1. Making Our Voices Matter - A guide to Environmental Public Hearings

Almost every other day in some part of India, a Public Hearing is held for obtaining the views of local people on proposed projects whether it is mining, dams, highways, thermal power plants etc. People generally participate with the genuine hope that their views will be considered by the decision makers. Unfortunately, people are heard but their voice does not matter so far as the final decision is concerned. Projects are routinely approved without considering the concerns raised at the time of Public Hearing. At the same time, local communities and civil society groups are generally faced with a Public Hearing for the first time. With no previous experience, they lack the ability to effectively participate in the Public Hearing process. 'Making our Voices Matter' is aimed at equipping communities, local institutions and civil society groups to effectively participate in the EIA process and ensure that their views and concerns are taken seriously by the decision makers. It relies on legal provisions, Court decisions and experiences of Public Hearings across the country to help understand the Public Hearing process easily. Click here to read

2. Supreme Court on Forest Conservations

This book is in response to the continuing demand of lawyers ,activists and forest officers across the country to access the orders of the Supreme Court in the Godavarman case .The case,which started in 1995 and continues till this day has served to stir and awaken the environmental movement in the country .Across India,concerned individuals and groups are incresingly relying on the court in order to protect forests and other natural habitats.Unfortunately ,non-implementation nad violations of the orders have greatly undermined the success of many of the initiatives .A major reason for the same is the lack of access to and ignorance of relevant orders and judgements of the Apex court.Despite the plethora of decisions,most remain unreported or even if reported ,are beyond the reach of local groups and activists.
The present work therefore aims at filling this gap by providing lawyers,activists organisations and most crucially , the forest department with up-to date judgements and orders (from 1996-2006) of the Supreme Court in the Godavarman case as well as the other major forest cases viz.the centre for Environmental Law.

3. The Citizen Guide for Participating in Environment Decision Making by Ritwick Dutta