Bhushan Energy Limited

Category (based on the spatial extent of potential impacts and potential impacts on human health and natural and manmade resources.) - B

Project type- 1. Mining, extraction of minerals and power generation

Project sub-type- 1. d) Thermal Power Plants

Project Details - Public Hearing for expansion of existing 155 MW to 411 MW (Additional 256 MW) Coal based Captive Power Plant. Impact due to the project will include: Fugitive dust emmission at the site , increase in noise levels due to vehicular movement, runoff from debris and waste dumps. The proposed expansion of power plant will involve 185 MW of power generation. The impact on air quality was based on combined emmissions of coal based thermal power plants and will contain particulate matter, Sulphur Dioxide, and oxides of Nitrogen. The ash pond is the likely source of impact on hydrology.

Location of the Project - Meramandali, Tehsil Odapada, District Dhenkanal, Odisha

District- Dhenkanal

State- Odisha

Date & Time: 29-June-2013 11:00 hrs

Venue: Motanga G.P. Office premises, Odisha

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