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Category (based on the spatial extent of potential impacts and potential impacts on human health and natural and manmade resources.) - B

Project type- 8. Building/ Construction Projects/Area Development Projects and townships

Project sub-type- 8.a) Building and construction projects

Project Details - Public Hearing for Redevelopment of Building known as "Vaid Mahal" . The complex is planned in plot admeasuring 830.65 square meter. Impact due to noise: At two locations the day time noise levels were found to be exceeding the ambient noise quality standards for day time prescribed by CPCB. This is attributed due to high traffic flow. During construction phase operation of construction and material handling machinery and use of DG sets may lead to increase in ambient noise levels.The noise caused due to the project construction activities would add to the existing noise levelss in the area. Impact on air environment: During construction phase emissions from construction machinery and transportation vehicles would mainly contain particulates, SO2, NOx and CO. Dust in the atmosphere may increase during clearing and excavation. Impact on water environment: Impact during functional phase will be mainly due to discharge of domestic sewage. Impact on traffic:During construction, movement of haul trucks carrying debris, construction material, etc. and parking of construction vehicles on the road outside the site premises may lead to congestion of traffic. In the operation phase there will be increase in the vehicular movement because of the residents and visitors. In view of the above impacts the feasibility of the proposed project would need to be carefully considered.

Location of the Project - On plot bearing C.S no 272 of Malbar Hill Division in D ward at Walkeshwar Road, Mumbai Maharashtra 400006

District- Mumbai

State- Maharashtra

Date & Time: 21-February-2013

Venue: Social Service League, Damodar Hall Compound, Dr Ambedkar Road, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra. 400 012

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