbo fine on CESU 31st October 2018
42nd Meeting Agenda EAC (Industry-2) 31st October 2018
Graphite India Will pay Rs 50 Lakhs for Polluting 30th October 2018
42nd Meeting Agenda EAC (Industry-2) 30th October 2018
31 out of 128 hills in Aravali have disappeared 29th October 2018
42nd Meeting Agenda EAC (Industry-2) 29th October 2018
35th Meeting Agenda EAC (Infra-2) 29th October 2018
NGT imposes fine of Rs 3.2 crore and orders stop work 27th October 2018
Without statuary compliance ,ITPO Redevelopment cleared by NGT 26th October 2018
40th Meeting Agenda & Minutes EAC ( Coal ) 26th October 2018
Kerala HC Directs Recovery of Value of Minerals Extracted Illegally Without Environmental Clearance 26th October 2018
19th Meeting Agenda EAC (RVP) 26th October 2018
Meeting Agenda 26th October 2018
Sale of BS -IV Vehicles - SC sets deadline 25th October 2018
Fire Crackers - Manufacture, Sale & Use (SC order) 25th October 2018
22nd Meeting Agenda EAC (Thermal) 25th October 2018
Environment Pollution Prevention and Control Authority : Notification 23rd October 2018
ESZ Of Wild Ass Sanctuary : Notification 23rd October 2018
EC exemption for CETP in Projects not needing EC : Draft Notification 23rd October 2018
Puducherry CZMA 23rd October 2018
Andman & Nicobar CZMA 23rd October 2018
ESZ of Bibhutibhusan WLS : Draft Notification 23rd October 2018
ESZ of Chincholi WLS :Draft Notification 23rd October 2018
37th Meeting Agenda EAC (Non Coal) 23rd October 2018
14th Meeting Agenda EAC (Violations) 22nd October 2018
200th Meeting Agenda EAC (CRZ) 15th October 2018
199th Meeting Agenda EAC (Infrastructure 1) 15th October 2018
Big Victory for East Kolkata Wetlands 13th October 2018
EPCA Policy Brief 10th October 2018
Action Plan for Air Pollution Control in Delhi & NCR 8th October 2018
36th Meeting Agenda EAC (Non-Coal) 28th September 2018
DEIAA Notifications of January 2016 quashed by NGT 27th September 2018
38th Meeting Agenda EAC (Coal) 27th September 2018
21st Meeting Agenda EAC (Thermal) 26th September 2018
BMC Policy Brief (Biodiversity Publications) 24th September 2018
PBR Policy Brief (Biodiversity Publications) 24th September 2018
Capacity Building Workshop_ BMCs_Madhya Pradesh (Biodiversity Publications) 24th September 2018
Capacity Building Workshop _UK (Biodiversity Publications) 24th September 2018
Capacity Building Workshop _HP (Biodiversity Publications) 24th September 2018
ABS Policy Paper- (Biodiversity Publication) 24th September 2018
41st Meeting Agenda EAC (Industry-2) 24th September 2018
Meeting Agenda & Minutes 20th September 2018
Bombay High Court Judgement on Mangroves 19th September 2018
Compliance Monitoring of EC: New draft amendment proposed 18th September 2018
13th Meeting Agenda EAC (Violations) 18th September 2018
Meeting Agenda 17th September 2018
Imported Pet Coke-Guidelines for Regulation and Monitoring in India 17th September 2018
198th Meeting Agenda EAC (CRZ) 17th September 2018
57 Power plants within critically polluted areas and densely polluted areas directed to comply with PM and SOx standards by Dec 2021 14th September 2018
Ban on rat-hole mines of South Garo Hill to continue - NGT 11th September 2018
Aravali Hills: SC directs for Demolition 11th September 2018
Notify Western Ghats ESAs within 6 months- NGT 7th September 2018
Meeting Agenda 7th September 2018
Threat to Life Arising Out of Coal Mining in South Garo Hills District (NGT order) 6th September 2018
Monitor the pollution caused by coal mines, washeries and thermal power plants- NGT 4th September 2018
Committee constituted by NGT to oversee the activity of the construction in buffer area of the Tiger Reserve in Uttarakhand 31st August 2018
196th Meeting Agenda EAC (CRZ) 31st August 2018
Interactive Meeting between SEIAA and SEAC, Bihar and LIFE 31st August 2018
36th Meeting Agenda EAC ( Coal) 31st August 2018
States with hazardous waste must set up Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities- NGT 30th August 2018
Rs 46 L fine imposed on former DGP Uttarakhand for illegally cutting 25 sal trees 30th August 2018
Severe industrial pollution in Ghagara river in Gorakhpur. 30th August 2018
20th Meeting Agenda EAC (Thermal) 30th August 2018
Meeting Agenda & Minutes 30th August 2018
Draft Island Coastal Regulation Zone Notification 29th August 2018
All Asbestos abandoned mines to be scientifically closed directs NGT 28th August 2018
17th Meeting Agenda EAC (RVP) 27th August 2018
Draft Accounting Procedure- Compensatory Afforestation Funds 25th August 2018
Polluters to pay for the pollution- NGT 23rd August 2018
35th Meeting Agenda EAC (Non Coal) 23rd August 2018
Amendment of Schedule 1.(a),1.(c) of EIA Notification 22nd August 2018
SEIAA & SEAC for Uttarakhand constituted 22nd August 2018
MoEF&CC to submit compliance report on illegal barrages constructed on Mahanadi River basin by Chhattisgarh within 3 months, holds NGT 20th August 2018
