Idols for Immersion – Issue of PoP

This is a case regarding setting up of a stone crusher in proximity of a residential area. The Regional Officer of the Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board vide their letter dated

11th August, 2011, denied the petitioner the grant of ‘no objection certificate’ on the ground that a school was existing at a distance of 450 metres from the site of the stone crusher and as per the guidelines issued by the Board, the same can not be permitted. Under these guidelines, the minimum distance between a residential area and a stone crushing unit is to be 500 meters. The Appellate Authority to denied permission by order dated 13th December, 2011.

NGT deliberated at length whether a school form part of residential area and decided that the applicant must not be permitted to carry on the stone crushing activity within 500 m of the school area. It observed ‘Emission of dust and other particles from the stone crushing is inevitable. Its adverse impact on the health of the young children, teachers and staff is indisputable.’