National Highway 234

Category -A

Project type- 7. Physical Infrastructure including Environmental Services

Project Sub type- 7. f) Highways

Project Details - Public Hearing for proposed project is for the expansion of the existing National Highway greater than 30 km with additional land acquisition greater than 20 m for right of way. Hence, the project falls under Category “A” in the Schedule of EIA Notification 2006 and requires environmental clearance from MoEF. The project requires the diversion of 1.43 ha of reserve forest land and hence requires forest clearance from MoEF under the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980. The project stretch, which forms part of NH 234 starts at 15.5 km away from Madhugiri i.e. at Bairanahalli at km 343+800 (Design Chainage km 343+800), passes through Gauribidanur, Chickballapur, Sidhlaghatta, Chintamani, Srinivaspur and ends at proposed junction at NH 4 at Mulbagal at km 486+690 (Design Chainage km 483+151). The improvement proposal envisages a stretch with a RoW of either 15 m or 30 m depending on the location and a design length of 139.351km. The other improvements would include removal of geometric deficiencies, repairs, rehabilitation and widening of bridges, culverts and embankment, and providing traffic safety measures.The project road runs from west to east between Latitudes of 13°36'5.35" N and 13° 9'28.16"N and Longitudes of 77°19'27.53"E and 78°21'41.29"E and entirely passes through the state of Karnataka. It traverses through 3 districts (Tumkur, Chickballapur and Kolar), 7 taluks and 101 revenue villages.The total land to be acquired for the widening of the project road is 29.73 Ha (including Forest land of 1.43 Ha) while the total number of structures affected are 88. The project road runs through fertile agricultural lands and the impacts of land acquisition are expected to have significant effect on livelihood and economic activities of the project area .The project road passes through reserved and protected forests at several locations. Tree felling: Total number of trees to be felled for the project is 1954. These includeTamarindus indica (Tamarind), Ficus bengalinsis (Banyan tree), Ficus religosa (Peepal Tree), Azadirachta indica (Neem), Dalbergia sissoo (Indian Rosewood), Delonix regia (Gulmohar), Samanea saman (Rain tree) and Pongamia pinnata (Indian Beech tree) are the widely distributed trees along the project road. Earth cutting Total quantity of earth cutting envisaged for the project road is 456,996 m3 and volume of earth and other materials to be removed estimated to 38,887 m3. Some of the negative impacts during construction phase are :

  • Filling in low-lying areas for embankments of the road
  • Cutting of large number of trees
  • Loss of topsoil due to clearing and grubbing of new alignment, borrow area and quarry operation, construction of camps and material stacking yard
  • Temporary impacts on flora and fauna due to the construction activities
  • Temporary impact on the drainage pattern due to embankment, culvert and bridge constructions
  • Impact on traffic management system Rehabilitation & Upgradation to 2 Lane/2 Lane with Paved Shoulder Configuration of Madhugiri to AP Border Section of NH – 234 in the State of Karnataka
  • Increased air pollution (including dust) due to the movement of vehicles and construction activities
  • Increased noise levels due to the movement of vehicles and construction activities
  • Increased soil erosion leading to loss of top soil and pollution of surface water bodies
  • Spillage of oils and other hazardous materials leading to pollution of surface and subsurface waters.
  • Pollution of rivers and canals due to construction of bridges and culverts. The e negative impacts during operation phase are:
  • Increased noise pollution along existing road and bypasses due to the vehicular movement at high speed
  • Increased air pollution along bypasses due to newly introduced vehicular traffic
  • Impact on natural drainage pattern of the project area
  • Pollution of water bodies and impacts on its ecosystem due to hazardous chemical or oil spillage into the canals and streams.

Location of the Project - Madhugiri -AP Border Section in the State of Karnataka 

District- Tumkur, Chickballapur and Kolar

State- Karnataka

Date & Time: 10-07-2013

Venue: NA

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