Stop the further remediation process at Mercury Contaminated site at Kodaikanal and Obtain expert opinion for remediation standard, NGT directs CPCB 17th August 2018
Illegal tree felling along Bist Doab Canal in Punjab–NGT 17th August 2018
Standard EC Conditions for 25 sectors by MoEFCC 16th August 2018
The Compensatory Afforestation Fund Rules, 2018 13th August 2018
Amendments in the Islands Protection Zone Notification, 2011 13th August 2018
Demolish Wall Blocking Elephant Path- NGT 10th August 2018
BMCs be constituted and PBRs be prepared within 6 months: NGT 9th August 2018
NGT directs action against pollution by Plastic Burning in Delhi 2nd August 2018
Amendment in EIA Notification, 2006 31st July 2018
SC order in M.C. Mehta Vs UoI on Pet Coke 28th July 2018
Supreme Court gets strict on emissions standards 27th July 2018
16th Meeting Agenda EAC( RVP) 27th July 2018
194th Meeting Agenda (EAC- CRZ) 27th July 2018
Meeting Agenda & Minutes 26th July 2018
193rd Meeting Agenda( EAC - Infrastructure) 26th July 2018
19th Meeting Agenda (EAC-Thermal) 25th July 2018
39th Meeting Agenda (EAC-Industry 2) 25th July 2018
Effluent and emission standards for fermentation industry 24th July 2018
34th Meeting Agenda EAC (Coal) 24th July 2018
34 th Meeting Agenda EAC (Coal) 24th July 2018
NGT directs State of Haryana and Eco-Green Energy Private Limited to comply with Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016. 23rd July 2018
NGT suggests Govt to appoint persons with Legal background as heads of SPCB for efficient functioning  23rd July 2018
NGT asks, Petitioner to give 15 days to govt. officials before approaching the court 23rd July 2018
NGT gets tough on Solid Waste Management in Noida 21st July 2018
NGT directs Uttarakhand Govt. to demolish all illegal buildings and structures in Kalagarh 21st July 2018
34th Meeting Agenda (EAC-Non Coal) 19th July 2018
Supreme Court allows for waste to energy plant to be set up on 49 acres of delhi ridge. 18th July 2018
Air Law Policy Reporter- July Issue 17th July 2018
Eco-sensitive Zone around Mudumalai Tiger Reserve 11th July 2018
10th Meeting Agenda (EAC Mining - Violation) 11th July 2018
Amendment for EC process in CETP 7th July 2018
Standards for Airport Noise Zone 7th July 2018
Revised Standards for Thermal Power Plant 6th July 2018
Supreme Court order for Forest Rest Houses 6th July 2018
MoEF&CC amendments the CRZ Notification 2011 without stakeholder suggestions. 5th July 2018
33rd Meeting Agenda (EAC-Industry 1) 5th July 2018
National Green Tribunal asks Delhi Forest Department to submit a report regarding status of the transplantation of the 36 trees. 5th July 2018
32nd Meeting Agenda EAC (Coal) 28th June 2018
192nd Meeting Agenda (EAC- CRZ) 26th June 2018
191st Meeting Agenda (EAC-New Construction Projects and Industrial Estates) 25th June 2018
38th Meeting Agenda (EAC-Industry 2) 25th June 2018
33rd Meeting Agenda (EAC-Non Coal) 21st June 2018
Draft Environmental standards and guidelines for Hot Mix Plants 19th June 2018
17th Meeting Agenda (EAC - Thermal) 25th May 2018
National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) 17th May 2018
Meeting Agenda & Minutes 17th May 2018
30th Meeting Agenda 17th May 2018
Meeting Agenda 17th May 2018
Draft Notification G.S.R. 233 (E) for Brick Kilns dated 15.03.2018 14th May 2018
31st Meeting Agenda 14th May 2018
Draft Notification on Building and Construction S.O.No. 1132 (E) 13.03.2018 7th May 2018
189th Meeting Agenda 7th May 2018
Public Hearing Exemption in Industrial Estates 27th April 2018
Meeting Agenda & Minutes 26th April 2018
Form 2 20th April 2018
16th Meeting agenda & minutes 19th April 2018
Draft CRZ Notification 18th April 2018
28th Meeting agenda & minutes 17th April 2018
Meeting agenda & minutes 22nd March 2018
G.S.R. 261(E): E-Waste (Management) Amendment Rules, 2018 [G.S.R. 261 (E) dt. 22.0-3.2018] 22nd March 2018
G.S.R. 263 (E): Environment (Protection) Amendment Rules, 2018 [G.S.R. 263 (E) dt.22.03.2018] related to SOx and NOx standard for Ceramic, Foundry Industries, Glass, Lime Klin and Reheating Furnace industry. 22nd March 2018
15th Meeting agenda & minutes 28th February 2018
27th Meeting agenda & minutes 27th February 2018
Meeting agenda & minutes 23rd February 2018
26th Meeting agenda & minutes 15th February 2018
Draft Amendment of EIA Notification 2006 dated 18.12.2017 - Non coal & irrigation 9th February 2018
Meeting agenda & minutes 25th January 2018
14th Meeting agenda & minutes 12th January 2018
24th Meeting agenda & minutes 11th January 2018
Air Action Plan for abatement of air pollution in Delhi NCR 10th January 2018
Draft Notification for TPP standards - S.O. 3337 (E) 15th December 2017
Policy Brief- Coal mine fires (2017) 31st October 2017
EIA paper - Gujarat (2016) 31st October 2017
EIA paper - West Bengal (2016) 31st October 2017
Policy Brief - Stubble Burning (2017) 31st October 2017
Policy Brief- Forest Fire (2017) 31st October 2017
Policy Brief - Cumulative Impact Assessment (2017) 31st October 2017
EIA paper - Delhi (2016) 31st October 2017
EIA paper - Punjab (2016) 30th September 2017
Policy Brief- Critically Polluted Areas(2017) 30th September 2017
EIA paper - Haryana (2016) 30th September 2017
EIA paper - Maharashtra (2016) 30th September 2017
EIA paper - Uttar Pradesh (2016) 30th September 2017
EIA paper - Himachal Pradesh (2016) 31st August 2017
EIA paper - Kerala (2016) 31st July 2017
Lead content in household and decorative paints 20th April 2017
Maintaining buffer zone around waste processing industries 31st March 2017
CPCB Draft guideline on Environmental Management of C&D Waste Management in India 20th March 2017
Processing of Hazardous waste in Cement plants 10th February 2017
Draft protocol on proposed alert system for EQMS and CEMS 2nd January 2017
192nd Meeting Agenda (EAC- CRZ) 26th June 2002
Draft Notification G.S.R 35(E),[25/01/2018] Environment (Protection)Amendment Rules, 2018- Environmental Standards Notification - Man-made Fibre Industry
EAC Violations 30 Jan 2018
Paint industry draft dt 17.1.18
EAC RVP 30 Jan 2018
EAC Industry 1 on 5 Feb 2018
NGT directs MoEF&CC not to grant EC till TPP emissions standards are complied with
Draft Amendment for Water consumption limit and Stact height
Minutes of FAC meeting 21 Sept. 2017
Wetland Rules 2017 Draft
Wetland Rules 2017
Wetland Rules 2010
Wetland Rules 2016 Draft
Non Coal Mining Projects
Other Resources
Coal Mining Sector
River Valley and Hydroelectric Projects
Western Ghats
Industrial Projects
Thermal and Coal Mining Projects
CRZ, Infrastructure and Miscellaneous Projects
Nuclear Projects
In (102-2012 (MA)) arising out of Appeal No. 38/2012 in Husain Saleh Mahmad Usman Bhai Kara Vs SEIAA, Gujarat and Others
IL & FS Thermal Power Plant Cuddalore (T.Murgunandam vs MoEF)
Lavasa Township project Pune (Dyaneshwar Vishnu Shedge vs vs UOI)
Salasar Steel & Power Ltd Chhattisgarh (Ramesh Agarwal vs SEIAA)
NGT in an order in Alaknanda HEP case ( M.A. No. 103/2012 in Appeal No. 9 OF 2011)
2640 Thermal Power Plant Sompeta (T.Mohana Rao vs MoEF)
NGT orders interim stay in several polluting activities in Aravali forest
NGT on 9 Jan 2013, in an application by Sree Bajrang Oil and flour Mill (Application no. 38 of 2011)
Vinod R. Patel & others vs SEIAA & others
Nyamjang Chhu Hydroelectric Project Judgement
Alaknanda HEP (Vimal Bhai vs UoI & others)
NGT in Rajiv Naryan vs UoI & ors on 15 January 2013
NGT Judgement (18 Dec 2012) on Noise Pollution
NGT order on 11.12.2012 in Dileep B. Nevatia vs UoI & Ors
Kashang HEP in HP – NGT Stops Felling of Trees and Non-Forest Use of Forest
NGT in K. Sarvanan Vs. Union of India & Ors (Application No. 07/2012)
NGT order on Kaziranga National Park
NGT Forms a Committee to Review Pollution Status in NOIDA in its order on 15 January 2013
Judgement in Sajal Kumar & another vs Union of India & others
NGT Judgement in Shailesh Narvekar & Others vs State of Maharashtra & Others
NGT – Review of Kaziranga Judgement in Kuber Floor Mill Dismissed
NGT Judgement in Vikrant Kumar Tongad Vs. Union of India & Ors.
Ankur vs Maharashtra SEIAA Judgement (18 Dec 2012)
Sandeep Desai & others vs State of Goa & others (Application No. 47 of 2012(T)
NGT Case Summaries (Sept - Oct 2012) by WWF India
NGT Directs Wide Publicity of Grant of Environment Clearance (2)
Remove tiles and concrete from around the base of the trees - NGT
Issue of Fixing Noise Level of Firecrackers in West Bengal
NGT: Member Secretary of Goa State Pollution Control Board should be a Full Time Officer
Polluting Industry Operating in Residential Area
MoEF should complete investigation about the Environment Clearances of mines which are presently under interim suspension latest by three months in Goa (9 May 2013)
Directions of the National Green Tribunal with Respect to Communication of Environmental Clearance Order on 14th March, 2013
NGT Judgement in Nisarga v/s S. B. Prabhudessai & ors on 21 February 2013q
Petition seeking protection of ecology of Western Ghats is maintainable (2)
No Major Pollution Expected from a Petrol Filling Station to a Nearby Wetland : NGT
NGT puts EC of Pipavav Port Expansion in Abeyance
NGT Fines a Jindal Group Company Rs 10 Million
Uttarakhand Disaster: MoEF and State to provide list of pending projects with Ecological and Environmental Impact
Protection of Flood Plains of the Yamuna and Hindon Rivers
Meaning and interpretation of ‘residential area’
NGT condones delay and liberally interprets the term 'communication' in a judgement on 14th March, 2013
NGT Order in Rajiv Narayan vs UoI & others on 15 Feb 2013
Dumping of Debris Along the Yamuna River to Attract Fine of Rs 5 Lakh
Road shall be constructed on elevated pillars on Mutha river bed, Pune Municipality to safeguard river bed from any encroachments.
Issue Consent to Establish and Consent to Operate: NGT
Liberty to File a Fresh Application
Judgement Modified in a Review of Forested Land Conversion Case from Goa
Noise Pollution – Need to Notify Silence Zones/Areas
Idols for Immersion – Issue of PoP
NGT order in Colva Civic & Consumer Forum vs Goa SEIAA
NGT Orders No Dumping of Waste
In Bareilly, Municipal Solid Waste Management Plant to be Shifted to New Location
SC Dismisses Plea of Kerala against NGT Order on Gadgil Report
Use of small part of the Green Belt allowed for Power Substation
NGT Orders No Sand Mining without Environment Clearance
Stay Order on Leather Park Complex in Agra District of Uttar Pradesh in India
Common Issues of Fact and Law
Environment Clearance of a Thermal Power Plant in Chhattisgarh Quashed on 16 April 2013
NGT in Vikrant Kumar vs UoI & ors orders stopping of operation of Packaged Drinking Water Units in Noida & Greater Noida on 28 Feburary 2013
NGT Constitutes a High Powered Committee
Forest Clearance for Parsa East and Kante Basan Coal Blocks Set Aside
MoEF Officials Fined
NGT Stays Covering of Drains in Delhi
NGT orders stoppage of rat-hole mining in Meghalaya
NGT Orders Jubilant Industries (Nira) in Maharashtra to deposit Rs 25 lakh for Compensation to Farmers
NGT - MoEF should notify eco-sensitive areas in the Western Ghats region expeditiously
Lloyds Metal and Engineering Ltd imposed cost of Rs 10 Lakh by NGT
NGT directs MoEF to appoint members/chairperson of EAC/SEAC persons who are related to the field
NGT Directions on Working of Madhya Pradesh Forest Development Corporation
EC of IL&FS Tamil Nadu Power Quashed
Polluting textile and other industries in Jodhpur to pay Rs 5 Lakh each to Government
Supreme Court Order 9
Guideline on appointment of Chairperson and Member Secretaries of State Pollution Control Boards
NGT suspends EC granted to the Nyam Jang Chhu Hydroelectric Project (780 MW) in Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh
NGT constitutes a committee to suggest further mitigation and regulatory steps for Vishnu Prayag HEP in Uttarakhand
NGT order Assam Government to file Action Taken Report on CAG Report on Kaziranga and Release Funds to the Reserve
Supreme Court Order 10
NGT Orders Criminal Prosecution Against TSGENCO
NGT directs MOEF&CC to not appraise illegally constructed power project in Telangana
Windmills to Pay Environmental Compensation of Rs 50 Lakh in Andhra Pradesh
Ensure Environmental Flow and Clean Yamuna in Delhi - NGT
NGT Takes Action on Air Pollution in Delhi and Neighbouring States
EIA Required for Large Metro Rail Projects
POSCO Disposed off by NGT
Widening of NH7 between Mansar and Khawasa – NGT stays felling of trees
Project Proponents are to Publish Complete EC Letter for Public Knowledge
Supreme Court Order 8
NGT notice to MoEF on decentralisation of environment clearance for sand mining
Lippa Judgement
NGT directs closure of rafting camps from Shivpuri to Rishikesh in Uttarakhand
Prepare a control mechanism, ensure standards for coal at source & at point of use: NGT directs MoEF
High Court Order 6
High Court Order 8
EIA Manual Isolated Storages - MoEF (March, 2010)
High Court Order 12
EIA Manual Ports & Harbors (MoEF) May 2010
EIA Manual Synthetic Organic Chemicals (MoEF 2010)
EIA Manual_Leather Industry
Thadagam - Valley of Brick Kilns
Supreme Court Order 5
Renewal of Mining Leases_Gazette Notification
MoEF OM - EC for Highways Project Involving Borrow Area for Soil and Earth
CEC Interim Report on Illegal Mining in Goa to the SC on 7 Dec 2012
Procedure for Conducting public hearing under the EIA Notification 2006 - instructions
Critically Polluted Areas Notified by CPCB
High Court Order 5
National Conservation Strategy and Policy Statement
High Court Order 9
High Court Order 11
EIA Manual Man-made Fibre (September, 2010)
EIA Manual Pulp and Paper (MoEF 2010)
EIA Manual Thermal Power Plants (MoEF 2010)
Supreme Court Order 1
Supreme Court Order 2
Supreme Court Order 6
MoEF Report for Indentifying Inviolate Forest Area
EAC (Industry) Reconstituted - September 2012
MoeEF : EC & FC during 13.07.2011 to 12.07.2012
High Court order 2
High Court Order 4
National Forest Policy,1988
High Court Order 7
EIA Manual Isolated Storages (MoEF 2010)
High Court Order 12
High Court Order 13
EIA Manual Soda Ash_MoEF 2010
EIA Manual Township (MoEF 2010)
Survey of Environmental & Socio-Economic Impacts of Interim Ban on Mining in Goa
Supreme Court Order 3
Supreme Court Order 7
Report on Parameters for Designation of Ecologically Sensitive Areas in India (MoEF)
QCI Accredited EIA Consultant List
A Framework for EIA reforms in the Western Ghats
Anant Hedge Speech on Green Tribunal Bill in Parliament
Akwe Kon Guidelines
National Mineral Policy,2008
Wildlife Conservation Strategy,2002
High Court Order 10
EIA Manual Isolated Storages (MoEF 2010)
High Court Order 14
EIA Manual Sugar Industry (MoEF 2010)
EIA Manual_ Highways
Stinking Side of Ooty
Supreme Court Order 4
Extension of Deadline for Declaration of Eco Sensitive Zones Around National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries till 15.05.2013
MoEF OM 1 November 2012 on SEZs
National Board of Wildlife (NBWL) Minutes of Meeting of 31 Oct 2012
Transparency in Environmental and Forest Clearances
High Court Order 3
National Environment Policy,2006
Policy Statement for Abatement of Pollution,1992
Idukki WLS. Draft Notification No. 1963, August 5, 2016
Great Himalayan National Park WLS. Draft Notification No. 1957, August 5, 2016
The Gazette of India Notification-No.1830, Punjab, 21 July 2016
Sajjangarh WLS Draft ESZ SO 2807
CEC Report on alleged illegal diversion of forest lands for non-forest uses in the Western Ghats region in Karnatka
Final Notification of lead in paints
EIA Laws Diluted for Mining of Minor Mineral
Rhino Task Force report (Kaziranga National Park & Tiger Reserve)
FAC Reconstituted order
Abohar WLS. Draft Notification No. 1967, August 5, 2016
Neyyar and Peppara WLS. Draft Notification No. 1962, August 5, 2016
Nugu WLS. Draft Notification No. 1956, August 5, 2016
The Gazette of India Notification, Bihar, 25 July 2016
Keoladeo NP Draft ESZ SO 2809
Model TORs
Dibang Sub Basin
Draft National Forest Policy 2016 - for comment
Office Memorandum on Cumulative Impact Assessment & Carrying Capacity Assessment & Biodiversity Studies for Hydel /RVP for the Consideration of EAC and FAC - MoEF in May 2013
MoEF OM on Ownership of EIA Report and other documents by the project proponent (dated 05.10.2011)
Parambikulam WLS. Draft Notification No. 1966, August 5, 2016
Chimmony WLS. Draft Notification No. 1961, August 5, 2016
The Gazette of India Notification-No.1827, Punjab, 21 July 2016
Sitamata WLS Draft ESZ SO 2871
Jaisamand WLS Draft ESZ SO 2699
Wetlands - Frequently Asked Questions
Lohit River Basin
Draft Environment Laws (Amendment ) Bill 2015
Extension of Time for Submission of Proposals for Declaration of Eco-Sensitive Zones around National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries- MoEF, 15.05.2013
Eco-Sensitive Zone Guidelines (MoEF 09.02.2011)
Chincholi WLS. Draft Notification No. 1965, August 5, 2016
Mayureshwar WLS. Draft Notification No. 1959, August 5, 2016
The Gazette of India Notification, Himachal Pradesh, 21 July 2016
Shergarh WLS Draft ESZ SO 2868
Bassi WLS Rajasthan ESZ Draft SO 2808
National Electricity Policy Draft for Comments by January 2017
MoEF Draft Notification Copied from US
CEC Report on Hubli-Ankola
RTI - Guidelines for Suo-Motu Disclosure
Notification on Integration of Environmental Conditions in Building and Construction Sector, No. 2910, December 09, 2016
Eagle Nest WLS. Draft Notification No. 1968, August 5, 2016
Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species(CITES)
International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling,1946
Notification on Constitution of Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority No. 2574, October 26, 2016
Radiation Protection Convention
Kyoto Protocol
International Undertaking on Plant Genetic Resources,1983
Convention on Early Notification of a Nuclear Accident,1986
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Gautala Autramghat Wildlife No. 2907, December 09, 2016
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Making Our Voices Matter - A guide to Environmental Public Hearings (Oct, 2013)
The Citizen Guide for Participating in Environment Decision Making by Ritwick Dutta
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EIA Notification as amended till 25 January 2012
Notification in the Gazette - Standards for Cement plants - amendment to the Environment (Protection) Rules (25.08.2014)
Guidelines issued by letter to Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim - Relaxation of compensatory afforestation for strategic defence projects (including roads and infrastructure)(4.07.2014)
Amendment (dated 22 July 2014) in the notification for constitution of National Board of Wildlife (S.O. 1093 E, dated 22nd September 2003)
Guidelines for diversion of forest areas for laying transmission lines through forest areas (dated 05.05.2014)
Goa Mineral Policy 2013
Draft Notification for Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, North Goa [S.O.633 (E) (03.03.2014)]
Draft Notification WG ESA_Public on 18032014_733_0
Wetland Rules 2010
MoEF OM dated 17.10.2013 regarding consideration of proposals from Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg
MoEF OM on consideration of proposals from Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg Districts dated 30.08.2013
MoEF OM lifting moratorium for consideration of proposals for Environment Clearance for integrated steel plants/ sponge iron plants in Districts of Bellary, Tumkur and Chitradurga, Karnataka dated 01.07.2013
EIA Notification Amendment 13.03.13 (Renewal of Mining Lease in India Would Not Require Environment Clearance in Case It has been Previously Obtained)
MoEF OM on Extension of Term of Committee reviewing provisions of EIA Notifications, 2006 relating to Building, Roads and SEZ projects dated 15.03.2013
Forest Clearance For Mining - Entire Lease Area to be Considered
Office Memorandum - Procedure for approval and TOR of projects within 10 kms of protected areas -(20.08.2014)
Notification constituting the Standing Committee of the National Board of Wildlife (dated 22.07.2014)
Office Memorandum - Lifting of moratorium in critically polluted areas (10.06.2014)
Punjab SEIAA reconstituted on 06.05.2014
Draft Notification for Cotigaon Wildlife Sanctuary, South Goa [SO 630(E) (03.03.2014)]
Draft Notification for Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, North Goa [S.O. 634(E) (03.03.2014)]
Draft Notification for Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary in South Sikkim [S.O. 552 (E) (25.02.2014)]
MoEF Guidelines for change of User Agency without any change in its shareholding pattern for diversion of forest land for non-forest purposes under the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 dated 07.02.2014
MoEF OM dated 30.09.2013 regarding moratorium on consideration of proposals from Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg Districts (Maharashtra) extended to 31.10.2013
MoEF OM on procedure to be followed for consideration of projects which involve forest land for grant of Environmental Clearance under EIA Notifications 2006 dated 01.08.2013
MoEF OM for Streamlining of process of Environment Clearance (EC) and Forest Clearance (FC) cases by the Expert Appraisal Committee (EAC) & Forest Advisory Committee (FAC) respectively for Hydropower and River Valley Projects (HEP & RVP) dated 28.05.2013
MoEF OM on Consideration of proposals from Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg Districts, Maharashtra dated 28.03.2013
MOEF OM on Consideration of Thermal Power, Steel Sector Projects for EC with sourcing of Coal from dedicated Coal Blocks/ Coal India dated 05.02.2013
Forest Clearance for Mining - guidelines for Safety Zone
Office Memorandum - Guidelines for environmental sustainability and CSR related issues (11.08.2014)
Draft Notification for Kapilash Wildlife Sanctuary, Dhenkanal District of Odisha State (Dated 04.07.2014)
Online submission system for TOR/ EC proposals 06.06.2014
Karnataka SEIAA reconstituted on 02.05.2014
Draft Notification for Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary, South Goa [S.O. 631(E) (03.03.2014)]
Draft Notification for Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park, North Goa [S.O. 635(E) (03.03.2014)]
Draft Notification for Kitam Bird Sanctuary in South Sikkim [S.O.551 (E) (25.02.2014)]
MoEF OM on Guidelines for granting Environment Clearance for expansion of Coal Mining Projects involving one time Production Capacity Expansion in the existing operation dated 07.01.2014
MoEF OM (17.09.2013) on Reimposing of Moratorium in respect of Critically Polluted Areas namely Ghaziabad (UP), Indore (MP) Jharsuguda (Orissa), Ludhiana (Punjab), Panipat (Haryana), Patancheru-Bollaram (A.P.), Singrauli (UP & MP) and Vapi (Gujarat)
MoEF OM on submission of proposals to the states for declaration of Eco-sensitive Zones around National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries dated 31.07.2013
Extension of time for submission of proposals to states for declaration of Eco Sensitive Zones around National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries dated 17.05.2013
MoEF OM on Consideration of projects for grant of EC under EIA Notifications 2006- involving forest land dated 19.03.2013
MoEF OM on Committee to review the provisions of EIA Notifications 2006 relating to Building, Roads and SEZ projects dated 11.12.2012
Forest Cleareance for Linear Projects - Guidelines for FRA Requirement
Office Memorandum - Lifting the moratorium on Chandrapur Critically Polluted Area (1.09.2014)
Order - Reconstituted Forest Advisory Committee
MoEF OM on Consideration of proposals from Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts, Maharashtra (dated 25.07.2014)
Office Memorandum - Exemption from public consultation for projects/activities located inside industrial parks/estates (16.05.2014)
Gujarat SEIAA reconstituted on 02.05.2014
Draft Notification for Madei Wildlife Sanctuary, North Goa [S.O. 632 (E) (03.03.2014)]
EIA Notifications Amendment dated 26.02.2014 [S.O 562 (E)]
Draft Notification for Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary in West District of Sikkim [S.O.550 (E) (25.02.2014)]
MoEF OM dated 20.12.2013 regarding HLWG Report on the Western Ghats
EIA Notifications 2006 Amendment dated 09.09.2013
EIA Notifications 2006 Amendment dated 19.07.2013
Noise Standards - Amendment 18 March 2013
Amendment in OM regarding Rationalisation of procedure for EC for Highway Projects involving borrow areas for soil and earth dated 19.03.2013
Forest Clearance & non-availability of forest land for compensatory afforestation - Guidelines
MoEF OM (07.10. 2014) on Categorisation of EC conditions for different phases of a proje ct
Office Memorandum - Clarification regarding NBWL clearance for projects within 10 km of protected areas (26.09.2014)
Comments invited on Draft ESZ of Okhla Bird Sanctuary, located in the National Capital Region (NCR)
Notification regarding Officer authorised to file complaints under Section 61(a) of the Biological Diversity Act, 2002 (10.06.2015)
CRZ Notification 2011, Draft Notification for Amendment to Para 3 (25.06.2015)
Draft Notification of ESZ for Bir Moti Bagh WLS, Punjab (02.06.2015)
Draft Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules, 2015 [S.O. 450 (E)] dated 03.06.2015
CRZ Notification 2011 Amendment dated 16.06.2015
T S R Subramanian High Level Committee Report's Critique
Draft EIA Notification Amendment to Para 7 (25 Jan 2016)
ESZ Notification for Okhla Bird Sanctuary
Draft Notification for Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary in Narmada District in Gujarat [30 July 2015]
Draft Eco Sensitive Zone Notification for Bir Gurdialpura WLS in Punjab [S.O. 1657 (E) dated 22.06.2015]
SEIAA & SEAC Notification for Andaman and Nicobar Islands
MoEF OM (07.10.2014) on EAC and SEAC to comprehensively prescribe studies to be conducted during scoping stage itself
Office Memorandum - Guidelines for allowing survey and investigation works within protected areas (26.09.2014)
NBWL Reconstituted 11092014_160971
Draft Eco Sensitive Zone Notification for Tadobad-Andhari WLS in Maharashtra [S.O. 997 E. dated 10.04.2015]
CRZ Notification 2011, Notification with Amendment to Para 8 (16.06.2015)
EIA Notification 2006 Amendment adding Bio-Medical Waste Treatment Facilities as item 7(d)(a) to the Schedule
Odisha CZMA reconstituted (01.04.2015)
Draft Plastic Waste Management Rules 2015 [S.O. 423 (E)] dated 25.05.2015
Draft ESZ for Bir Bhadson WLS in Patiala District of Punjab
CRZ Notifications 2011 Amendment dated 17.02.2015
Arunachal Pradesh SEIAA Notification (15 December 2015)
MoEFCC Protocol for sampling,analysis of coal
Amendment notification related to Dahanu Taluka Environment Protection Authority [S.O. 1835 (E) dated 03 July 2015]
Draft Eco Sensitive Zone Notification for Bir Shikargarh WLS in Haryana [S.O. 1447 (E) dated 26.05.2015]
Eco Sensitive Zone Notification for Kapilash WLS in Odisha [ S.O. 1659 (E) dated 17 June 2015]
MoEF OM 07102014 Status of land aquisition wrt Project site while considering case for EC
Office Memorandum - Compliance with Notification regarding using coal with ash content not exceeding 34% (25.09.2014)
Office Memorandum - Expansion of coal mining projects - exemption of public hearing (2.09.2014)
Odisha Coastal Zone Management Authority Reconstituted (01.04.2015)
EIA Notification 2006, Amendment to item 8 of the Schedule (22.12.2014)
Kerala Coastal Zone Management Authority constituted (31.03.2015)
Public Notice on Draft Waste Management Rules for 2015
Draft e-waste Management Rules, 2015 [G.S.R No. 472 (E)] dated 10.06.2015
Draft ESZ Notification for Chandaka Dampara WLS in Cuttack and Khurda District of Odisha (01.05.2015)
EIA Notifications 2006 Amendment to Appendix VI (09.10.2014)
Amendment of SEIAA/ SEAC notification in Himachal Pradesh (28 Jan 2016)
Tawang basin study of cumulative impacts of HEPs
Draft Eco Sensitive Zone Notification for Bir Bhunerheri WLS in Punjab [S.O. 1779 (E) dated 30.06.2015]
Draft Notification_Pakhal WLS_SO 1450 01062015
EIA Notifications 2006 Amendment to Item 1 a of the Schedule (07.10.2014)
Goa Grant of Mining Leases Policy 2014
Office Memorandum - Clarification regarding declaration of ESZ around protected areas (25.09.2014)
CRZ Notification 2011, Amendment to Annexure III
ESZ Draft Notification for Bhitarkanika WLS in Odisha (16.06.2015)
Draft Notification on the Standards of Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP's) (May 2015)
Draft Solid Waste Management Rules, 2015 [S.O. 452 (E)] dated 03.06.2015
Draft Fly Ash Rules 25.05.2015
The Gazette of India - Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change Notification New Delhi, 30th April, 2015
EIA Mantec Consultants Debared (1)
Comments on National Wildlife Action Plan invited by 17 February 2016
263rd report presented in parliament on High Level Committee report to review various acts administered by Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change
Draft Eco Sensitive Zone Notification for Son Ghariyal WLS in Madhya Pradesh [S.O. 1780 (E) dated 30.06.2015]
Draft Eco Sensitive Zone Notification for Pulicat Lake in Tamil Nadu- Andhra Pradesh boundary [S.O.1736 E. dated 26.06.2015]
S.O. 1357(E) [08-04-2016] : Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016
S.O. 1212(E) [22-03-2016] : CRZ Notification, 2011 Amendment
S.O. 936(E) [01-04-2015] : Notification of Constitution of Odisha CZMA
S.O. 2266(E) [20-08-2015] : Notification of constitution of Andaman & Nicobar CZMA
Construction and Demolition Waste Management Rules, 2016
Draft Standards for Coffee Industry - 18 March 2016
SEAC of Madhya Pradesh
Ministry of Coal Amendment Notification (3 Feb 2016)
Reconstituted REC Ranchi (02 Jan 2017
Effluent quality & air emission
Airport Noise Standards Draft- October 2016
Hazardous and Other Wastes (Management and Transboundary Movement) Amendment Rules, 2016
S.O. 1327(E) [06-04-2016] : Notification on Regulation of Polychlorinated Biphenyls(PCBs) Order, 2016
S.O. 1213(E) [22-03-2016] : IPZ Notification, 2011 Amendment
S.O. 2570(E) [10-09-2015] : Notification of Constitution of Pudducherry CZMA
CEC Report on Hubli Ankola
Draft Standards for automobile service station
Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016
SEIAA for Jammu and Kashmir
Fly Ash Notification (SO 254 E dated 25 Jan 2016) Final amendments
Reconstituted REC Dehradun (02 Jan 2017
Wetlands Conservation and Management Amendment Rules 2016
Office memorandum of MoEFCC
Gazette Notification No. S.O. 1922 (E) dated 26.05.2016 regarding listing of Rhesus Macaque in Schedule-V of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 in the State of Himachal Pradesh
S.O. 1497(E) [25-04-2016] : Coastal Regulation Zone Notification,2011 Amendment
Draft Wetland Rules 2016
S.O. 3552(E) [30-12-2015] : CRZ Notification, 2011 Amendment
S.O. 1154(E) [18-03-2016] : Notification of Constitution of Gujarat CZMA
E-Waste Management Rules 2016
Draft Standards for Iron and Steel Industry- 18 March 2016
FC Guidelines of 09 March 2016
Review of Status of Northern Coalfield Limited Reclamation
Accredited EIA consultants (Feb 2016)
Draft guideline on management of Construction and Demolition (C & D) waste (last date 20 Mar 2017)
Reconstituted REC Chandigarh (02 Jan 2017
Final Notification of lead in paints
Notification of Bhindawas Wildlife Sanctuary - 28 September 2016
G.S.R. 409(E) [08-04-2016] : Regulation on Lead contents in Household and Decorative Paints Rules, 2016
G.S.R 395 (E)[04-04-2016] : Hazardous and Other Wastes (Management and Transboundary Movement) Rules, 2016, The Gazette of India
S.O. 1054(E) [13-04-2015] : Notification of Constitution of Maharashtra CZMA
S.O. 2569(E) [11-09-2015] : Notification of Constitution of West Bengal CZMA
Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules, 2016
Draft Standards for Fermentation-18 March 2016
EIA Amendment 03 March 2016
MoEFCC Notification dated 28 Jan 2016 (S O 267 E) for amendments in S.O. 3062(E), dated the 2nd December, 2014
Reconstituted REC Shillong (02 Jan 2017
Guidelines for Hot Mix Plants in Tamil Nadu with regard to NGT order in Application No. 10 dated 17.02.2016
Tannery Industry Draft Standards - October 2016
River Ganga (Rejuvenation, Protection and Management) Authorities Order, 2016
ELAW Guidebook for Evaluating Mining Project EIAs
NAAQS Guidelines for Air Quality Measurement Vol. II (Guidelines for Real Time Sampling and Analyses)- CPCB, 2011
Guidance for taking up Non Forestry Activities in Wildlife Habitats (MoEF)
Environmental Regulations for Coal Based Thermal Power Plants (CPCB)
ERC JOURNAL VOL 8, Issue 1, March, 2015
Orientation on National Green Tribunal (NGT) at Bhubaneswar, 8-9 March 2014
Kotagiri EIA Processess and NGT Orientation, March 2012
Bhubaneshwar Orientation on 'Making Polluter Liable' 22-23 December 2012
S.O. No. 804(E) on Violation of EC Cases
Guidebook for Water and Wastewater Analysis (CPCB)
Guidelines for declaring Eco-Sensitive Zones around National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries-MoEF, 2011
Guidelines for Evaluation of Proposals for Groundwater Abstraction (Central Ground Water Authority)
Standards for Coal Mines (Central Pollution Control Board)
Orientation on National Green Tribunal (NGT) at Nagpur, 23 February 2014
Karchham Wangtoo Orientation, March 2012
EAC for EC Violations
CPCB - Action Plan for Compliance of Environmental Standards by Cement Industries
Sustainable Sand Mining Guidelines (MoEFCC)
Guidelines for mining of earth in less than five hectares of land (MoEF)
Environmental Guidelines for Thermal Power Plants (MoEF)
WHO Air Quality Guidelines for Particulate Matter, Ozone, Nitrogen Dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide
Orientation on National Green Tribunal (NGT) at Bhubaneswar on 25-26 March 2015
Orientation on National Green Tribunal (NGT) at Bengaluru, 6th June 2013
Proposed Luhri HEP Affecting Villagers Orientations, March 2012
Final Guidelines on Buffer Zone
NAAQS Guidelines for Air Quality Measurement Vol. I (Guidelines for Manual Sampling & Analyses) -CPCB, 2011
Guidelines for Linear Infrastructure Intrusions in Natural Areas: Roads and Powerlines, First Draft dated 10.10.2011
Standard Design Criteria/Guidelines for Balance of Thermal Power Projects (CEA, 2010)
ERC JOURNAL VOL 8, Issue 2, June, 2015
Orientation on National Green Tribunal (NGT) at Thiruvananthapuram on 28 June 2014
Orientation on National Green Tribunal (NGT) at Coimbatore, 22nd June 2013
Pune NGT Orientation in September 2012
Final report on pet coke and furnace oil in NCR
Nanotoxicology: An Emerging Discipline Evolving from Studies of Ultrafine Particles
Present Status of Asbestos Mining and Related Health Problems in India - A Survey by A L. Ramanathan and V. Subramanian
Protection of an endangered fish Tor tor and Tor putitora population impacted by transportation network in the area of Tehri Dam Project, Garhwal Himalaya,India by Ramesh C. Sharma
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Cumulative impact & carrying capacity study of Lohit River Basin
National Wetland Atlas: High Altitude Lakes of India (ISRO, 2012)
The Pench-Satpuda Corridor-Report, September, 2012
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Report of the High Level T.S.R. Subramanian Committee
National Register of Large Dams - 2009
A Road Map for conservation in Uttaranchal- A.J.T. John Singh
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Report of the independent fact finding team on Tata Mundra UMPP Released on 04.07.2012
Ranching mahseer (Tor tor and Tor putitora) in the running waters of Nepal by T.K. Shrestha
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National Action Plan on Climate Change
Potential Impact of large river dams in Eastern Himalaya o World Heritage Sites of Assam : Expression of concern
Environmental Governance in Asia:Independence Assessments of National Implementation of Rio Declaration’s Principle 10
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EIA Manual - Chemical Fertilizer (MoEF 2010)
EIA Manual - Distilleries (MoEF 2010)
EIA Manual - Metallurgy Industry (MoEF 2010)